[EMPIRE] The Dark Armada

Plenty of loot and a great bar at Papacosta’s Haunt. Kill everything and everyone…

The Battle of Manite!


The Dark Armada is pleased to announce that we have triggered a war for control of the Manite system as part of our eternal war against the forces of communism. In the absence of an Imperial faction, the Federation will temporarily take control of the system.

We are also proud to announce that in a historic show of cooperation, traditional enemies, the Empire and Federation will at some point in the future implement a power sharing agreement in Manite whereby the system will be alternately controlled by both the Empire and the Federation.

This historic moment was made possible by the fact that so many Imperial and Federation systems have been crushed by the ever expanding red plague of communism. Many have suffered and now we shall follow the path of darkness, turn the crimson tide and cast it into the depths of the void.

Join us in the coming battle and be a part of history. We shall fight them in the void, we shall fight them in the settlements and we shall rise in darkness…
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The battle of Checha is over, the battle of Manite has begun! Step forward those who would serve. If you have woken to find your home system surrounded by communist factions then now is the time to fight! Now for vengeance and a dark dawn for the enemies of the Empire!



We are pleased to announce that the Chanab system has been purged of its communist infestation. A federation faction has been placed in temporary control until such time as the Empire arrives to take over management of the system.


The Dark Armada is pleased to announce that the Carnaring system has been purged of its communist infestation as part of Operation Red Plague. To all those small factions whose home systems were overrun by the power hungry forces of communism we say this, hold fast, the Empire is coming…
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