The difference between fun and sheer insanity....

I have just finished my LTD run at Borann A2.
Given my basic oddball weirdness, I did the run in Open, dropping five hundred kilometers from the target to drift in under any players' radar. While I HAVE seen a couple of Player ships, they didn't see ME, and I loved the taut tension as they flew by.

I have a full load - 640t - of LTD's. I am now powering my FSD to head to the highest seller.
In Open.

Hehehe....activating FSD....NOW!

Come get me.
5 Jumps to go and LOVING the thrill. ZERO defences, no way to protect myself. All I have is wits - and the guess that Borann was NOT heavily patrolled by players right at this moment. I'm pretty confident with my evasion skills, but pretty sure no players are actually trying to intercept. If they are, and manage to do so I'll gladly submit.
I just LOVE the thrill...
EDIT 3 jumps to go.
Just a random question?
Presuming that you will get your butt nailed at some point (law of averages), how will you feel then and will that feeling out shine the feeling you have now?
If they get me, the game will be decided. If they DON'T, the game will be decided.
Were we in equal ships, I would bet I would have a better than average chance of winning - my Xeno's Paradox is a HELL of a PvP ship and she has a good Commander. Together, we have dozens of player kills. Most were inexperienced dudes that wanted to fight; a few were REAL players.
To lose an honourable and equal fight is a pleasure.
It is the same here.

My T-9 CANNOT survive a Player, so the game is to outwit anyone who chooses to find me. I have told everyone online where I started, where I am going, and what I have. :) If I lose, I will laugh and cheer the player that got me. But I DO think my evasion is good enough that they'll never see me.
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Like your style OP.

Wingmate and I have just hauled 50 escape pods and 20 tons of Osmium 12kLy out to Colonia from Gnosis (in Chieftain and Asp respectively) when we could have got them there, just as if not more easily.

And because I had extra space, carried the Osmium and we needed to do a cargo exchange, landed 70km outside Marsha Hicks to do that then drove to the base by SRV which took an hour or so (it's a very striking way to arrive at a large base for the first time though).

Oh and because my long range Chief has to fly shieldless, and I always carry one ton bootleg liquor that I've no intention of selling just because, just about every landing at every base is a moonshiner.

+1 for the sheer insanity that makes it fun.
EDDB lied to me - it said my nearest Large pad was just a few Jumps away. It turned out to be an Outpost.
Reviewing my data and finding a NEW buyer - this run has just become a HELL of a lot more complicated.
(pours a glass of Alberta's best)
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