Track Rides The Curiosity [Trailer]

Mars/alien themed log flume ride named "The Curiosity".

Trailer: [video=youtube;hD33_A4KK4A][/video]

I spent about 15 hours on this project so far and it is getting close to being finished, so I thought lets share this with the community and see if they have anything I could use to improve this ride!
So if you have any cool idea/suggestion let me know!

Stuff seen in this trailer: The main rooms, The Hangar and The Cargo room.

The Hangar: An aircraft sitting at the launchdoors ready to take off(with working engine and door) and an aircraft being repaired on a repairbridge by some droids that are being controlled from the control room on the left.

The Cargo room: A supply-line with robots that are loading cargo-carriers with a working laser scanner that scans to see if the cargo that was put on is the correct cargo.

Sound effects and some light effects will still be added!

Hope you enjoy the trailer :)

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yeap! ;) and thanks! full video will be out once the ride is complete :) just a couple more things need to be done(such as the qeue theme)
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