The Fallen Ones [FLN1] are recruiting!!!

Are you looking for a casual Squadron to have fun exploring the galaxy while making piles of credits and outfitting fancy internet spaceships? If you answer is a resounding "YES!" then look up The Fallen Ones and put your application in today and we'll see you in the black Commander! o7

P.S. We have cookies, and a Fleet Carrier to get more come the update!
Few questions;

1. How large is the squadron?
2. Are you accepting complete noob players that have not played since launch?
3. What flavor of cookies are you providing?

Thank you!

1. 30 Commanders
2. Absolutely, we all have to start somewhere and we're happy to help and answer questions
3. Right now Double Chocolate Chip and also Macadamia Nut :D

Feel free to fire any other questions you have my way or shoot me a friend request in-game!
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