The Forum Opinion Reversal Challenge

So here's an interesting thread for you all. Most of you are biased either for or against the game. Take a read at your last 10 posts and it'll probably tell you which is which. If not then well done for being a true neutral, find something where you weighed in on one side of the discussion and come up with your own counter-point.

This challenge is to make a single post here the opposite to break the trend. If your last 10 posts are about how Beyond is doomed make one about something you are excited about or happy that it was announced. If your last 10-20 posts are how everything is awesome then make one here about something you dislike. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone if you don't :p
In the end we are all human and have our reasons for our views but most of us stick to a stance so strongly its becoming a bit jarring and makes their message/opinion carry less weight since it's always the same positivity/negativity. I have more than a few names in mind on both sides who could probably benefit from posting a bit more variety so that their posts aren't just dismissed as "oh it's that person, they always hate/defend". <- My personal view rightly or wrongly :)

Simply post what your view usually is and then the opposite. I will start.

For me I recently got rather on one side of a discussion r.e. credit transfers. I'm very much opposed to the idea for reasons set out in the other thread.. However, I would find it very useful for my 2nd account which I use for roleplay. As such I regularly reset it to change the cmdr name and getting back to an Asp or whatever by way of a quick transfer would be nice. (currently I use the exploration road to riches to get the ship I need for the RP).
I just checked my last 10 posts and I seem to be a very middle of the road sort of poster, I like what I like and praise it and dislike what I dislike and moan about it.


Hate the way the Thargoids have been done up till now, but on the flipside, Looking forward to seeing what FD do with all those core game updates that are coming.

Hey I tried ...
I do both, i've been complaining about the woeful effort with the type-10 but generally forward about everything else.

So err..

- Beyond looks really exciting!!
- Damn you frontier for not having multiple cmdr's on one account and rebuying cosmetics thats just pathetic.

Well i gave it a go :)
I've been complaining alot about the lack of challenge in ED.

But, I'm excited for all the new changes in Beyond. (+1)

And I still post ideas, even though I rarely play the game at the moment. :) (+1)

Not that anyone reads them. (-1)

Balance! Lol

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
Although I rarely express it as it would never help the conversation, I am often minded to post : "Just shut up and let Frontier get on with developing the game they want. Thats what they are paid for. What you are complaining about is either blindingly obvious to them, or they disagree. You are not special. You do not have some mystical insight that your whining will reveal as the definitive truth"

On the other side of the coin.

FD have clearly reached its maximum market penetration, so their ideas for attracting new customers are now moot. Time to forget about making the game marketable and good press and harvest the trapped market that is already invested in the game.
Allow people to create Development Items or Ideas on a new web page (creating an item COSTS real money to prevent thoughtless spam).
Allow people to pay real hard cash towards each of these items with PayPal.
At the end of a period, take ALL the money and spend it on the top level item.
When the money runs out, do it again.
I would like to see more in-depth missions with more of a story. For example, you need to find something or someone, and are given some coordinates to start with. You get there and you are given a clue to another location, and then another and so on until you find that something or someone that you are tasked to find. It could be an important missing person who is lost in their escape capsule (for example).

I don’t want space legs. I would rather have better features on planets and access to water worlds.

Oh, and more storage space for modules.

That's it. That's my criticism for this year :)
No matter how hard I think - I simply don't see anything good about engineers. I also don't see why I would say something positive about the feature.

But lemme think. Challenge accepted.



The engineer base look and sound really great.
I'm fairly middle of the road....a bit more salty recently as Beyond is coming and I'm at pains to point out the stuff that doesn't work and needs fixing IMO.

So for balance I'd say I'm looking forward to the engineer changes....I think overall it might be an improvement to the current system
Largely positive in relation to the game and the development, so......I absolutely hate exploring, it is dull beyond belief! Beyond looks cool, looking forward to testing out some core changes and flying the Chieftain, especially after the personal disappointment that was the T-10. Hey, I gave it go, what more do you want?! :D
I don't mean to sound pompous or smug but I try to consider any counterpoints before I post.

Hence why I'm not currently arguing that passenger mission payouts are "unfair" or "cheating" and am, instead, arguing that they undermine other aspects of gameplay.

I just wish some people could grasp that rather than getting all defensive and assuming that anybody who's concerned about the current situation is accusing others of "cheating".
My single biggest gripe with the game...ever...beigification.

(insert some random pic of an ice world then struts around the chessboard knocking all the pieces over)

What ye mean iceworlds were never affected? Is there something wrong with yer head? Its all the fault of the consoles...and those pesky solo players. No I dont care what frontier says, they are obviously lying about it being a mistake...its the consoles fault I tell ye, there 3 guys on reddit who agree so theres the proof.

Nah sorry alex, I just cant do it seriously...hearts just not in it because to me it was serious enough to make me quit the game entirely. Hard as I try, I just cannot do as ye asked and that is the best I can manage. Just doesnt feel right and I cant think of anything good to say about it...its like intentionally lying about something I hate with a passion...just cant do it sorry ^
So here's an interesting thread for you all. Most of you are biased either for or against the game. Take a read at your last 10 posts and it'll probably tell you which is which. If not then well done for being a true neutral, find something where you weighed in on one side of the discussion and come up with your own counter-point.
1 Neutral
2 Neutral
3 For
4 Against
5 Neutral
6 Neutral
7 For
8 Neutral
9 Neutral
10 Neutral


For: I'm for base building.
Against: I don't want base building because I don't want Cmdr's making male-genital shaped buildings? I dunno.. lol, I'm 100% for base building and can't see a down-side that isn't either overblown, unlikely to happen, or weaker than a current in a puddle caused by a light breeze.
I'll bite on the opposites game:

This game is fantastic, featuring such deep and varied mechanics. There is so much to do and so many reasons to do it. Development pace is so blazing fast I can barely keep up.

Every update strengthens the core game, no gimmicks or bolt ons. So much to do every time you log on, the game is so respectful of the player's time!

Every paint job and cosmetic item is unique and looks like a work of art where the talented artist has spent many days.

The fact that so much information and story is communicated within the game means we never have to rely on 3rd party sites or YouTube.

The game design team is so far ahead of the asset generation and art team. Give the design team a raise, especially the lead designer!

My only criticisms would be the terrible flight model and that the sound design is utterly awful.
8 of my last 10 post have been successful Rage Quits, the other 2 didn't go so well.

So I can confirm I am staying in the game - ***Do I feel better?***

NAAAaaaa! - give a week and I will rage quit again

(I think it's written in to my DNA agreement :) )
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To be the opposite of my normal self...I'd have to show a good bit of emotion. And point out something I truly hate about the game...

Cheesus Crust, I really hate how slow new information is trickling in about the Thargoids and Guardians. Like, REALLY? I want to know these things! Pls buff update speed. Proves the game is dying. Ohmigod.

I think that should work. Goes against every fiber of my being to post it.
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