The Elite Explorers Hall of Fame and Myriad Manifest, continued

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First off, apologies to Azyron: I had somehow missed the post and forgotten to update. That's taken care of now though. Congrats on those milestones!

And to CMDR Bigmaec, welcome and congratulations as well!
Thanks a lot!
Congrats, and nice hair on your Commander!

On this note of myriads, it looks like the new forum doesn't like using asterisks to denote those. I'll look into remaking things relatively soon: in the meantime, the sheet on Google Sheets does have the correct values.
here is the screenshot to prove I'm Elite:

I didn't know there was a thread keeping track of it at the time, but I managed to recover a screenshot of when it happened. It was the 17th of February of 3305:

You can see in the upper right corner the name of the ship, which is the same ship name in the first screenshot. Hope that's enough.

CMDR Juggernaut93
Oops, sorry, my mistake. I did read page 1 of this thread but somehow my brain did not digest the information correctly. I don't think I can delete the post altogether, so everybody just ignore it. I will indeed return if my exploration rank qualifies. Until then.
Well, I am back as promised. This time with the correct rank ;) Not even close to the first myriad though, but hey it's a start. I am currently at Sacaqawea Space Port half way to Colonia. The first few segments I used economic path finding and scanned everything there is. Got even a few first discoveries, which I did not expect since it is a well trodden path out there. As the distances grew longer I switched to fast path and visited a few well-known POIs as well. Personal highlight so far: First discovery and according mapping of a system with 1 ELW, 1 AW, 1 normal WW and 1 terraformable WW. Not sure whether that's already enough for a POI since the system does not offer any other striking features. Still it's a little gem in my personal collection.
Now on to Colonia and then I probably make loop via Sag A* back to bubble (or not, who knows, that's exploration after all).
See you in the black Commanders. o7


Both updated then, welcome!
Also, I'll be going on holiday soon, so updates will be on hold until July 5 or so.
Back from my holiday, and thread's updated again. Congratulations, Commanders!
Still have to rework things somewhat though.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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