[INDEPENDENT] The Crimson Privateers are recruiting!


Nihil aeternum est!

In the beginning the Crimson Privateers where just a group of commanders preying on the rotten core of the Empire. But in the silence between the stars, we saw the unjust, and we brought Justice. From the bright embers of our anger, we reforged ourselves into a collective, so that we may bend ourselves to this one purpose. To bring down the Imperial Throne.

The Crimson Privateers while pirates are publicly organised as an anarcho communist cadre. While most communist groups rely upon revolutionary troops, the Crimson Privateers rely instead on a flotilla of jury-rigged pirate vessels and illegally modified combat ships, with which they raid Imperial space for more followers and supplies. The carrier "Fort de Rocher" is their main base of operations. But the Crimson Privateers are elusive foes, deeply bonded to the Imperial criminal underground and its many gangs, anarchists and rebels. All Imperial authorities usually find are local criminal syndicates and rebellious locals, which were propped up by the privateers to support temporal bases of operation. Moving through Imperial space, the privateer’s presence is felt as local authorities struggle to keep black markets under control and as traders get plundered, Imperial promises of security start feeling hollow.

The Crimson Privateers from a gameplay perspective:
As a squadron the crimson privateers stand clearly on the wrong side of the law and that is where we wish to stay. Elite offers quite a lot in gameplay elements for the criminal CMDRs path, unfortunately a documentation of these features hardly exists. Most of the quirks for example, of piracy are not well known, so that the rumor still exists that criminal gameplay doesn't offer much in rewards, which is demonstrably not true. The crimson privateers are a group of commanders, who wish to work together and to help each other on this path in the shadows of the law. Our players have considerable in-game experience, so that we can help those who might feel overwhelmed by the thought of engaging a gameplay path on the wrong side of the law.
To further this goal, we concentrate our PvE and PvP piracy on the confines of imperial power. This also means that we operate under a strict open only policy, undermining a minor faction by piracy must be opposable. On the other hand, we also have a PMF, a communist space pirate faction in Archon Delaine space, our own paradise intended for pirates and rogues. We’re not Starfleet, but it’s dark mirror group, with cutlasses drawn and willing to give no quarter to all that oppose us.

The wrong side of the law is of course meant purely in gameplay terms. We play pirates. Out-of-game we absolutely do not condone cheating or other violations of the Terms and Service and EULA agreed to by all players upon setting up a Frontier account. This includes any form of discriminatory behavior Out-of-game. We expect all members to act like responsible adults, while acting like irresponsible pirates in-game.

While murder may be a tool in the criminal’s toolbox, we are not a terrorist group and as such we wish to avoid the violence that doesn't offer anything, but incurred costs. Traders will usually survive a robbery, even if that means drifting in space without functioning thrusters. One exception though are slavers, this core principle of the empire is loathed by our members and a slaver will not get the favorable treatment of a compliant trader. Pledged Imperials on the other hand will always walk the plank.

We invite all Smugglers, Pirates and Rogues to join us!​

Our organization is conceived as a collective of equals, much like the pirate brotherhoods of popular culture. So, you shouldn't expect a rigorous hierarchy. Systems ripe for plunder are mostly created through the BGS itself and we will decide together in which systems black markets and anarchist factions will be pushed to offer a better hunting ground and respite for the criminals of the Empire.

Core player rules of the Crimson Privateers:
Open only for all BGS action, including piracy
No combat logging
No attacks without reason

To join us, send us a Join-Request in-game and on Inara.cz (The Crimson Privateers)

We are looking for new and experienced players!​
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This a small very friendly squadron, where you can be part of something big: the downfall of the empire!
I’ve never had so much fun before. Experienced player wondering what to do next? New player learning the ropes and intrigued by piracy? It’s a great time to join us!
I joined this squadron around a month ago and since then has never had more fun in the game. While still new and small, the whole company is very engaged, friendly and helpful.

What is for me a crucial point that makes me so happy here is especially the small size of the squadron. In the current situation, one can really help shape and lay the foundations of a great company. Although we attach great importance to maintaining this spirit, this is certainly still particularly pronounced in this initial phase.

So if you are an experienced player looking for a new challenge and want to be directly involved in important decisions, we are the group for you!

Are you a new player who wants to oppose the imperial abuse of power and learn from more experienced players: You are most welcome!
We've grown since July and reintroduced a bit of anarchic freedom into imperial space. If you are looking for a PvE/PvP/RP oriented mature group on the wrong side of the law, join us on Inara and In-Game.
We've grown since July and reintroduced a bit of anarchic freedom into imperial space. If you are looking for a PvE/PvP/RP oriented mature group on the wrong side of the law, join us on Inara and In-Game.
I'd like to know a bit more about your size and how you do things. I'm interested in pirating, smuggling, and powerplay but have no experience (outside the smuggling to unlock the dweller).

Do you do powerplay? If so, are there certain factions which are preferred or not wanted? Specifically, I like the Kumo crew emblem, and wasn't considering being on the wrong side of the law before I saw it.
The Crimson Privateers are still going strong and are still looking for players to join us and rob imperial traders. We are also supporting the king of pirates (Archon Delaine), although we are not primarily a PP squadron.
While I'm already in a squadron (strictly speaking, a more casual one) I've been looking to hook up with BGS anarchists for a while, since BGS is more fun in a group. Doing it solo has been a bit of a drag lately since passive traffic is generally weighted against anarchist factions. Is there an out-of-game chat for this sort of stuff and if not should I make one?
I can also testify, there is nothing more thrilling than openly bleeding out a superpower with your comrades, one system at a time. Been here for nearly half a year now, if not more, and have not regretted a moment of it.
We lately experienced a shift in our in-game political orientation. We're now Communist Space Pirates!

We are also still growing and still looking for new prospects!
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