The Dark Wheel is Seeking help solving a particular mystery...

Greetings Commanders,

You may have noticed us poking about. Making a few comments here or a few comments there. Maybe you saw one of our agents on the Buckyball Sag A* list. In either case, we come before you with a quandary that may hold the key to saving the universe as we know it from unknown dangers.

Regarding the mystery of the Formidine Rift, Rebecca Tyley and Senator Kahina Tiajani Loren, the agents of the Dark Wheel have made a fair amount of progress thus far on this particular mystery, but we currently lack the manpower to efficiently map out the region believed to be the Formidine Rift. It is anticipated (as was eluded to in the Elite: Reclamation archive) that Senator Kahina Tiajani Loren will be voyaging to discover precisely what it was that was "worse than the Thargoids" out on the rift. So, we are asking for your help.

The Dark Wheel is declassifying the following information in the interests of enlisting the help of the Pilot's Federation Commanders to further the revelation of the Formidine Rift's true nature and to reveal any threats it poses to our universe. It is believed that the Federation, Empire and maybe even the Alliance (as well as the now dissolved Galcop) have been trying very hard to keep this information from the general public. It is uncertain at this time whether or not the Formidine Rift mystery and the Unkown Artefact mystery are linked.

Here is the believed location of the Formidine Rift as our Chief of Astrometrics highlighted in the below picture he discovered.

Edit to avoid confusion: Collaboration is important (although not the key), and we trust that this information will not be used for malicious intent. Right on, Commanders! Fly safe, fly dangerous and remember...

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Hmmm.. plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. So you broke into the mapping project databank and stole our map eh? :mad:

J/K this looks like fun! :D
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If the injured Senator Dave Grohl isn't up to visiting Wembley, UK next weekend I'll definitely head out that way!
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