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Ouch, Barotrauma released in EA but at a €25 price point. Those servers aren't going to fill themselves quick and it's going to be hard work to get friends to buy into it...
Yeah. I suspect it ain't going to do very well.
I saw Barotrauma in recommended on Steam, is it something like FTL but with submarines? Pretty pricey tho.
I posted a video a bit above in this thread. It's a coop multiplayer (or solo with AI) submarine exploration of Europa. Each player controls a single character with specific class/skills, and the sub operates through various systems that need to be manipulated individually and with some coordination. Plenty of scope for good coop privately and predictable mass trolling on any public server. There's crisis management inside the sub too with broken stuff, fires, etc, and you can also take a dive outside for, I presume, biological sampling as well as external sub maintenance. It looks pretty cool, but at that price point I'm not terribly hopeful of finding a crew to try it with. Note that it just released on Steam Early Access after a private alpha, so it's not the finished article yet.
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