there were parts of the rift that were certainly spoon fed, and the descriptions of early clues never came to fruition at the end. There was nothing scary or ominous to be found in the rift as suggested by the main characters in the book and instead the entire thing was turned into a coverup of an escape route of potential colonies in the case of a thargoid invasion which itself, hasn't shown to be of any use during the actual thargoid attacks ...nor any sign that they're going to be utilized. essentially the whole thing is a story that is being thrown away and forgotten about.

All a very anti-climatic and depressing end to what was the most interesting plot in the game. Though it really didn't happen out of order. It's just hard to follow what is retcon and what is actual narrative utilizing the memory erasing drug in the elite universe or clones in the elite universe (of which both make appearances in this plot).

Pretty much every big story in elite's history has retcons due to bumbles by fdev or two different narrative writers who aren't coordinating between themselves. Like the events of Jaques jump... or the missing vice president ....etc.
Greetings Commanders,
Last week I embarked on my first ever exploration trip.
I kitted out a Krait Phantom and headed off to see Barnard's Loop, which was nothing short of spectacular.
I wasn't sure where to go from there so giving the Galaxy Map a cursory glance I find the Soul Nebula.
I think to myself "Hey that sounds cool, lets go check that out!"
Little did I know the enormity of the rabbit hole which I was fast approaching.
Two days ago I found the Rift Stations in EAFOD and having read through the downloaded data-banks (multiple times I might add),
I was convinced of the existence of a nearby Earth like world with evidence of a sidewinder, so I started looking.
I soon realize that this is a needle in haystack kind of situation, and so a few short minutes with google lead me here,
to what is undoubtedly one of the coolest little corners of the internet I've ever seen.
And so while I apologize for a lengthy post I must commend the dedication and hard work put in by so many of you and express my gratitude.
I will be entering the Formadine Rift tonight and will spend approximately one week exploring there.
If I find anything of interest I'll be sure to bring it to your attention, and also if anyone wants anything checked out here, just let me know.
o7 Commanders! :cool:
I think the list of ELWs I put up was searched through, bar maybe 2?
If you're in the general area you could search for any undiscovered ELWs and see if their are any unknown beacons or wrecked ships, just don't hold your breath ;)

The beacons and ships mentioned in the Dynasty logs have never been found, bar the Zurara (however it's spelt!?).
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