[INDEPENDENT] The Galactic Archive Recruiting

The Galactic Archive

We are a group of mature, experienced pilots that are all in, when it comes to the Elite and the Dangerous.
Our faction spawned almost spontaneously as a result of the camaraderie developed in the Danger Zone: Galactic Archive.
(Elite: Dangerous Reference library on discord)
With 700+ CMDR's from many different groups and factions,
The Danger Zone is an excellent place for CMDR's to learn and share their knowledge.

We recently started our Squadron, and Faction and welcome CMDR's to join in the fun.
The same helpfulness found in "The Archive" will carry over into our game-play.
The Galactic Archive is part of a larger group of other Squadrons and Factions working together to make sure all of our goals are met.
If you get bored here, you're probably not logged in.

We have taken up residence in Kuntae, and have developed our own lore based around "The Archive":

Our mission is to safeguard the collective wisdom of humanity, for a time in the future when all hope has been lost.
Whether the threat be from within, and humanity capitulates to self destruction, or from external threats that seek to erase humanity from existence.
The Galactic Archive Squadron must fight for the survival of our knowledge and wisdom.
The Archive is designed to serve, not only as an active resource for Commanders throughout the galaxy, but as an Ark to carry our wisdom and experience forward into the future for generations to come.
It is our job to protect it.

Join us on our mission!
To protect that which matters most. Our Knowledge. Our Hopes. Our Dreams.

Access our Squadron page on INARA: The Galactic Archive
Squadron Discord: The Galactic Archive Discord
(Air Locked. Once joined in game and on INARA, you will be released into the rest of the server)
And of course, what started it all:
The Danger Zone : Galactic Archive Discord Server
A one stop reference library for Elite Dangerous
See you in the Deep Dark

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