The Dark Wheel Station might have been Teased since before launch

The words spin in my head, Journey, Psirens, Story , Eyes to see, omphalos rift (stone to park the middle of an area - the Delphi) given to Pythia the High priestess and oracle of the temple of Apollo....ooh so ancient greeky...

Middle in space terms is - The axial point which everything radiates from.

Then we have Lagrange points.

Thanks to the Orrey these places are easy to now see.

One Earths most fabled, ancient (and prototypical) story of an epic journey actually does indeed have sirens!

Homer's "The Odyessy".
Curiously enough, lots of the Islands (greek names) have stars named after them (of course), which you can find in-game.
So you can indeed recreate Odyesseus journey home to Ithica.

If they do not exist in the GalaxyMap, their real-world versions do. But it's still not 100%'_Journey_Home_-243332607067100484EFF118DCDDA2CF.

The issue is the Underworld, there are far too many references from Thanatos, to the river Styx etc.
And the starting position is also a little fuzzy.
So one can indeed map a route from Troj (in ETA Cassiopeia)Or from Tau Ceti or Earth.

But since Raxxla might be the mid-point on the way "between" the Island Destinations (and if discoverable by the starter ship)
then you have to take economical jumps between all the locations (which are like 150 ly away from one another....but that's like 40 jumps)
And you best of making sure you have all the permits unlocked, right? so you are accurately navigating.....(i've 50% left on the last teir to exploration and Trading Elite status so...) And I've got some rep-grinding to do before I can go on my Odyssey....

But there is a second famous Odyssey and much closer to home.

2001 - A Space Odyssey
Who's influence and visuals pepper Elite's Lore especially with docking to the sweet sounds of Danube Waltz.
We could have 2 stunning Easter Egg was there, but since they are not visible from super-cruise or the FSS....I've checked.
The would require to actually fly between the celestial bodies in real life......(this takes days).
And our sensors would miss it in a heartbeat since we can only scan for a few kilometres. A station will appear in your contacts for about 1,000km.

But Since Raxxla was apparently not found by a commander after they did NOT scan the system (confirmation people?)
We sort of can rule out the imaginary "2001" Easter Eggs being the Dark Wheel or Raxxla being in Sol, would be cool, but sadly it looks like it's not to be.

Raxxla - is not the black monolith :(
But imagine if you will the brilliance of the Black Monolith Easter Egg out near Jupiter!
Discovery's Journey took her from Earth (well technically) TMA0 taught the monkeys, that lead Space faring humans to TMA1 on the moon which then sent a signal to TMA2 which was at the Lagrange point between IO and Jupiter, which is where Discovery, Hal, Poole and Bowman and 5 hyper-sleeping scientists who came pre-packed in their own coffins.....came into action.
TMA2 (The black monolith) was a stargate - "My god, it's full of stars".
Imagine finding a Witch-Space gateway to...well...Witch's Reach(?) where the Federation could then develop decent FTL.

Which means a normal thrust vectored flight from IO to Jupiter....which is 9 days.....real life days. I bugged out 30 minutes after I lost contact with the station in IO orbit.

The Dark Wheel is in Earth-Lunar orbit
Another Possible Easter Egg from 2001 fits wonderfully as The Dark Wheel station. Accessible to the earliest of space pilots.
Space Station 5 - the Torus Station, which is seen in the movie. Earth has 3 stations in orbit, 4 if you include the one in orbit around the moon.
Would be a PERFECT Dark Wheel, so where is station 5?
Gone Dark and off the grid, in earth/lunar orbit at a Lagrange or the earth-moon barry point

But again, normal's just not realistic.

Dark Wheel has been teased since before launch.

However Danube Blue can be listened to at any time.

And in fact, Frontier recreated the Iconic scene for Elite Dangerous's Launch.
I mean it's just all made up fancy looking trailer with made up assets...right?

The trailer only has an Anonymous Station that just has these salient qualities-
1) Torus station that has no name like it's trying to be hidden.
2) In orbit of Moon (habitable) with least another moon
3) In Orbit of a Ringed Gas giant.

If the Frontier did tease the location of Dark Wheel station in her real system, since before launch.....have mercy on the community!
I think there are going to be a number of table flipping, and/or commanders typing out the following message on their keyboards "you mother-supporting-developers" but with their foreheads.
So I'll leave this next bit of my 2001 treasure hunt, to those commanders who have excelled in their astronavigation-detective skills in finding locations prior videos, so please whip out your sextants!
CAUTION. The blue-white star in the background....might possibly be neutron/dwarf, since the magnetic tails were not in the game at launch.
And so let's take a journey, but in space, a star-trek, or a space odyssey
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Well if this is a representation of the Dark Wheel its Orbit is now around a Moon of a Earth-Like that is itself Orbiting a Gas Giant in a System containing what looks like a B class Star.
There certainly does not appear to be any close by M class or Proto star in the lighting of that system.
I've never seen any Earth-Like in game that close to a gas Giant before either.
They are always a lot further out in orbit to a Gas Giant.
It's just a promo. Nice shots of space, celestial bodies and spaceship, reminiscent of Space Oddyssey just because.
Also, as far as I know many systems looked quite diferent in early versions of the game. Some had planets that are not there right now.
Just let it go.
Hate to burst your bubble, as it were, but I believe the system in that trailer is 17 Draconis. FD are on record as using the 17 Draconis system as a test system and as a backdrop for some of their early trailers and demos. And the 17 Draconis system has hand-crafted content much like the one in that video: an Orbis station, around an ELW moon of a gas giant with another non-ELW moon. It's current appearance is not identical to that we see in the trailer, but as others have noted, that trailer uses early rendering tech.

As a comparison, check out the background station and worlds in the this E3 demo video from 2014 - fast forward to about 12 minutes, to see David Braben flying a T9 around in 17 Draconis.
I hate to burst your bubble of bursting my bubble.
But the idea of leftover hand-crafted assets tucked away in some overlooked, over-covered nook/cranny from the alpha/beta version of the game,
was kind of my point,
I cut my nebula exploration short to check out 17 Draconis....
You were right, the Coriolis station Paradiso is indeed in orbit around an Earth-like world which is, in turn, is in orbit of the ringed gas giant EO.
However, EO is Blue and not brown.
It's too far away from its moon, to give the appearance seen in the trailer.

It's also the base of the player group "The Order" (of the serpent).

The in-system binary star system nearby at .27ly away bugs out the FSS. Adding a bit of mystery to the area.

In all honestly, Raxxla is probably just an asteroid used for testing the mining mechanic. At launch, all we had was the "orbs" of the planets and one or two handcrafted items like Voyager. It's unlikely to have been added after launch, say, on the surface of a planet.
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