The First Great Planetary Expedition

Mono no aware?

I’m happy I got to experience the FGPE, so many cool moments, but I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.
I just watched this again, some absolutely stunning shots!

Yeah, a nice review to watch on (or near) the anniversary.

Will deffo have to do another after Odyssey.

Problem is, i can't remember if my SRV is in any of those pics because i can't remember which were mine and what colour SRV i had... or more precisely, i burned through a lot of them, so was always changing colour :D
I just watched this again, some absolutely stunning shots!
I just watched it again too ... made me feel quite emotional. We got so many things right with that expedition. I'd definitely do the screenshot competition again, I like that different people got to judge each round of it, the occasional events to bring people back together worked pretty well, the distance between regular waypoints was spot on (giving attainable targets for every single leg of the journey), the naming of waypoints gave the place real character ... there's not much if anything I'd do differently actually. I'd like to get small groups to do the thing of signing the planet with their tyre tracks, I quite like the idea of having special cargo that gets passed between SRV's during occasional meetups. I'd also like to get @Kay Ross (either publicly or under an anonymous pseudonym - whichever she prefers) - to come with us! Hearing her speak last night about how she likes to lurk and observe what people do with what the results of the stellar forge it struck me that there is no better opportunity to do this than during the next Great Planetary Expedition. I feel that as a group the members of the first expedition have a better appreciation of the planetary results produced by that software than perhaps anyone else in the world. It was a thing of beauty and I'd would absolutely LOVE to be able to share that experience with its creator during the next one. Kay, if you're reading this and are intrigued by the idea (which is obviously some way off actually happening yet) then please get in contact via a pm to talk more about it.
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