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Hello Commanders,

The second Interstellar Initiative, The Enclave, begins July 4. Check out the post below for more information!

What are Interstellar Initiatives?

Interstellar Initiative are a series of in-game events and narratives that utilise our existing in-game systems, such as Community Goals and Scenarios, to provide narratives that, with the influence of Commanders, can have lasting effects on the galaxy!

Check out our second Incoming Transmission video to find out more about The Enclave.

Instead of individual posts throughout the course of the event, we'll be periodically updating this thread with details and updates as they develop.

Overview of Phases

Phase 1 (July 4)

Meta-Alloys Reportedly Growing Scarce

Aegis Research has issued a statement amid growing concerns that meta-alloy harvests in the Pleiades Nebula have slowed dramatically. A number of sources claim that Thargoid barnacle sites have recently ceased producing materials.

The situation was addressed by Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research:

“Thargoid structures remain poorly understood, so we can only theorise why the barnacles in most Pleiades systems have grown barren. Our leading hypothesis is that these sites have been over-exploited in recent years, and humanity has simply exhausted this resource.”

“What is certain is that meta-alloys are both a valuable commodity and a vital component of anti-xeno technology. It is of paramount importance that we maintain the supply of this material.”

“Therefore, Aegis Research is spearheading an initiative to identify an alternative source. We ask the galactic community to support us by providing exploration data, in the hope this leads us to undiscovered barnacle sites.”

Independent pilots who wish to participate can do so by handing in survey scans to The Oracle in the Delphi system between the 4th and the 10th of July.

  • Meta-Alloy production from Barnacle Sites (in the Pleiades) will start to dwindle, threatening the availability of Meta-Alloys. As this commodity becomes scarce, the price in which markets will pay for Meta-Alloys is bound to increase.
  • Community Goal - Aegis Research will request the service of Commanders to deliver Exploration Data to The Oracle in the Delphi system, a combined effort to locate a new source of Meta-Alloys.
The next phase will be announced after Phase 1 has ended.

Phase 2 (July 11)

Alternative Source of Meta-Alloys Identified

The Witch Head Nebula has been confirmed as a primary source of meta-alloys, following an initiative hosted by Aegis Research. The news has triggered efforts to swiftly establish a human presence in the area.

Aegis Core released this statement from Professor Alba Tesreau:

“Having analysed large amounts of exploration data, graciously provided by the galactic community, we can confirm that the Witch Head Nebula contains enough barnacle sites to meet the demand for meta-alloys. I am confident that these sites will offer a suitable alternative to the exhausted barnacles in the Pleiades Nebula.”

The Alliance, Empire and Federation have already despatched advance teams to the region. Each superpower has asked the galactic community to support its respective initiative and help them establish megaships and Ocellus starports in the nebula.

With the Pleiades sources of meta-alloys now almost completely depleted, independent traders will play a key role in ensuring that this vital commodity remains available to humanity.

Pilots seeking to participate in any of the three initiatives will be able to find further information on the nearest mission board. The campaigns are expected to run between the 11th and 22nd of July 3305.

  • As detailed above, the Alliance, Empire and Federation are seeking to make a claim in the Witch Head Nebula. Aid one, or all three, Superpowers in establishing megaships and starports in the region.
  • The success and tiers of each Community Goal will determine how many megaships and starports, of the respective Superpowers, will be established.
  • Each Community Goal will run from 11 - 22 July (eleven days!)

Mid-Phase Development! (July 18)

Thargoids Return to Pleiades Nebula

The Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades Nebula in large numbers, with several conflicts reported within hours.

Professor Alba Tesreau gave an update on behalf of Aegis Research:

“The Thargoid forces that recently withdrew from the core systems have resurfaced in the Pleiades Nebula following a brief disappearance. An initial analysis of their movements suggests a subtle change to their tactics. I believe they are seeking to reassert themselves in their original nexus.”

“A considerable number of Thargoid craft have gathered in the Maia system. With the Palin Research Centre facing an imminent attack, the decision was made to evacuate Professor Palin and his staff, thereby protecting a number of vital research projects. All work at Palin Research Centre has been suspended.”

“Regrettably, however, a transmission from Palin’s megaship, Carson's Spring, indicates that it was assaulted by Thargoid vessels shortly after departure. With system security forces already under pressure, we urge independent pilots to head to Maia and protect Carson’s Spring.”

  • Thargoids have been sighted in the Pleiades Nebula, with several Thargoid scouts recently being sighted close to Professor Palin's base in the Maia system.
  • Out of concern for Professor Palin's safety, a megaship has been dispatched to safely transport him to the Arque system.
  • The megaship, Carson's Spring, can be found in the Maia system.
  • As the Professor's retreat takes place, Commanders will be unable to engineer at the Palin Research Centre.
  • Please be aware that the no fire zones are still in effect near Palin's Research Centre the and the Carson's Spring megaship. We expect these security systems to be deactivated by 18 July, 16:00 UTC, fines will no longer be issued for fighting in these areas.

Phase 3 (July 25)

Thargoids Defend Meta-Alloy Sources

The Thargoids have emerged in the Witch Head Nebula, just hours after human expansion efforts in the region began. Numerous attacks in the area indicate that Thargoid craft are aggressively defending the region’s barnacle sites.

Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research said in an update:

“Representative factions of the Alliance, Empire and Federation have entered the Witch Head Nebula to begin colonisation efforts. A number of megaships and Ocellus

Stations arrived in the area on schedule, only to be met with an unexpectedly large number of hostile Thargoid vessels.”

This development, coupled with increased Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula, suggests that the Thargoids are focused on driving humanity out of regions containing barnacle sites. Tesreau was quick to repeat that securing access to a source of meta-alloys is of great importance to humanity.

“All three superpowers are urgently requesting help to repel Thargoid forces from the Witch Head Nebula,” said Tesreau. “Without the galactic community’s support, these pioneer factions will be forced to retreat, and vital supplies of meta-alloys will be lost.”

  • The Alliance, Empire and Federation have established starports and megaships in the Witch Head Nebula, following the success of their respective commodity drives.
  • However, encroachment in this space has drawn the attention of the territorial Thargoids, who seem hellbent on driving humanity from the region. As a result, the factions based out in Witch Head, have called for reinforcements from the galactic community.
    • Systems in the Witch Head Nebula currently with the Incursion state must be defended from Thargoids and need to be repelled before the Witch Head Colony can be established. Failure to do so may result in a full withdrawal from the various Superpowers from these systems.
  • Docking at the following stations in the Witch Head Nebula will reward Commanders with The Enclave special decal:
    • Alliance:
      • Ezra Point, Witch Head Sector LC-V C2-10
      • Sherrill Orbital, Witch Head Sector HW-W c1-9
    • Empire:
      • Karian Vision, Witch Head Sector FB-X c1-11
      • Tsao Prospect, Witch Head Sector HW-W c1-7
    • Federation:
      • Cann Relay, Witch Head Sector GW-W c1-4
      • Hanna Enterprise, Witch Head Sector DL-Y d17

Mid-Phase Development! (July 26)

An Exceptional Reward

Greetings Commanders,

We here at the Pilots Federation are particularly impressed by news of your performance in the Witchhead Nebula, in the face of the Thargoid threat. As an exceptional reward for this effort, the Alliance has established a fledgling colony in Witch Head Sector LC-V c2-10. A planetary port called ‘Jackrock Outpost’ on Witch Head Sector LC-V c2-10 A 1 is now available, and equipped with a shipyard, capable of ship transfers.

Thargoids are still present in the area, so please do head out there and do your part!

(Please restart your game client for this port to appear.)

Progress Report! (August 1)

A New Home for Professor Palin

The engineer Professor Ishmael Palin has established a permanent base of operations in the Arque system.

Aegis Research confirmed the news with a statement from Professor Alba Tesreau:

“Having fled the Maia system, Professor Palin and his staff have installed their equipment at the planetary port Abel Laboratory on Arque 4 E.”

“All of the engineering services previously offered by Professor Palin are now available at his new location. His study of meta-alloys and other Thargoid-related materials has also resumed.”

“The megaship Carson’s Spring, which facilitated an emergency evacuation of the Palin Research Centre, has left the Arque system to resume other duties.”

Enclave Established in Witch Head Nebula

Recent reports from the Witch Head Nebula indicate that the Thargoid forces in the region have been defeated. The initial call to arms from Aegis Research was met with an overwhelming response from independent pilots, who were able to push back Thargoid incursions from the new human colonies.

Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison for Aegis, said:

“Humanity has achieved a decisive victory in the Witch Head Nebula. Significant numbers of Thargoid vessels were destroyed in the conflict, even as many independent pilots were lost. But the sacrifice of these brave souls was not in vain, for the enemy has been forced to withdraw.”

“While the threat of occasional incursions from Thargoid craft remains, our colonial assets have been firmly established in the region.”

Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research looked to the future:

“The Alliance, Empire and Federation have declared that the Witch Head Nebula is now an official enclave of humanity – a region that their joint efforts have enabled them to share equally.”

“But the damage inflicted on our new starports must be repaired before we can harvest the barnacle sites in the area. Independent pilots have already given so much, and for that I am humbled and thankful. And yet, we must ask for one last favour: to support the repair of these starports.”

  • As detailed in recent GalNet news. Professor Palin has safely arrived in the Arque system and is resuming engineering services at Abel Laboratory on Arque 4 E.
  • All modules that they stored at Palin's Research Centre have been transferred over to Palins new location at Abel Lab
  • Along with the Galactic Community's assistance, the Superpowers have successfully pushed back the Thargoid threat from the Witch Head Nebula, resulting in the region being declared as an official human colony. However, before starports can become fully operational, they must be repaired.

Conclusion (August 7)

The Enclave is drawing to a close, but we wanted to give you a heads-up of what this means ahead of tomorrow's planned GalNet article. Starting from tomorrow (8 August), the following will occur:
  • In light of the outstanding efforts from all the commanders who contributed to this endeavor, the Superpowers will begin to colonise more systems in the region over the next few weeks.
  • A newly-appointed Engineer, Chloe Sedesi, will be located in the planetary port, Cinder Dock (in Witch Head Sector DL-Y d17). She will be offering upgrades on Frame Shift Drives and Thrusters. Just like the engineers in Colonia, Chloe's abilities to engineer modules will increase the more commanders employ her services.
  • A Tech Broker and a Material Trader will be bringing their services to the planetary ports in Bray Landing (Witch Head Sector LC-V c2-9) and Ratchet Hub (Witch Head Sector EB-X c1-7).
  • This concludes The Enclave and with it comes a new broker recipe. Commanders across the galaxy will be able to create a unique Thargoid Interceptor Bobblehead.
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2:50 video, I got excited there for a second. Half is talking about the previous CG, the other half is announcing an exploration data CG.
If you guys are trying to lower our expectations for all the content between today and the big 2020 update, you're doing fantastic.

Also, Will:
Interstellar Initiatives are series of in-game events that utilize our existing in-game systems.

Are we going to use the 'in-game' forum voting mechanic this time as well?
Will the systems scanned actually have any bearing on the outcome? If all that is submitted is rescans of bubble systems, could it fail? Can rescans even be submitted?
PHASE ONE: CG to hand in exploration data.

PHASE TWO: Salvage CG to collect alloys.

PHASE THREE: Combat CG scored on Thargoid bonds.

PHASE FOUR: Reward of a new 'totally not from the last event' AX Missile Launcher, or more advanced meta alloy hull reinforcements.

PHASE 3: Cleanse the human vermin. As a response to humans harvesting this new Thargoid barnacle source, Thargoids now appear in all human systems and in real time. Only by beating back the Thargoids can humanity win.
Looks good so far, not kicking off until next week then. It seems worth going off on a passenger exploration trip beforehand.
well ... the next CG. Well, I'm disappointed, even though I know that the frontiers like to disappoint their sociable and it works great for them.
much more interesting would be semi automatic events like the one that was with Salome a couple of years ago.
but, of course not, I understand that it’s too difficult for fd to organize this with the participation of the community management department, because we just continue to eat CG.
it seems that there will be no changes for the better from the elite, therefore there is no point in waiting.
Well, here's what we know. Thargoid Barnacles are present in:
  • Pleiades Sector
  • Witch Head Nebula
  • California Nebula
Thargoid presence is suggested to be around:
  • At least the permit-locked Col 70 Sector, given the triangulation of Probes/Links to Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3
  • Thargoids are known to exist in "high concentrations" around the Cone Sector, and the system where The Gnosis attempted to jump from still has Thargoid Structures/Barnacles in a system or two there.
Potential locations are:
  • Banard's Loop, given it's between Witch Head, Cone, and the symbolism between that nebula and Interceptor/Barnacle markings, though it's likely a highly scoured area already which should've turned up something by now.
  • Most geographically close nebula to the known Barnacle locations, because "nebula"
  • Maybe IVO the Guardian ruins, since Thargoids wiped them out?
  • Maybe any regions hinted at when this goes live


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Thanks Will.

To be honest, I was hoping for Cmdr Chronicles type of video to kick off this this 2nd II. I am not going to look into the spoiler, as I want to experience this II from narrative point of view.

The premise sounds interesting! But so did the one for Bridging the Gap... I'm looking forward to participating in Enclave and hoping that the community feedback was taken on board.

Also, to make things clear - are you guys aware that the Guardian materials and commodities are NOT actually spawning in Bridging the Gap system? Unless that was fixed, but AFAIK it wasn't so far.
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