The Fatherhood wing presents the Lost Souls 2 Expedition.


Lost Souls 2
One year ago a group of explorers led by the Fatherhood took a journey into the void known as the Formidine rift, their mission was to investigate the starship Zurara and find out what had happened to these lost souls.

Due to the success of this expedition the Fatherhood are going to do it again. This time however were going to do this one a little bit different, Our journey will take place this October and will begin in our home system Hajangai, from there we will take a journey to Colonia stopping along various waypoints.

We plan to reach Colonia just before the Christmas holidays so commanders can take a short break for the festive holidays. While there we will be planning events for anyone who would like to participate before our next journey begins in January .

From Colonia we will be heading west out into void. There we will stay till we reach our final destination in April hoping to explore as much as possible, and you never know what lost souls we might encounter. For more info and registration please click the link below.


Waypoints will be announced each week on here, Twitter and our Discord server.


26th of October 3305
Hajangai - The home system of the Fatherhood is our starting point.

We will be hosting a mass jump for each platform at Schwann port.

There will be both a US and EU launch - Times below:

26th Oct 20:00 UTC
26th Oct 21:00 BST
26th Oct 22:00 CEST

North America:
27th Oct 00:00 UTC
26th Oct 20:00 EST
26th Oct 17:00 PST

Waypoint 1:

Waypoint 1 of Lost Souls 2 will be Mount Wesley (Smojai IT-P d6-2)

Situated just over 3,500ly from Hajangai, our first waypoint is a 30km high mountain sticking out of a small green moon orbiting a blue gas giant. For those with SRVs, this will be a great opportunity to try something a little bit different - SRV mountaineering!

If SRV mountaineering is not your thing, then there will be plenty of other expedition members in the system to meet up with and explore with. There are also plenty of POIs to visit along the way - check out the waypoint post for more details

Waypoint 2:

Waypoint 2 of Lost Souls 2 will be the Omega Nebula, a blue, red and purple nebula located in the constellation Sagittarius. It is a low-density cloud of partially ionized gas which spans some 15 light-years in diameter and has a mass of an estimated 800 solar masses.

Our base camp for the waypoint will be as follows:
We have selected this site due to the geographical features - there are plenty of long trenches where we hope to do some SLF racing (for those that have them!) in addition to several other activities...

Waypoint 3:

  • System name: Pru Aescs HW-S b31-2
    • Beacon around: A (transmits each hour on :15)
    • Beta settlement on: CD1 -7.2989, -35.9180
For more information check out:

2nd Leg

5th of January 3306
We'll be leaving the Colonia region - further details will be announced later.

Private groups:

While your free to fly in any mode or PG we will have PG on each platform for any event or mass jump

PC - Drazkul
PS4 - Azzbo27
Xbox - Vv Shysty vV


Please feel welcome to come and join us on our Discord -
Discord is where we are most active and we'll be happy to advise on ship builds or if your in need of help, provide assistance.


We have an EDSM page here -

Social Media

Twitter - - Waypoint and event announcements will be announced on here.

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With just over 3 weeks to go till launch we've hit over 100 commanders.

A break down of ships commanders have chosen to use:

Hey guys... I would like to update my forum sig for LS2 but am a complete idiot at doing computer graphics. Is there anyone that can give me a hand? Thanks in advance!
Original post updated to include times for the launch mass jumps

Hey guys... I would like to update my forum sig for LS2 but am a complete idiot at doing computer graphics. Is there anyone that can give me a hand? Thanks in advance!

Personally I'd be of no use as I'm useless with images - maybe worth asking on our discord server.
OP updated with Waypoint 2 information:

Also an update on how Waypoints will be announced:

Ongoing Waypoint releases
All future expedition waypoints will be released on the website at midday UTC each Sunday, and will be reposted on Twitter, Discord and the Frontier Forums. This will allow members to travel to each waypoint in time for social activities over the weekend, culminating in a mass jump on the Sunday evening.

A couple of photo's from meetups at WP1:



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