The Enclave - Overview of Phases

Woke up this morning, ready to do a final push ................ and you've done it ! (y)

This has been great fun, just feeling part of something, getting something started, going beyond my envelope of experience ..... who knows what lies ahead 🙃

It's been a pleasure to fly alongside you all ..... o7
And have some 🍰🍸🍹
Deep core and Laser mining CG still going on in bubble if your not bored yet...
That's the weirdest thing about it, I think.

BGS transactions ... the Communists believe they've figured out most of how the new system works, and would I think have mentioned if it randomly ignored transactions since a lot of their testing will have been "do exactly 1 X"

Community Goals ... the only time people report their CG contributions going missing is when they forget to sign up.

Engineer upgrades ... so far as I can tell, completely reliable about counting.

Actions counting towards combat / trade / exploration rank, or points for squadron leaderboards ... all absolutely fine.

...and yet somehow this specific thing doesn't work properly.
CZs have acted odd at times, as if they aren't counting the scores correctly ... certainly been my experience in the AX Czs.
Was about to start the game for the European afternoon shift and checked this thread. I was prepared to do some more hauling, but nothing left to do. Absolutely great work all. This has been quite the experience for me, my first "social" event in ED since I play normally in Solo. But the spirit and camaraderie in this thread was awesome. Never done any repairs before either in this game, but I don't think this was the usual routine. The sharing of the pain when the cargo was not accepted was made much more bearable that way and the motivational push when the numbers did go down not only through my delivery but also from others made me try to do another run.

I thank everybody here for this great experience, it showed me how people make a difference in this game. Good times, really really good times.

I'll hang around in the WHN for a few days still to do more Thargoid Scout hunting to complete my ranking. After that I plan to go on a long expedition, though I am not sure yet whether I am able to commit for such a long time (Pegasus Run 3305, 10 months). We'll see. But one way or the other I am ready for another exploration trip.

See you in the black, commanders. o7
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