[EMPIRE] The Dark Armada


As a rising Imperial pilot with a recently acquired Clipper, I'm looking to do my part for the glorious Empire. How may I go about joining the Armada?
Yeah, sure. I think I will as it's been done without any significant damage. Ask Patrius, he's probably amicable to them.

What do we have here, a communist sympathiser who claims to be an Imperial commander? CIU have bleached entire clusters of Imperial systems, they have kept you and others at bay with restrictive treaties that allow them unlimited expansion far beyond their claimed territory. We will not bend the knee to the communists as you have done and we do not take our orders from Manite. We serve the Empire in our way and you are free to serve it in yours. If you are here only to repeat communist talking points then refrain from posting in our channels. We will stand against the red plague of communism we urge you to do the same or stay out of our way...
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