The Enclave - Overview of Phases

Not sure when or what changed but first time I came here it was one of these large round surface bases, with a shipyard. Then it dev-majicked into a small square surface base and lost it's shipyard.

Managed to retrieve the Phantom by towing it to Hanna. Haven't checked Ratchet.
[Edit: Checked: Ratchet Hub is a similar round base, material trader is still borked.]
[Edit, edit: Store link is also "unavailable" here, can this text wrap instead of scale?]
They appear to have sacked the Lancashire female controller :cautious:
A basic T9 was 59.000.000 at Diso when I last looked after the announcement. So if you get it cheaper, that would be good. Double discounting sounds like a great idea :)

I have a ship 'docked' at Jade's Pride in WH Colony .... and the station no longer exists. Nothing in the system :sick:
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