The Elite Explorers Hall of Fame and Myriad Manifest, continued

Commander Wraxall presents his compliments, and wishes to state that his credits gained from exploration are now 968, 359, 831, and that his credits gained from exploration prior to the Universal Cartographic payment changes 3.3 were 497, 279, 943 as shown in post #524.

Commander Wraxall respectfully requests admission to the order of "Elite Plus".


All updated then. To CMDRs Quuhod and Van Haag, welcome to the Hall of Fame and the Myriad Manifest, and to CMDR Wraxall, congrats on getting Elite Plus!
Welcome to the hall of fame, CMDRs Flossy and Xtumatze! The first phase is complete :D
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New to game, playing for about 2+ months and i got to Elite status in exploration in the 5th of March 3305.

Noted that this was in my way to SAGI A, ive already got there, went to Colonia, and now going back to the bubble the long way, exploring even more... So stats have changed since that, and will change more when i find the next station in my way.

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