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It seems that in the last couple of years quite a few content providers have become unhappy with Youtube's policies regarding censorship and monetization. The main issue seems to be that content can be either blocked or at least de-monetized without the poster knowing why. They do have a right to appeal but still won't be told the reason action was taken against a specific video.

The lack of transparency regarding rules and the feeling that such rules aren't applied equally (major corporations appear to be able to get away with more than small channels) has reached a stage where some content providers have felt forced to take action. They have formed the Youtubers Union and have teamed up with I G Metall ( a very large trade union based in Germany) to try and change things

They have requested that Youtube enters into negotiations before the 23rd August this year or face the consequences. You may ask what can they possibly do that would make Youtube listen. There are two main stands to the threat. The first is to try and use European employment laws and class content producers as being 'falsely self employed'. If they won that would effectively give content providers full employment rights things like sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, paid holidays and such) and would prove extremely expensive. While they probably wouldn't win it might still be an expensive legal case and with many governments not overly happy with the big tech giants there are no guarantees that YouTube would win. The second strand would involve Data Protection Regulations and is probably more of a credible threat (potential fines up to 4% of worldwide revenue of the previous year for each violation)

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The big giants of the Web must be under surveillance by a supervisory authority.

They must not have the opportunity to become masters of the world and have absolute power
Probably wouldn't be any less self-serving, or less dangerous.

Too late.

Nothing is ever definitively acquired

Soon the giants of the Web will be taxed on their revenue and globally, even if Trump does not agree.

This is a first step to submit the giants of the Web.
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