The Enclave - Overview of Phases

Oh look, the incursions have been over for a couple of days, and Galnet finally thought to sound the alarm. The tone almost makes it sound like it's the local factions that are somehow to blame.

The first control war in the region ending on the very day the Thargoids returned was probably mostly coincidence, but nevertheless it's a nice touch to reference it.
I've had recent market data through for Jade's Pride - can anyone confirm that it's back?
I'll try to get on and check tonight. I've been away a while but if it needs doing then I'll try to get a circuit in to update all the census data.
I'm hoping that they fix the WHN broken stuff = JP, Mat Trader, etc...
Looking forward to having actual names for systems now. :)
I used the money to count how many scouts "helped" me reach Elite Rank. 😬
Though I also raised two pilots to Elite too, so that screwed up the numbers a bit.
AEP have exploded (in Karian's case, literally) across the Enclave.
Interesting to see if any factions are keen to peg them back - or if they'll just roll over the whole area...
Unlocked BGS is interesting. :)
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