"The Fuel Rats of Elite Dangerous" Documentary

Excellent work, survey completed.

PSST: You might want to edit the text at ~4:10 in the video, IRC is "Internet Relay Chat", not "International Relay Chat". Not sure how savvy your prof is but it never hurts to be accurate ;)
Wow. It's good work, but a college education since the 70's has dramatically changed. Really, college credit for a review of an aspect of a game? When I went to college, I had to design, develop and program an entire accounting system on an IBM 360, with punch cards and no video. Seven thousand lines of code in Cobol and Fortran. Now, you just have to review a game for credit. Although retired, maybe it's time I went for my Doctorate Degree.

Lemme guess. You also used to eat tree bark and your toys were bricks and barbed wire? A loaf of bread cost 7 cents? Does anyone here remember Vera Lynn?
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