Dinosaurs The dreadnoughtus needs to be scaled up

I was holding off of this idea as I thought I was being nitpicky, but after some time and thought, I think we need to have the dreadnoughtus scaled up.

One reason why I waited to fully commit to the idea was because the size of a large sauropod would be too much for the game to handle. Mainly because the size of dinosaurs affect mechanics, such as interacting with other dinosaurs or passing through gates of the hatchery or gates in general. But I did some testing with the game's new camera feature and I think it would be possible to scale up the dinosaur.

First off, how it would leave the gate:


This is the current in game dreadnoughtus size, at first I thought that it could not be any bigger because it would then not fit through the gate. But I do recall the brachiosaurus having a much thicker body. I took this picture to photoshop and scaled up the dinosaur with enough space for the legs to move without clipping to the walls.


This is the biggest size we could go for the dreadnoughtus. It may look exaggerated, but the point of this photo is to show how big of a dinosaur we could get from the incubation lab. With this, we can expect the new size could respect the gates of the game, this is really great as the build of this sauropod lacks the round body most sauropods have, allowing it to be massive but squeeze through the in game gates.

To show what scale I had in mind, we should compare it to the brachiosaurus, who is bigger than the dreadnoughtus in scale.


The two dinosaur models share the same height respectively. However the brachiosaurus is girthier, has a rounder body, and sports a notable crest which makes it an overall bigger dinosaur. If we want the dreadnoughtus to be the largest land animal in game, I think this would be the desired size:


This dreadnoughtus is only ever taller than the brachiosaurus but it showcases its massive size rather well. I only scaled it with the shoulder height in mind and this is the result I got, if Frontier could pull off scaling the dinosaur to at least this size then it would be wonderful having it in our parks.

There is a reason why I am bringing this up, and it is similar to the old issue of giganotosaurus being shorter than the trex, because the dinosaur in game does not match the dinosaur's description. The dreadnoughtus is written in game to be "The largest animal known to ever walked the earth", so I feel it should be the largest dinosaur in game.


There is constant talk of what is really the largest land animal right now, but I am willing to strip myself from reality to accept the jurassic world universe's largest dinosaur. If we could have large velociraptors, spitting dilos, and no feathers at all, then I don't mind having the dread be the largest land animal to ever walk the earth. However, this haunts me as this could confirm that we may not get any larger dinosaurs in the future like the Argentinosaurus or Patagotitan. And if the current in game dreadnoughtus is carrying the mantle of largest land animal where it is the 3rd largest in game behind brachiosaurus and mamenchisaurus, then I am feeling rather disappointed. Not only because it is not the largest dinosaur in game, but also because this is DLC. We paid extra for a pack that advertises one of their dinosaurs for its massive size. So if you are reading this Frontier, could you please update this dinosaur's scale? I am willing to wait for as long as it takes for it to happen as I understand the game has higher priority right now, even if it needs a year, I just want to have the largest dinosaur be the largest dinosaur. I hope you could understand, and thank you for reading.

Update: April 22nd 2019:
I checked the size difference of the dreadnoughtus as it left the gate of the hatchery. Turns out the size difference is of 15%, it is actually bigger than the second comparison with the brachiosaurus. So I swapped the upscaled comparison with the brachiosaurus and the new dread is about a skull bigger than the old upscaled dread. I think it could still work as it is able to reach the feeder with its current animation build, and I think the indominous rex should be able to slash and bite her body.

Update: April 23rd 2019:
I have continued the experimentation! These photos demonstrate how the dinosaur would look like with the 15% upscale. It looks feasible and desirable to have in game. I tested it out to see if it will affect the feeding, drinking, gate, monorail, and Indominous rex attack. I hope this helps emphasise why the dreadnoughtus needs the upscale, I would love to see this happen. I won't be doing more experimentation on my end as I believe these photos cover all the areas I was concerned of with the upscale of the dreadnoughtus.






Edit March 9th 2020:

I have updated the tests and noted that the dreadnoughtus could be scaled up by 20%, a size that makes it closer to scale to mamenchisaurus in terms of length, respecting the ingen database measurement of 26meters. Please see the 2nd page of this thread to see the samples images that showcases the 20% upscale. Reply #27.
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I agree to be honest I never really bothered to think about the Dreadnoughtus because it was a forgettable animal but I'm glad you brought it up, I do think it's a little too small because it was never the same size as Brachiosaurus. I think they need to increase the size at least by 25% to make this dinosaur look massive as it supposed to look like a titan. there is evidence to prove that this dinosaur might have even been more massive than we first thought by paleontologist.
Plus the advertisements after fallen kingdom and then of course rumors about dreadnoughtus being the largest dinosaur in Jurassic World it would be more logical for Frontier to increase the size of dreadnoughtus at least by 25% to make it bigger than Brachiosaurus.
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And this is why it needs the updated size. The dreadnoughtus is an amazing dinosaur to have in my parks, but it is greatly diminishes in quality if I decided to release a brachiosaurus in the same park, as then its flaws will be noticable. If they are going to release a large dinosaur, make it large! It will be fun to see a titanic creature in the park, as the size should be its unique character. There is room for growth and I hope they could make it bigger, as making the giganotosaurus bigger made her a much more enjoyable dinosaur compared to her release. And I hope it won't be taxing on the team too.

The only animation I could think of that would cause annoyance is the Indominus rex attack, which I don't mind if it slashes it legs and thigh and die as opposed to the body. Aside from that the dread does not need that much in the way of animations compared to the Giga, which she has to kill armored herbivores, small herbivores, all large carnivores of various sizes, guest kills, teritorial matchups, meat and much more that the dread does not share.
That's pretty much exactly how I imagined it should look. Dreadnoughtus is a very redundant dinosaur considering how similar it is to Brachiosaurus. Sure, one is a bit more muscular while the other looks a bit more tubby, but in my opinion, the only major difference is their heads. If you were to swap their heads, it would be difficult to tell the difference.

Let's consider Mamenchisaurus. One of the reasons why I love Mamenchisaurus is because it's noticeably taller than Brachiosaurus AND it has a different body shape and stature. If you were to swap the heads of Brachi and Mamenchi, it would be easy to notice that something was off. In other words, they're distinct enough to where it does not feel redundant to have both in your park.

Let's say Dreadnoughtus was given a size buff so that it was now as tall as Mamenchisaurus. Sure, the two would now be the same height, but they're different enough in regards to body shape and stature to where we wouldn't be faced with the redundancy issue. In fact, I would even include all three in the same park!
I just did the math, and it turns out the upscaled dreadnoughtus leaving the gate I did is about 15% bigger than the ingame one. I updated the comparison photo of the upscaled dread with the brachiosaurus. It is about a skull bigger, but I think she will work perfectly in game as she should theoretically walk through the gates and reach the feeders. I hope to see her stomping around in the proposed size in JWE. 🤞😖🤞
Last experimental update from my end, I made new comparisons of the current dread and the upscaled (15%) dread in these areas:
• Feeder
• Drink
• Gate
• Monorail
• Indominous Rex attack

Hopefully these photos helps get my message across and provide a useful visual aid. Thank you all for being super supportive of the idea! :) The feedback helps me work on supporting the request even more! 🦕
Hello everyone! Here is the last image I made after saying I won't make any more images :p
It is a comparison image between the dreadnoughtus, it's upscaled variant, and the other ingame sauropods.
I got plenty of feedback from players that are mixed in responses with the dreadnoughtus, but a majority wishes to have the dinosaur scaled up to be at least bigger than the brachiosaurus. I worked with reddit user hiplobonoxa to get the images and tested out the dread at 15%. Mainly as any bigger would probably lead the dreadnoughtus to be unable to leave the hatchery without clipping and to be in a position of a larger titanosaur to differentiate it from the brachiosaurus. It could be scaled up more, but 15% upscale is a comfortable size for the dreadnoughtus.


A fun discovery is that the mamenchisaurus would still be the longest of the giant trio. It would share the same tail length with the upscaled dreadnoughtus but would have the longer neck by roughly 2 meters! WIth that, the brachiosaurus would be the 2 star dinosaur unlocked, with the dreadnoughtus being the bigger titanosaur unlocked with research at 2 stars, and the mamenchisaurus being the longer sauropod unlocked in 4 star research.

I was having a rather difficult time finding current estimated sizes of the dreadnoughtus as a majority would focus on its weight not its length. And I wanted to see a concrete and reliable source of its current size, yet each source has a different size suggestion of the dinosaur.

Seeing as how this size may be a creative choice on Jurassic Park/World Lore, it should best be scaled up to a larger size. A good portion of JP/W has some outdated dinosaurs running around and I don't mind if the dreadnoughtus is one of them. Having it be "the largest animal" be in its current size is working against the dreadnoughtus. I still believe that we should be getting an upscaled dinosaur to represent the giant herbivores of argentina. Please let me know what you think, I accept all forms of feedback and would genuinely like to hear what you all think of this direction so far.
I absolutely love this post. I'm very skeptical of stuff like this, but you certainly did your research and made a realistic suggestion that would not negatively affect the game. Frontier devs PLEASE see this topic, I think this has a good case for an update.
I love this idea, when I compared the Dreadnoughtus with the Brachiosaurus I was very sceptical to their size and weight.
They are the same lenght but comparing the slim body of the Dreadnoughtus to the Brachiosaurus bulky muscles and round body
the Dread just has to be bigger to make up to the numbers.
A quick update to this thread:
As of patch 1.8, the voiceover in the tour does indeed describe the dreadnoughtus as not just the largest dinosaur ever discovered, but the largest known animal to have ever walked the earth. This basically confirms that the dinosaur's title of the largest dinosaur in JWE is not just written in the ingen database, but concretely confirmed by the tour guide vocalizing this fact. Ultimately confirming that this is the largest dinosaur we would get in the game from here on out.

I now strongly believe the dinosaur should receive the update in scale to make this title more believable. I only keep posting on this topic so that we could truly experience owning the largest dinosaur possible in our parks. I love the dreadnoughtus' inclusion in the game: She has a great design and sound that makes me want to have her in my parks. If the dinosaur would be bigger in scale and be closer to the size in her ingen database, it would compliment all of her features even more.

Thank you for reading.
I was rather hoping something like Argentinosaurus would make it into the game one day (with better body shape and bigger size). I must agree that the Dreadnaoughtus is rather underwhelming for what is supposed to be the largest animal. Since the new Dread model is not gonna happen, the size increase is the least that can be done to improve it.
Throughout the imformation, it seems that dreadnoughtus is not a large dinosaur anymore. In the past, it was right that its weight is 60t, with 26m. But nowdays, it was changed to 2~30t, 22m...I know that the paper in the game says that she is 26m and 65t, but i think we should consider that it is time to fix the information of dreadnoughtus.

Using your previous comparison and running through a ton of sites and images, the new size for the Dread would be pretty much spot on.Both the Mamemchisaurus and Brachiosaurus seem to be 15% bigger than their real counterparts, this does however not apply to the Dread in-game strangely enough.
Still agree that the Dread should be given a size buff, can't see how Frontier would lose on it especially when it's a DLC dinosaur (Which means more people would be likely to buy it), it would be comparable to the others in real size and it's in-game desription would make more sense.
Also, as people have mentioned before, the Brachiosaurus we se in Jurassic Park is closer to the Giraffatitan in size than Brachiosaurus Altithorax as seen in the picture.
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Sauropods in-game come in all shapes and sizes, so I think scaling this dinosaur could be a thing. It should be noted that size scaling editing has existed in the past. Patch 1.4 has done this for four species: Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Ceratosaurus.

(This is an official picture, but I couldn't find the original source for it, so I saved this photo from Reddit, and resized it so it can be uploaded.)

In the following months, Frontier Community Manager Paul_Crowther posted this in another user's post:

HOWEVER, it should be noted, as you may tell already, this post was made before the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack DLC was released. Because the Dreadnoughtus isn't larger than any of the other sauropods as what its official description implies, I can see the plan of making at least only this dinosaur to have a size change.

Plans do change as time goes, and this was literally many months after Paul posted the statement. So, I do think this may very well still be plausible.

And oh... you should also check out in my comment in the "Threatening" behavior thread that includes the Dreadnoughtus itself being more unique as a special DLC dinosaur:
I agree because in Jurassic World 3 that's coming up dreadnoughtus was advertised in fallen kingdom and is believed to be the largest sauropod ever discovered other than patagotitan, and from recent digs there is no sign of any predatory dinosaur even trying to hunt this animal by fossil evidence. So dread modest needs to be scaled up at least 15% bigger then the mamenchisaurus and 20% bigger than the Brachiosaurus.
I agree because in Jurassic World 3 that's coming up dreadnoughtus was advertised in fallen kingdom
Well, nothing's yet entirely confirmed that Dreadnoughtus will become an actual dinosaur in the next film. Maybe it will have new dinosaurs that didn't have any screen time, maybe some returning dinosaur species that weren't from the Jurassic World trilogy saga, maybe it would have species mention here and there but never physically shown on screen before (which includes the Dreadnoughtus) , maybe it won't have any either of those three guesses. The only way to find out is to wait and see if confirmed sources reveal anything relevant.
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