Newcomer / Intro The Elite: Dangerous Acronym Guide

As I browse through the forums I sometimes stumble across a new acronym and have to figure out what it means, so I'm sure it's a steep learning curve for newcomers.

Well fret no more, here is the ultimate acronym guide in all its glory, I will keep it up to date and with the help of the community will keep it complete!
o7 – Commander salute​
Elite Dangerous Acronyms(My humble attempt at a UEDAG lol)​
5C - Fifth column (A group of people who undermine a larger group from within)​
84 - 1984 - year when original Elite was released; also “Class of 84” - players of the original game)​
ADS - Advanced Discovery Scanner (All the System)​
AFAIK - As far as I know​
AFM - Automatic field Maintenance​
AI - Artificial intelligence (Non Human intelligence)​
API - Application Program Interface​
ATR - Advanced Tactical Responders (heavily armed security ships)​
AU - Astronomical Unit (distance Earth to Sun aka 149,597,870,700 meters)​
AW - Ammonia world​
AX - Anti Xeno (Describes technology used against Thargoids)​
BBC/Beeb -Refers to the BBC Micro computer that the original 1980's Elite ran on​
BDS - Basic Discovery Scanner (500 LS)​
BGS/ - Background Simulation​
BH - Black hole​
Binding - Mapping a key to a specific role​
Breadbin - 1990s/2000s nickname to DB​
BSR - Brave Sir Robin (jumping or frameshifting away from a fight)​
Buff - Improve/strengthen​
c - The speed of light; used in super cruise speed read outs (e.g. 0.11c, 25.6c)​
CBE/COBE - Commander of the Order of the British Empire​
CC - Command Capital​
CG - Community Goal​
Clean - wanted status (in that jurisdiction)​
CMDR - Commander​
Conda - Anaconda abbreviation​
CTD - Crash To Desktop (The game crashes, raise a ticket commander!)​
CQC - Close Quarter Combat or Championship​
Cx - Class X of weapons. X that can be 1,2,3 etc.​
CxF - Class X Fixed of weapons. X that can be 1,2,3 etc.​
CZ - Combat or Conflict Zone​
DB - David Braben - creator ED & co-author original Elite​
DBE/DBX - Diamondback Explorer​
DBOBE - David Braben Officer of the Order of the British Empire​
DBS - Diamondback Scout​
DDA - Design Discussion Archive (See​
DDF - Design Discussion Forum (Forum for game design discussions)​
Devs/FDevs - Frontier Developments PLC or staff at Frontier​
Diso - a system in the old worlds (famous for being in the earlier games)​
Disco Scanner - Discovery Scanner (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced)​
Dockered - landing pad reassigned​
DPS - Damage per second​
DSS - Detailed surface scanner (used during exploration)​
ED - Elite Dangerous​
Elite 4 - Specualted name for ED since 1990s​
ELP - Earth like planet​
ELW - Earth like world​
EMP - Electromagnetic pulse (EMP interference is generally disruptive or damaging to electronic equipment - UP's can disable your entire ship for a number of seconds)​
FA - Flight assist.(When switched on your ship will fly like a plane on planet Earth)​
FAO - Flight assist off. (Your ship will fly like a ship in space, each thruster acts separately)​
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Really?)​
FD - Frontier Developments (Founded by DB to continue development of Elite)​
FDL - Fer-de-lance​
FE2 - Frontier Elite 2​
FEF - Fantastic Elite Fiction​
FFE - Frontier First Encounters​
Freeagle - The free eagle Mercenary Edition owners receive in game​
FOV/FoV - Field of view​
Fracking - Flight rig assist constant kinetics (my attempt at rapid FA on/off adjustments)lol​
FSD - Frame Shift Drive (engine used for super cruising)​
FTL - Faster Than Light (To go faster than the speed of light) >671 million miles per hour​
Game Modes - Solo, open, or group​
GPP - Game Preview Program (for Xbox One)​
Griefed - NPC shot me in CZ​
GUI - Graphical User Interface​
HD - High definition​
HH - Happy Hello (to say an even friendlier hello than a wing waggle by opening your​
cargo scoop at someone.)​
HOTAS - Hands on throttle and stick (joystick and throttle controls set-up)​
HUD - Heads Up Display (Graphic like your target recital for example)​
IDS - Intermediate Discovery Scanner (1,000 LS)​
IF - Interstellar Factor for bounties​
IMO - In my opinion​
IMHO - In my humble opinion​
Interdict - Intercept/stop - describes when another ship pulls you out of super cruise​
Ironman - A derivative game where a player must delete their save on character death.​
Jonty - perform some sort of upgrade​
Kylie - 1000/kilo light year​
KLY - Kilo-lightyear​
KM or K/M - Keyboard & Mouse controls, sometimes used as Km​
Km - Kilometer - 1,000 meters​
KWS - Kill warrant scanner​
LHH - Last Homely Home​
LS - distance Light travels in one second or Light Speed (299,792.458km)​
LSB - Long Standing Bug​
LY - distance light travels in one year (9.4605284 × 1012km)​
m - meter smallest unit of measure in ED​
MBE - Member of the Order of the British Empire​
MC - MultiCrew or Metallic Crystals or Multi-cannon​
Mm -Megameter - 1,000,000 meters​
MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online (game played online with by humans at the same time)​
Mobius - Most populated group in ED​
NAV Beacon - A waypoint near a sun in core space​
Nebula - A cloud of gas and dust located in outer space​
Nerf - To weaken or reduce effectiveness​
Noob - New and / or inexperienced player​
NPC - non player character​
OBE - Officer in the Order of the British Empire or Order of the British Empire​
OO- Obsidian Orbital​
OP - Original Post (person or entry) OR Over-powered​
OTOH - On the other hand​
Parsec - 3.26 light years​
PB - Premium Beta​
PB1 - Premium Beta 1​
PB2 - Premium Beta 2​
PBF - Private (or Players) Backers forum​
PC - player character​
Permit - Authorization to visit a specific, and otherwise restricted, system​
PG - Private group or Procedural generation (way to create game content algorithmically)​
Pip - unit of power to distribute to your systems​
POV/PoV - Point of view​
PP - Powerplay (1.3 release)​
PvE - Player vs. Environment​
PvP - Player vs. Player​
PWF - Player Writer Forum (hidden from almost everyone)​
PwP - Player WITH Player (ultimate antidote to PvP)​
RES/RSS - Resouce extraction site (May be high or low intensity)​
RNG - Random number generator​
Sag A*/Sgr A* - Sagittarius A* (Pronounced Sagittarius A star)​
SCB - Shield Cell Bank​
SB - Shield Booster or Standard Beta​
SC - Super cruise (FTL made possible by warping space around your ship)​
Sidey - Sidewinder​
Slopey - Forum moderator and author of BPC Market tool.​
SMBH - Super massive black hole​
SOL - The name of both our sun and our solar system​
SP - Single player​
SRV - Surface Recon Vehicle​
SSS - Strong signal source​
Toast Rack - The metal frame work around the entrance to a station.​
T6 - Type-6 Transport​
T7 - Type-7 Transport​
T9 - Type-9 Heavy Transport​
TC/TFC - Terraformable candidate​
Thargoid - Alien race expected in a future release (They are here!)​
Thrudds - Reference to a third party on-line trade tool. (See​
TLB - Target Lock Breaker (Special Effect for Plasma Accelerators)​
TLDR - Too long, didn’t read (reply to long post or if OP too long summarize in TLDR area)​
UA - Unknown Artefact (Alien tech, scans your ship and causes damage if carried without cargo hold upgrade)​
UEDAG - Ultimate Elite Dangerous Acronym Guide (this is my attempt lol)​
UI - User Interface (panels)​
UP - Unknown Probe (Alien Tech, using a discovery scanner causes probe to EMP your ship which lasts around 10 seconds)​
USS - Unidentified signal source​
VA - Voice Attack. (A way of controlling your ship through spoken commands.)​
VR - Virtual reality​
Wanted - An outstanding bounty is attached to the player in question​
Witchspace - The tunnel of hyperspace in which you travel between stars​
Wings - (1.2 release)​
WSS - Weak signal source​
WW - Water world​
WWag - Wing Waggle (Tipping wings up and down a few times to wave hello)​
WZ - War zone (see CZ)​
YT - YouTube​
NEW Section
Jargon and Slang: (
List to be sorted and updated soon)

Salt or Salty - When someone is not happy about something they can be called salty
GitGud - Meaning 'Get Good' used against comments that suggest something is too difficult - Example: Docking is too Hard! - GitGud commander, practice!
High Wake - Jump to hyperspace
Low Wake - Jump to supercruise
Imp - Imperial (only perjorative if spoken by a Fed)
Fed - Federal (only perjorative if spoken by an Imp)
Buckyballing - Travelling like a Buckyball racer (Starting each jump right as the cooldown from the previous jump ends, taking 44-45 seconds per jump)
Heat Damage - The inevitable consequence of Buckyballing, especially in a slow-scooping ship
Bask - show proper respect and admiration for Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. Alternately, to willfully endure heat damage while Buckyballing, especially in a Gutamaya ship. The Imperial Courier is particularly notorious for basking in this sense.
Sadge - Buckyballer slang for Sagittarius A*
Discoconda - Old school slang for an Anaconda with beam laser turrets (I always thought it should be "Disconda", myself)
Lithobraking - Buckyballer slang for intentionally scraping the inside of the mailslot or some other surface to rapidly scrub speed, usually when speed docking.
Gravity Brake - (also grav brake, planet brake) = Technique of using a planet's gravity well to decelerate yourself rapidly on supercruise approach to a station.
Frag - Fragmentation Cannon
Reverski - A combat tactic in which a pilot flies backwards to keep his enemy in front of his guns (a bit oversimplified, but...)
Rat Signal - a call to the Fuel Rats for help when you didn't remember OBAFGKM
That's it so far, please help with additions, better descriptions and corrections. Also thanks go to Riochat for the awesome update and Rankaze fot the Slag section suggestion.

Fly Safe!
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You've missed one:

DBOBE - David Braben OBE (The Creator of ED and co-author of the original Elite! after he levelled up)
FSD = Frame Shift Drive (the engine used for super-cruising)
PG = Procedural Generation (a method for creating content for a game algorithmically).


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Pve = Player Versus Environment type of play, as opposed to Player Versus Player.

Some more:

FE2 = Frontier: Elite 2
FFE = Frontier: First Encounters


Also, I'd suggest sorting them in alphabetical order.
You've missed one:

DBOBE - David Braben OBE (The Creator of ED and co-author of the original Elite! after he levelled up)

If we are going to include an acronym in the definition shouldn't we define that acronym as well.

OBE - Order of the British Empire


PC - player character
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