The First Great Planetary Expedition

Second bonus: if you finish DW2 before the 13th of June and fill in the arrival form from the DW2 organizers, you get a Frontier approved decal for your ship
Funnily enough, I checked all that out earlier when I'd decided it was time to move my alt (and confirmed that I had registered at the start of DW2). :) I'm hoping to be there much earlier than that, as I doubt I'll do any sight-seeing on the way (because if I start doing that, I won't arrive for another year!).

After EA, I'll probably drop down to the level of the neutron star fields and head out through that. I've never made it to Beagle Point, last time I turned back because Engineers were introduced (I was on the far side of the galactic core at the time).
Maybe we could get one of those for Kumay Expedition?
I would love to plaster something appropriate on my SRV.
Me too.

Still making progress, had a silly idea and spent more time than I meant trying to jump from the lip to land on the nose of the dewdrop crater bump. Had a good enough go which I'll upload when I can.
Best effort flyving now to make progress, currently 5 degrees off the south pole. I miss driving in the daylight.
Maybe we could get one of those for Kumay Expedition?
That would need involvement from Frontier. Doable but, well... you know... difficult. I guess Frontier weighs the effort of design, redeem codes generation and emailing versus the number of players involved. DW2 was huge in player numbers. But again, you never know. A starting point might be to give Paige Harvey a ping? She seems very approachable and is if I'm not mistaking, a member of our Discord. In the end... if DW2 then why not FGPE?
OooO Damn

Now I hear Beagle Point calling for 2 reasons. This damn bucket list is gonna kill me, oh wait that is the idea of a bucket list before you die. I wonder how quick I can make it with the Neutron Highway. I Think BP is the furthest system reachable by ordinary means and to circumnavigate a planet there.......... It isn't really just calling me it is screaming at me now. Doesn't ED understand I have a real life to live?

Anyone else stupid er I mean crazy enuff to wanna join me?

I would want to do this as efficiently as possible without going crazy. One reason I did not join DW2 was I went to Sag A and back while they stopped at the first way point and did a Community Goal (no longer Valid), I also did scan most systems in my 60 plus jump range and made close to 300 million.

Lots to consider though, what ship, how many SRV's ( would hate to get all the way there and not finish the circumnavigation because i ran out of SRVs.

A little more research is needed but I do wanna do this.

I wonder how quick I can make it with the Neutron Highway.
Depends on your jump range. Each 10000Ly takes me around 100 jumps when I'm in the neutron highway, but if I remember rightly the highway is not everywhere (it doesn't extend into the galactic core, for example). I'm planning on picking it up when I leave the centre (I haven't used it at all on the way in).
"On the 18th of May 3305, day 52 of the First Great Planetary Expedition, i finally saw again the familiar profile and the comforting lights of Bridger Town, after a journey of approximately 5600 km. A journey about which I admittedly didn't really tell much, blame it on a number or reason (lack of time, lack of will, lack of anything meaningful to say, lack of the means to properly say it). But still a journey full of many moments to be remembered; the frantic comms of people trying their luck at climbing the Sentinel at the start of the expedition (almost two months ago!), the fun times at the Grand Canyon Crater with several other cmdrs, crazy jumps, hilarious rebuys, fireworks, stairways made of ships and lots of wheels finally freed from the bond of their parent SRVs.
The random encounters with other explorers along the way; the long, dark, eerie nights and the frequent but always awe-inspiring eclipses of Chi Herculis behind the majestic disk of Apasam. A neverending expanse of sun-bathed red plains, gigantic sulphurous peaks, ancient craters and canyons; the barren beauty of the polar regions, the shimmer of the frozen ground and the otherwordly blue glow of towering mountains made entirely of ice. The loneliness of it all, and yet at the same time, the knowledge of being in the good company of an awesome group of other venturers, each one with their motives, their adventures, their stories to tell.
And at the end of it all, the tall profile of the Sentinel peeking again over the distant horizon; a thin yellow sliver slowly growing to an imposing yellow mountain, two black dots become two towers, two towers become a city.
"Docking permission granted".
From the steepest peak to the deepest valley, every meter traveled has been worth it. So long, Kumay."

Sorry I've not been very present in the thread as of late, I admit I pretty much neglected it over the Discord channel. My bad, I'm really not good at handling more than one social channel at once!
I wonder how quick I can make it with the Neutron Highway.
I did a stretch of some 3,000 LY from Sagittarius A* using the neutron highway. In the end, I found it wasn't all that quicker (although you get the feeling it is) compared to normal jumping. Less boring for sure as there's skill required to not get stuck in the cone. And you have to repair the FSD after so many jumps which means dropping to normal space, take FSD offline, repair, etc. You also need to leave the route every now and then to fuel up which is generally not possible when using neutrons.

There's a website for route planning using the neutron highway:
I used that site to plan my stretch.
Guys, GUYS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What's with all this crazy talk of another circumnavigation clear across the galaxy?

me: looks at galmap. looks at outfitting. looks again at outfitting. looks at galmap. looks at FGPE thread again.............

You can't just throw stuff out there like that. I have things I'm trying to do. I can't let myself be tempted like that.

me: looking even more intently at galmap 👀
Lots to consider though, what ship, how many SRV's ( would hate to get all the way there and not finish the circumnavigation because i ran out of SRVs.
I am travelling out in my AspX. I had one SRV, but at Explorer's Anchorage I was able to move my DSS to the new size 1 slot and hence fit another SRV in, so I have two. :) The only difference (I assume) with circumnavigating so far from a base is that I'll be extra careful with my SRVs. After I lose the first one, I'll have to limit my max speed to 80m/s.

I've only got 40Ly range in my Asp. I don't bother travelling light - I've got a variety of weapons, and shields plus reactive armour.
that I'll be extra careful with my SRVs
That's my only concern with this insane endeavor... :rolleyes: Luckily Jonas has a massive supply of repair mats :D

If I'm lucky I'll get some game time tonight and I'll head back to Beagle Point to have a more detailed look at the planet (it's a planet, not a moon). I'll post some screenshots if I can.
That's my only concern with this insane endeavor... :rolleyes: Luckily Jonas has a massive supply of repair mats :D
Oh, that's a good point. I don't think my alt has any repairs at all! I'd best do some prospecting while I'm there too... If I get bored I might stop on the way for a break, but I'm going to try and get the travelling out of the way before I stop (if I can take it).
I am going BP now. I need to max out on needed mats and figure out my best ship for this project. I am thinking my Orca. I was going to speed travel their and not honk or explore at all but that just is not in my makeup. So it will be honk, scan, planetary scan if interesting and possibly some mapping. Having gone to Colonia a couple times and to Sag A once a few months ago, I think I can handle the 2 month trek.

My plans were to do this as quick as possible but I think that would turn into a grind. Who knows maybe my plan will change once I get there. I have been known to change / add / enhance other plans I have done.

Stasis Wolf your welcome to join me if your crazy enough. We can meet up some place every 3K LY or so. Heck maybe even do a couple small moons on the way out. Just remember the movie 'The Shining" if I yell something about Here's Johnny, you might wanna make sure I am still taking my meds.

I would like to complete this project in under 3 months nut if plans change ..... ( um that would require I actually make some plans tho)

Ok, I did mention I was one to change plans. Before I go to BP I want to go south ( or in the opposite direction of BP) first. I will see how far I can get from BP and do a circumnavigation there if possible. It will be closer for a first run at about 15K LY, so just a hop skip and jump kinda thing. From the looks of it HYPUAE EUQ KQ-C C26-0 maybe the system I am looking for but I have no idea if it has a suitable moon / planet to circumnavigate.

Just looked this up in EDSM and there are several smaller moons planet temps are a little over 1000K not sure how hot a planet the SRV can handle safely, anyone know?

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