The Galactic Nebula Expedition


Deeper, into the depths we delve...

Greetings Commanders,Following the resounding success of the Crab Nebula Expedition, we are pleased to announce its successor: The Galactic Nebula Expedition!

GNE Trailer - Made by Rodney McKay


Mission Objectives:

1. To scout and catalogue the surrounding systems along each main waypoint on the way to the core.
2. To formally name (within game of course, not officially :p) the nebulae that mark the route, including any notable points of interest found along the way. This data will be submitted to the Galactic Mapping Project.
3. To further strengthen the Exploration community within Elite Dangerous, and, above all else, to have fun :)

With all the activity occurring in the ED universe, the GNE may even see some remarkable discoveries along the way. It will take commanders through some of the most breathtaking parts of the galaxy, and will earn everyone a trip into the infamous 'neutron fields' before concluding at the supermassive black hole at the galactic centre.The final destination, Sagittarius a* is a location visited by many veteran explorers, however its distance from the bubble can be very intimidating for new players, our hope is that an organised event will encourage more explorers to explore the 'core'.

This will be a “Chill & safe expedition" for the following reasons: It allows commanders to easily catch up with the fleet, and also allows commanders to take roughly a week between waypoints so that events in their personal lives don’t prevent them from continuing with us.

Expedition Signup Form Here

Departure Date: September 3rd 3302, 1900 UTC (in-game time)The expedition is estimated to run from 03/09/3302 until 26/11/3302.

These dates have now been locked in and will ONLY change due to extreme circumstances.

Launch Countdown Timer (courtesy of Rodney Mckay)

Elite Dangerous: Exploration (EDEX) Discord Channel:

EDEX Subreddit: Here

Expedition Map

Waypoint Information
Waypoint Basic Information
Waypoint #P.O.IDateMeetup timesSector NameDistance Travelled (LY)Distance to next waypoint (LY)
0Dumbbell Nebula03/09/20161800 UTC 03/09/2016
0200 UTC 04/09/2016
0830 UTC 04/09/2016
BD+22 38780471.43
1Veil West Nebula04/09/20161800 UTC 04/09/2016
0200 UTC 05/09/2016
0830 UTC 05/09/2016
Veil West Sector DL-Y D68471.435099.88
2NGC 682010/09/20161800 UTC 10/09/2016
0200 UTC 11/09/2016
0830 UTC 11/09/2016
NGC 6820 Sector GW-W D1-05571.312,248.94
3TRAIKEOU AA-A H217/09/20161800 UTC 17/09/2016
0200 UTC 18/09/2016
0830 UTC 1809/2016
TRAIKEOU QJ-P D6-17,820.253980.98
4PRAI HYPOO AA-A H6024/09/20161800 UTC 24/09/2016
0200 UTC 25/09/2016
0830 UTC 25/09/2016
PRAI HYPOO JA-E C1111,801.233480.78
5FLYAI EAESCS AA-A H4501/10/20161800 UTC 01/10/2016
0200 UTC 02/10/2016
0830 UTC 02/10/2016
FLYAI EAESCS BG-N D7-115,282.013595.1
6PRA EAEWSY AA-A H5608/10/20161800 UTC 08/10/2016
0200 UTC 09/10/2016
0830 UTC 09/10/2016
PRA EAEWSY FB-I B53-018,877.114163.83
7BOEPPY AA-A H6215/10/20161800 UTC 15/10/2016
0200 UTC 16/10/2016
0830 UTC 17/10/2016
BOEPPY XZ-X D1-1823,040.943932.85
8OEPHAIF AA-A H10022/10/20161800 UTC 22/10/2016
0200 UTC 23/10/2016
0830 UTC 23/10/2016
Oephaif KD-K d8-187826,973.793103.76
9EOL PROU RS-T D3-94 (Colonia)29/10/20161800 UTC 29/10/2016
0200 UTC 30/10/2016
0830 UTC 30/10/2016
EOL PROU RS-T D3-9430,077.551117.16
10DRYOOE PROU AA-A H13105/11/20161800 UTC 05/11/2016
0200 UTC 06/11/2016
0830 UTC 06/11/2016
DRYOOE PROU GL-Y D36931,194.716959.64
11SCREAKI EG-X E1-348512/11/20161800 UTC 12/11/2016
0200 UTC 13/11/2016
0830 UTC 13/11/2016
SCREAKI EG-X E1-348538,154.355125.78
12ZUNI KC-U E3-767019/11/20161800 UTC 19/11/2016
0200 UTC 20/11/2016
0830 UTC 20/11/2016
ZUNI KC-U E3-767043,280.132313.57
13Sagittarius a*26/11/20161800 UTC 26/11/2016
0200 UTC 27/11/2016
0830 UTC 28/11/2016
Sagittarius A*45,593.700

Waypoint Details and Planetary Maps

Waypoint #00
Waypoint 00 - Dumbbell Nebula
System: BD+22 3878Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 2, A03/09/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: -59.12, -107.3604/09/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.22G04/09/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Explorer's LandingDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
0.00 LY471.43 LY
Located just over 1,300 light years from Sol, the Dumbbell Nebula will mark the starting point of the Expedition. The base camp, Explorer's Landing, is situated in the flat base of a relatively large canyon, and should offer a great location for the assembly of the GNE Fleet.


Waypoint #01
Waypoint 01 - Veil West Nebula
System: Veil West Sector DL-Y D68Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: D, 3, BA04/09/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 5.83, -137.8605/09/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.05G05/09/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Calamity BasinDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
471.43 LY5099.88 LY
Due to its close proximity to waypoint 0, waypoint 1 is considered an optional place to visit. However commanders who have not visited before are heavily encouraged to do so, as it is one of the most visually stunning nebulas in the galaxy.
Waypoint #02
Waypoint 02 - NGC 6820
System: NGC 6820 Sector GW-W D1-0Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 2, A10/09/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 36.51, -96.3111/09/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.07G11/09/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Wonder BluffDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
5,571.31 LY2,248.94 LY
After one of the longest legs in the entire journey, commanders are encouraged to relax in this stunning canyon. Its flat surface offers a perfect location for some SRV racing!
Waypoint #03
Waypoint 03 - TRAIKEOU AA-A H2
System: TRAIKEOU QJ-P D6-1Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 4, F17/09/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 33.90, 173.4118/09/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.31G18/09/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Delta FrostDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
7,820.25 LY3,980.98 LY
This beautiful ringed moon offers a lovely backdrop for the expedition's third waypoint. The landing area has a large area of smooth ground, perfect for larger ships and en-masse SRV adventures.

Waypoint #04
Waypoint 04 - PRAI HYPOO AA-A H60
System: PRAI HYPOO JA-E C11Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: B, 1, B, A24/09/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: -47.12, -21.6525/09/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.04G25/09/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Lunar BendDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
11,801.23 LY3,480.78 LY
Feeling a bit scorched from all that fuel scooping? Then why not chill on this icy moon on the edge of a stunning canyon. BYO Lavian Brandy, the ice is free ;)

Waypoint #05
Waypoint 05 - FLYAI EAESCS AA-A H45
System: FLYAI EAESCS BG-N D7-1Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: A, 4, A01/10/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 50.84, 162.5402/10/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.08G02/10/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Fracture PointDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
15,282.01 LY3,595.10 LY
Continuing in our them of SRV/Ship-killing canyons, this rocky moon offers commanders with yet another opportunity to scale some sheer walls. This system is full of many landable bodies, and no doubt some interesting sights to be found.
Waypoint #06
Waypoint 06 - PRA EAEWSY AA-A H56
System: PRA EAEWSY FB-I B53-0Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: B, 208/10/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 56.71, 98.9709/10/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.20G09/10/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: ApexDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
18,877.11 LY4,163.83 LY
This planet orbits increadibly close to its binary twin, which will offer some fantastic views for commanders to chase over the horizon.
Waypoint #07
Waypoint 07 - BOEPPY AA-A H62
System: BOEPPY XZ-X D1-18Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 1, B, A15/10/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: -65.43, -118.9816/10/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.06G16/10/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: SRV's FollyDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
23,040.94 LY3932.85 LY
Another tight binary system. This moon claimed three SRV's during the scouting missions for GNE. Though the canyon itself is not too deep, the walls are surprisingly treacherous, proceed with caution if you intend to climb.
Waypoint #08
Waypoint 08 - OEPHAIF AA-A H100
System: Oephaif KD-K d8-1878Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 5, A22/10/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: -14.95, -66.9123/10/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.09G23/10/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Disco DuneDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
26,973.79 LY3,103.76 LY
Contrary to the name, there is not, sadly, a 1970's era disco at the base camp. Rather, the name is in reference to the beautiful colours that is provided by the nebula.
Waypoint #09
Waypoint 09 - EOL PROU RS-T D3-94
System: EOL PROU RS-T D3-94Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 2,A29/10/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: Port: Colonia Hub30/10/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: -30/10/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Colonia HubDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
30,077.55 LY1,117.16 LY
Waypoint #10
Waypoint 10 - DRYOOE PROU AA-A H131
System: DRYOOE PROU GL-Y D369Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 105/11/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 65.54, 5.4706/11/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 1.32G06/11/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Prosperity LandingDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
31,194.71 LY6,959.64 LY
A fireworks display shall be organised to honor the ancient tradition of 'Guy Fawkes Night'. This nebula has very high concentration of white dwarves, neutron stars, and carbon stars. Easily 1000+ rare star systems.
Waypoint #11
Waypoint 11 - SCREAKI EG-X E1-3485
System: SCREAKI EG-X E1-3485Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 4, B12/11/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 23.84, 32.9413/11/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.16G13/11/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Neutron GullyDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
38,154.35 LY5,125.78 LY
This beautiful planetary nebula should be a welcome relief after the longest leg of the journey. Sit back and enjoy the sights!
Waypoint #12
Please Note that since the release of 2.2, the terrain of the planet changed, therefore the landing coordinates have been modified (see below)

Waypoint 12 - ZUNI KC-U E3-7670
System: ZUNI KC-U E3-7670Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: C, 619/11/201618:00:00 (EU)
Co-ordinates: 67.76, 125.4120/11/201602:00:00 (US)
Gravity: 0.43G20/11/201608:30:00 (ASIA & AUS)
Base Camp: Nova's TriumphDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
43,280.13 LY2,313.57 LY
This planetary nebula is less that 50 light years from another spectacular nebula, so twice the fun! This is the final waypoint before journey's end, so prepare yourselves for the big one.

Waypoint #13
Please Note that since the release of 2.2, the terrain of the planet changed, therefore the landing coordinates have been modified (see below (Disregard first image))

Waypoint 13 - STUEMEAE FG-Y D8248 & Sagittarius A*
System: STUEMEAE FG-Y D8248Meetup DatesTimes (UTC 0)
Planet: 526/11/2016At explorer's discretion
Co-ordinates: -40.37, 57.9327/11/2016At explorer's discretion
Gravity: 0.82G27/11/2016At explorer's discretion
Base Camp: Sagittaria ProximaDistance TravelledDistance To Next Waypoint
45,593.70 LY0.00 LY
The base camp planet is in a system less than 5 light years from Sagittarius A*. This is journey's end, its time to break open the Lavian Brandy, and be careful not to cross the event horizon in a drunken stupor.




Waypoint 09 Meetup Change

Final Weekend Schedule

Friday 25th November 3302

- 1800 UTC - Private Group - Wp13
- Early explorers can gather for a photoshoot and Drinks to kick the weekend off.

- 1900 UTC

- Group leaves orbit of Wp13 and prepares for a Mass Jump to Sagittarius A*

- 1930 UTC
- Mass Jump

Saturday 26th November 3302

-1800 UTC - Open Play - Sagittarius A*
- Explorers of the GNE and the C3E Expeditions will make history by performing the first deep space rendezvous of 2 major Expeditions.

- This will include a massive photoshoot and a Mass jump at the end (TBA)

Sagittarius A* Meetup with the
Colonia Core Circuit Expedition
DATE: 26th November 3302

We will be meeting up with the fleet of the CCCE in OPEN play. This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with other explorers, and to join up with the CCCE as the GNE finished up at Sgr A* but the CCCE will be returning on a route to Jaques. Our aim is to get as many explorers into one instance as possible for a GIANT group photo.

Note: There is still an official basecamp for waypoint 13 near Sgr A* for those who want to camp out for a few days.

Please watch this space for more info.

Please note, for each waypoint there will be three meetup times to accommodate for different time zones (except for the CCCE meetup at Sg A*). These meetup times should cover for most players, however it is encouraged to try and attend either the EU or US meetup so we can explode with numbers :p

Jaques Station & Barnacle Hunt

As some of you will no doubt be aware, Jaques Station is beginning to turn into a hive of activity. There is a push to have the station developed further, and the colony expanded; but to do that it needs help. Along with The August Exodus, this expedition will bring a large number of commanders to Jaques, and therefore increase its visibility to FD and prove its worth their while investing further effort into it. Depending on the station's condition at the launch of GNE on September 3rd 3302, more meta alloys may be required to bring the stations services completely back online; if this is the case, explorers are encouraged to bring along some meta alloys for the trip, even if its just one unit, every bit will help.The August Exodus will conclude before GNE starts, so if any of you want to help out Jaques further, I encourage you all to join in on the convoy fun :)

Another key event going on around Jaques is the hunt for barnacles. This is a great opportunity for us, as an organised group, to really put our weight in and lend some serious man/woman power to the effort. This thread has all of the relevant information pertaining to the hunt for barnacles near Jaques, and provides some useful advice for those who wish to aid in the search.

Fleet Roster
No.Cmdr NameShip TypeShip NameJump RangeTime ZonePrimary RoleSecondary RoleEDEX Member?Discord UsernamePlatform
#0Netstalker363AnacondaBC-30436.22UTC -4EscortPhotographerYesRodney McKayPC/MAC
#1Tea_RexPythonRex One33.13UTC+10Content CreatorPhotographerYesTea_Rex
#2atomicb0mb639AnacondaV.S.S Tormented Blade35.50UTC +1PhotographerEscortYesatomicb0mb639PC/MAC
#3NovemberSierraVictorAnacondaFNS Kartografi35.00UTC +3Rock RatEscortYesSierraVictor
#4RecusantAsp ExplorerRobigo Robby29.00UTC-7PilotEscortYesRecusant
#5BananastormAsp ExplorerProject 1741.43UTC+1PilotPhotographerYesBananastorm
#6UniQueKakarotAsp Explorer43.60UTC+2PilotRock RatYesUniQueKakarot
#7ArgaricAsp ExplorerSplit Infinitive35.12UTC+1PhotographerEscortYesargaric
#8TOPBLAZER85Asp ExplorerGolden Wanderer33.00UTC +1PilotEscortYesTOPBLAZER85
#9CMDR AshpokerPythonSloth37.00UTC +2PilotRock RatYesCMDR Ashpoker
#10ThePotatinatorDiamondback ExplorerAuriga33.81UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesThePotatinatorPC/MAC
#11RocketabyssImperial CutterPax Imperia33.33UTC+8PilotPhotographerYesRocketabyss
#12MoonraysAnacondaKon-Tiki38.00UTC + 1PilotYesMoonrays
#13Lyrael SolPythonRuddy Duck37.00UTC +7PhotographerFuel RatYesCMDR Lyrael Sol
#14Bob DobilinaOrcaHMS Buffalol24.00UTC +1PhotographerFuel RatYesBob Dobilina (CNE 472)PC/MAC
#15NebuchanezeerAsp ExplorerThe Pytheas32.00(UTC -1)PilotPhotographerYesnebuchaneZeer
#16KT421Asp ExplorerElora Danan40.00UTC -5PilotYesKT421
#17Helms DeepAsp ExplorerBumble35.00UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesHelms Deep
#18Alistair HopeAsp ExplorerKhanti44.73UTC +1PhotographerYesAlistair Hope
#19Jon FlintAnacondaDave45.20UTCPhotographerPhotographerNo
#20LagerAsp Explorer32.00UTC-7PilotYesLagerAndAle
#21KaiTenImperial CourierINS Morning Star32.83UTC +2PilotYesKaiTenPC/MAC
#22Jovian HullAsp ExplorerDammerung50.00UTC +10PilotRock RatYesJovian Hull
#23SpaceGodzillaDiamondback Explorer45.00UTC + 10PilotPhotographerNo
#2467MistakeNotAsp ExplorerDon Quixote29.50UTC +1PhotographerYes67MistakeNot
#25Matt WalkerAnaconda25.00UTC -4PilotPhotographerNo
#26AL TARFAsp ExplorerPyotr Beketov37.00UTC+3PilotEscortYesAL TARF
#27Jonas TreesongAsp ExplorerAbel Tasman42.00UTCPilotYesJonas Treesong
#28RittalAsp ExplorerNow, I Think You Know You're Wrong.24.00UTC + 1PilotFuel RatYesRittal
#29FusionCor3AnacondaHMS Nebulous41.35UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesFusionCor3
#30Heat ShieldAsp Explorer45.00UTCPilotNo
#31TechGearzAsp ExplorerThe Normandy41UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesTechGearz#5849PC/MAC
#33unrealizationCobra Mk IIIElektra24.51UTC+2PilotContent CreatorYesunrealization
#34Mila StrelokAsp ExplorerESS Batidor Rojo34.16UTC+2PilotYesMila Strelok
#35Ryan SparkImperial CutterS-10323.06UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesRyan Spark
#36Torias RipleyAsp Explorer51.15UTC -5PilotRock RatYesRipley#4663PC/MAC
#37Dexter7UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesDexter7PC/MAC
#38AizriaImperial CourierShara's Grace25.00UTC -4PilotRock RatYesPC/MAC
#39Kal NovakAnacondaSavannah45.00UTC 0PilotFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#40Dan DorityAnaconda45.61UTC +9PilotYesDan DorityPC/MAC
#41BoozemanAnacondaSwan of Tuonela31.05UTC +2PilotRock RatYesBoozemanPC/MAC
#42MostlyAwolPythonNew Beginning33.8UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesMostlyAwolPC/MAC
#43HawkertechAsp ExplorerES Nautilus32UTC -8PilotRock RatYesHawkertechPC/MAC
#44Maverick HaddockAsp Explorer34UTC +1PilotRock RatYesCMDR Maverick HaddockPC/MAC
#45Johnny DietzAnacondaTwo for Flinching37.25UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesDietzPC/MAC
#46Angel VazquezAsp Scout19.4UTC -4PilotEscortYesAngelmv86PC/MAC
#47Killajoe425Asp ExplorerJim40UTC -4PilotPhotographerYesJki11XBOX
#48StavaxAnacondaHoney45UTC 0PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#49DAVEYBABYAsp Explorer33.38UTC 0PilotPhotographerYesDaveybabyPC/MAC
#50RodiniaAsp ExplorerDarwin's Bulldog35UTC +1PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#51WickednoreasterKeelbackLogan Marie32.38UTC -4PilotPhotographerYeswickednoreasterPC/MAC
#52ZenturiAnacondaLight of Annetta45UTC -1PilotPhotographerYesZenturiPC/MAC
#53TakomoriAnacondaMolly Millions49.25UTC +2PilotPhotographerNoCMDR TAKOMORIPC/MAC
#54Johann VorgaCobra Mk IIIThe Impossible Rooster19UTC -8PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#55CyborgPirateType-9 HeavyBananabarn24UTC +3PilotFuel RatYesDezentPC/MAC
#56kerbsyAsp ExplorerAvalonia46.6UTC -5PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#57Annabella TerraAnacondaBig Bunny55UTC -4EscortFuel RatYesAnnabella TerraPC/MAC
#58NickelpedeType-6 Transporter27UTC 0PilotYesNickelpedePC/MAC
#59Mark AusleyAnacondaRed Fury31.6UTC -5PilotEscortYesMaxAccelerationPC/MAC
#60ZaffordAsp ExplorerHeart of Gold30UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesZaffordPC/MAC
#61Alphamoon_Asp ExplorerZvezda31.7UTC -4PilotEscortYesJohn SheppardPC/MAC
#62Zil ZaloAsp ExplorerCleo32.12UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesZil ZaloPC/MAC
#63RotarranAsp ExplorerEvent Horizon31.07UTC -5PilotYesRotarranPC/MAC
#64Linus_BEAsp ExplorerLapras39UTC +1PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#65Dudley CoggPythonThe Mystical Imp28.47UTC 0PilotYesdudcogPC/MAC
#66WinterCharmAsp ExplorerIWS Dawn of Solace26.28UTC -4PilotEscortYesWinterCharmPC/MAC
#67Captain WolfsburgAsp ExplorerDeep Echo30UTC -5Rock RatYesCaptain WolfsburgPC/MAC
#68TrifixionAnaconda19UTC -5PilotRock RatNoPC/MAC
#69NathrakusAsp ExplorerEscates29UTC -8Rock RatEscortYesNathPC/MAC
#70devilcr0cAsp ExplorerZeus pancake40UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesDevilcr0cPC/MAC
#71Mark_Asp Explorer41UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesMark#6802PC/MAC
#72MaecenusAsp ExplorerTaranis38UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesmaecenusPC/MAC
#73Cpt. StarfoxAsp ExplorerRalf33.56UTC +2Content CreatorPhotographerYesCpt. StarfoxPC/MAC
#74Jdude1Asp Explorer40UTC -5PilotContent CreatorYesJdude1⛽��:PC/MAC
#75UnrealNoxAsp Explorer30.6UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesUnrealNoxPC/MAC
#76CasseAsp Explorer21 Jump Streak33.13UTC -4PilotYesCassePC/MAC
#77SneekFederal CovetteThe Spectral Plain Walker22.55UTC -7PilotEscortYesSneekPC/MAC
#78AriawynAsp ExplorerThe Shawshank28.56UTC -5PilotNoPC/MAC
#79Ian DoncasterPythonThe Witchspace Lobster24.5UTC +1EscortRock RatYesIan DoncasterPC/MAC
#80EstenianAnacondaPathos30.75UTC -5Fuel RatEscortYesgporhpPC/MAC
#81Teclo MeridianAnacondaIcarus44UTC +2Fuel RatRock RatYesTeclo MeridianPC/MAC
#82NovaSandwichAsp ExplorerThe Sapphire Firefly45.53UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesNova#9904PC/MAC
#83CMDR CHETAN1987Type-7 TransporterSajuk24UTC +5PhotographerContent CreatorYesCMDR CHETAN1987PC/MAC
#84Andi8PDiamondback Explorer31UTC +2PilotYesAndi8PPC/MAC
#85BlankeyAnacondaJeraziah52.63UTC -5PhotographerContent CreatorNoPC/MAC
#86BamAsp ExplorerHMS Farther Out Man34UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesBamPC/MAC
#87N0LA DEL3TEAsp Explorer26UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesN0LA DEL3TEXBOX
#88striteraxPython36UTC 0PilotYesstriteraxPC/MAC
#89DigitalSniperAsp ExplorerAsplora44.65UTC 0PilotYesDigitalSniperPC/MAC
#90Zabb LeonneImperial ClipperGaze of Ys34.9UTC -5PilotEscortYesCMDR Zabb LeonnePC/MAC
#91WarpfactorAnacondaIXS Thunderchild34.69UTC -8PilotPhotographerYesWarpfactorPC/MAC
#92WalshiesAsp Explorer39.05UTC 0PilotPhotographerYesWalshiesPC/MAC
#93M0oseAnacondaINS Asuna27.34UTC -9PilotFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#94Insecorchid2Anaconda40UTC -5PilotRock RatNoPC/MAC
#95Jeff ''Joker'' MoreauAnacondaIES Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca35UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesmkkmPC/MAC
#96Orange SparkAnacondaK.L.N.S. Starpoint37.91UTC +2PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#97WardTangerAsp ExplorerSun Strider23.87UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesCMDR WardTangerPC/MAC
#98InfiniteMaximumAnacondaICABUS40UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesInfiniteMaximumPC/MAC
#99Aranck MachkAsp ExplorerBlue Seagull Mk. III32UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesAranckPC/MAC
#100Winslow SDiamondback ExplorerSinky Fishbowl36.64UTC +6PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#101OrizhImperial Cutter29UTC -8PilotFuel RatYesCMDR Orizh (GNE 101)PC/MAC
#102NazgulbaneCobra Mk III32.44UTC -4PilotYesnazgulbanePC/MAC
#103WhiskertoesAsp ExplorerSS McButt18UTC -4PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#104techdude154OrcaThe Explorca25UTC -4PilotPhotographerYestechdude154PC/MAC
#105kisharrrAsp ExplorerPequod17.75UTC -8PilotNoPC/MAC
#106Chris SoarAsp ExplorerPaperthin wall35UTC -5PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#107TIRO IIDiamondback Explorer16.8UTC +1PilotNoPC/MAC
#108TomsgalaxyDiamondback Explorer32.02UTC 0Content CreatorPhotographerYestomgalaxy99PC/MAC
#109KaruvSidewinderとうか (Touka)16.54UTC +8PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#110zzUrbanSpacemanAsp Explorer28UTC +10PilotEscortYes22tmaXBOX
#111Bruns MitchellImperial ClipperLady Mér29.74UTC +3PilotPhotographerYesBruns#6299PC/MAC
#112SeraphimNeededAsp ExplorerThe Last Star43.8UTC -5PilotYesSeraphimNeededXBOX
#113Lord TwistednukeAsp ExplorerGCS Destiny50.22UTC 0PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#114Col HamlinAnacondaBig ol'24.04UTC -6PilotEscortYesCol HamlinXBOX
#115Elfrida GotoAsp ExplorerSlither McSnakeface45.22UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesNene [Cmdr Elfrida Goto]PC/MAC
#116LonelyTVDiamondback Explorer35.01UTC -5PilotNoPC/MAC
#117Kel SolaarAnacondaFNS Naginata44.86UTC -5PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#118AntarenAsp Explorer32.82UTC -5PilotNoPC/MAC
#119grnbrgAsp ExplorerPaddle to the Sea51.15UTC -5PilotYesgrnbrgPC/MAC
#120SparticA5SAsp Explorer25.31UTC -5EscortEscortYesSparticA5SPC/MAC
#121BermosFederal CovetteU.S.S Prometheus18UTC +1EscortYesBermosPC/MAC
#122NTKingslayerFederal Assault ShipAdeleine15.4UTC -5EscortYesNTKingslayerXBOX
#123DarkcovenantAnacondaMímir32.5UTC -7EscortYesDarkcovenantPC/MAC
#124crzymnkehAnaconda30UTC -7EscortYescrzymnkehPC/MAC
#125KleinbisneinAsp ExplorerThe golden asp27.56UTC -5EscortYeskleinbisneinPC/MAC
#126DuckfatAsp ExplorerRubber Ducky32UTC +8PilotPhotographerYesDuckfatPC/MAC
#127EpicBubbleAnacondaNMS Leviathan VI20UTC 0EscortEscortNoPC/MAC
#128Dannyl TellenAnacondaHeart of Courage21.99UTC +2EscortEscortNoPC/MAC
#129Una KaroshiAsp Scout35UTC +1PilotYesUnakaroshiPC/MAC
#130suokkolaPythonEmilia38.42UTC +2PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#131drPecker220PythonConstitution17.67UTC -6EscortYesdrPecker220XBOX
#132NuGundamAsp ExplorerLady Luck29.09UTC -5PilotRock RatYesNuGundamPC/MAC
#133ThamesAsp Explorer33.01UTC -6PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#134LeafbackDiamondback ExplorerThe Oak Leaf27UTC -7PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#135Khan TigonDiamondback ExplorerNegotiable Curiosity30UTC -3PilotEscortYesKhanPC/MAC
#136Mat2596AnacondaSpirit of Haxel55.23UTC +1PilotFuel RatYesMat2596PC/MAC
#137KamiryuAsp Explorer26.37UTC +2PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#138sirbrisAsp ExplorerSRB Ambition19.54UTC +8PilotYessirbrisPC/MAC
#139BeachwalkerImperial Clipper25UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesBeachwalkerPC/MAC
#140PnyxAnacondaLying45.78UTC -7PilotRock RatYesPnyxPC/MAC
#141AdermonAsp Explorer32UTC 0PilotPhotographerYesAdermonPC/MAC
#142P ManghamAsp ExplorerHorizon's Dawn41.06UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesPaladin 21PC/MAC
#143Heinrich CainAsp ExplorerFreddie32.45UTC -7PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#144MayPythonOutside Context Problem23.8UTC -5PhotographerFuel RatYesMayPC/MAC
#145JiddickAnacondaJaques' Delight24UTC -2Rock RatFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#146BluBuckarooAsp Explorer25UTC 0Fuel RatEscortNoPC/MAC
#147Boyden RadleyAsp Explorer34UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesCMDR Boyden RadleyPC/MAC
#148MrElektroAnacondaEureka35UTC +1Rock RatPhotographerYesMrElektroPC/MAC
#149RiceakAsp Explorer29.94UTC -4PilotYesRiceakPC/MAC
#150InticusAsp ExplorerAmelia32.66UTC -6PilotRock RatYesInticusPC/MAC
#1510n1y15parkyAsp Explorer33.68UTC 0PilotRock RatYes0n1y15parkyPC/MAC
#152HemskyAsp Explorer28UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesHOLYCRAPWHALESPC/MAC
#153Sister TenebraeCobra Mk IIIDarkness amidst Light30UTC 0PilotPhotographerYesSister TenebraePC/MAC
#154AlotAnacondaRhonda55.19UTC 0PilotFuel RatYesAlotPC/MAC
#155DeltaCentauriAnacondaHMS Illustrious49.75UTC +1Fuel RatContent CreatorYesDeltaCentauriPC/MAC
#156Ha5hAnaconda27UTC -4EscortYesHa5hPC/MAC
#157Cyler18Asp Scout31.47UTC -5PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#158LuciennAnacondaScholomance II40UTC -7PilotRock RatYesLuciennPC/MAC
#159LeftRightShootAsp ExplorerAssExplorer22UTC +7PilotPhotographerYesLeftRightShootXBOX
#160SRVVRAnaconda31.95UTC -6PilotYesSRVVRPC/MAC
#161Jason ThorpeAsp ExplorerWOJ-ALICE29UTC 0PilotPhotographerYesJason ThorpePC/MAC
#162[CMDR] Black Star LordAsp ExplorerKeep Calm and Take a Poo37UTC +11Content CreatorPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#163SodanarAnacondaSoda Stereo34.24UTC -3PilotPhotographerYesSodanarPC/MAC
#164Da`oud al ZarqAnacondaAl-Anakwnda29.31UTC -8PilotFuel RatYesDa`oud al ZarqPC/MAC
#165ELAAsp ExplorerShippy McShip26.58UTC -4Fuel RatNoPC/MAC
#166HiyuAsp ExplorerRasp35.09UTC +2Fuel RatYes#6158 / HiyuPC/MAC
#167Jonny HyrulianDiamondback ExplorerBoaty McBoatface26.11UTC +1PilotNoPC/MAC
#168Eryn LiamsonPythonRelativity30UTC +12PilotYesEryn LiamsonPC/MAC
#169La SonnyAnacondaGL Star Endeavour28UTC 0PilotContent CreatorYesLa SonnyPC/MAC
#170Pixel_FerretImperial ClipperThe Voracious Curiosity29.2UTC +10PilotNoPC/MAC
#171Taylor BradfordAsp ExplorerMayflower34.29UTC -5PilotPhotographerYestb_radPC/MAC
#172IAmBob224AnacondaThe Aggregat42.35UTC -4PhotographerRock RatYesIAmBob224PC/MAC
#173Ikaru SuluAsp ExplorerPrincess Emily III37UTC 0EscortRock RatYesSuluPC/MAC
#174matsgalaxyAsp Explorer40UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesMatTheGreatPC/MAC
#175QuietakerAnacondaShadow of Intent31UTC -3PilotFuel RatYesQuietakerXBOX
#176Acela2163Asp Explorer32.68UTC -6PilotYesAcela2163PC/MAC
#177Eye Of AphelionAsp Explorer28.79UTC 0PilotEscortYesAbraxasXBOX
#178KRISHANUAsp Explorer32UTC +10PilotEscortYesCMDR KRISHANUPC/MAC
#179CMDR Su'RattImperial CourierNot the Right Tool for the Job24.5UTC +12PilotPhotographerYesSu'RattPC/MAC
#180KrestomansyAsp Explorer28.99UTC +3PilotPhotographerYesKrestomansyPC/MAC
#181Slimy NippleAsp ExplorerFrosty Nipple's31.2UTC +9PilotYesSlimy NipplePC/MAC
#182OfficialjakeAsp ExplorerKepler32UTC -7PilotFuel RatYesOfficialjakePC/MAC
#183McJamzViper Mk IV32UTC +6PilotYesMcJamzPC/MAC
#184TOUMAAnaconda40.27UTC +2PilotYesToumaPC/MAC
#185odotwinAnaconda19.8UTC 0PilotYesSteakPC/MAC
#186Adrian SumegaAsp Explorer23UTC +2EscortRock RatNoPC/MAC
#187BenieAnacondaDragon's Determination31.51UTC -5PilotYesCMDR BeniePC/MAC
#188R.SonderAsp ExplorerGreyhound32.97UTC +1Fuel RatPhotographerYesArtyPC/MAC
#189CometborneImperial CutterThe Thrusted Whale23UTC +2PilotYesCometbornePC/MAC
#190NegsterCobra Mk III23UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesCMDR NegsterPC/MAC
#191D SinclairImperial CutterIWS Grace30UTC 0PilotYesD Sinclair :eu:PC/MAC
#192Palegathon KrusisAsp ExplorerOle Reliable40UTC -4PilotPhotographerYesPalegathonPC/MAC
#193A1isoneHauler24UTC -8PilotContent CreatorNoPC/MAC
#194Melnik MazurDiamondback ExplorerSchool Bus25.52UTC -4PhotographerYesCMDR Melnik MazurPC/MAC
#195RAVEENROXAnaconda31UTC +8PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#196Culain79AnacondaEternal Hope Enduring21.87UTC 0PilotYesculainXBOX
#197DerboDiamondback Scout34UTC +5PilotYesDerboPC/MAC
#198TkgytmAsp Explorer24.91UTC -6PilotYesTechguytomPC/MAC
#199Hotto DoguAnacondaUSS Harambe46UTC +3PilotPhotographerYesHotto DoguPC/MAC
#200TracerTomAsp ExplorerPendragon33.97UTC +2PilotRock RatYesTracerTomPC/MAC
#201cartheriumViper Mk IV24.33UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesCMDR CartheriumPC/MAC
#202charlie2alphaAnacondaExcelsior33.96UTC +2PilotFuel RatYescharlie2alphaPC/MAC
#203wolf9122Asp ExplorerEagles Century28.79UTC +1PilotNoXBOX
#204HuitaAnaconda40UTC +3PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#205CHUTAnacondaInfinity37UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesCmdr CHUTPC/MAC
#206KneeshawDiamondback Explorer22.42UTC -4PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#207OneEvilChickenAsp ExplorerThe celestial Coup24UTC -6PilotPhotographerNoXBOX
#208JohnPotato001Anaconda33UTC -7PilotFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#209BlueJay25AnacondaThe ENV Shadow Hawk54.28UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesCMDR BlueJay25PC/MAC
#210bicsAnaconda17UTC -1PilotEscortYesbicsPC/MAC
#211strapkassAsp ExplorerDolly34UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesstrapkassPC/MAC
#212g6r6e6gAsp ExplorerBeyond113UTC +1PilotRock RatNoPC/MAC
#213Amos27Asp ExplorerMay 74th33.3UTC 0PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#214Trevor GoodchildAnacondaPlanet Pancake III40UTC +1PilotFuel RatYesTrevor GoodchildPC/MAC
#215capneyAsp ExplorerGloriana30.34UTC +1PilotContent CreatorYesCapneyPC/MAC
#216RosewingAsp Explorer32.25UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesCmdr RosewingPC/MAC
#217DeckroidVultureVultan's Beard23.5UTC -7PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#218Mirrowel[IG]AnacondaMTA Matthew Carter31.54UTC +3PhotographerEscortYesMirrowelPC/MAC
#219SpinklezAnacondaHMNZS She'l Be Right28.62UTC +12PhotographerFuel RatYesSpinksPC/MAC
#220Kaelo YurickAsp Explorer34UTC -3PilotPhotographerYesKaelo YurickPC/MAC
#221CivicRagnarokCobra Mk III24.63UTC +10PilotPhotographerYesCivicRagnarokPC/MAC
#222LongstreetAsp Explorer21UTC 0PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#223AstacedAsp ExplorerHMS Heron38UTC +2PilotNoPC/MAC
#224DonAngelAsp Explorer20UTC +3PilotFuel RatYesdonchoPC/MAC
#225MandragoranAsp ExplorerMandarb19.3UTC 0PhotographerFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#226NepasorAdder30.2UTC +2PilotRock RatNoPC/MAC
#227Ray MobulaAsp ExplorerThunderhorse30UTC -7PilotNoPC/MAC
#228EmyBulletsPythonThe Big Ship that Could34.75UTC -5PilotYesEmyBulletsXBOX
#229LKLAUSAnaconda23.27UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesLKLAUSPC/MAC
#230tekmonkeyDiamondback ScoutEsmeralda11.37UTC +2PilotPhotographerYestekmonkeyPC/MAC
#231BleaklowImperial CourierKestrel32.69UTC +1PilotYesBleaklowPC/MAC
#232xarakAnaconda32.85UTC +2PilotYesXarakPC/MAC
#233BalefireBansheeAsp ExplorerEllidi34.56UTC -8PilotPhotographerYesSarl CaganPC/MAC
#234ShwinkyImperial CourierUSS Gluten-Freemaya31UTC -7PilotPhotographerYesShwinkyPC/MAC
#235PinoAdder15.68UTC +2PilotYesPinoPC/MAC
#236Flame XDCobra Mk IIISeinfeld13.47UTC -12PhotographerYesFlamePC/MAC
#237DD-dreamerAsp ExplorerTomorrow48UTC +1PhotographerRock RatNoPC/MAC
#238OhmegaliskAnaconda39.81UTC +1PilotFuel RatYesOhmegaliskPC/MAC
#239Soot2GrillAsp ExplorerH.M.S Endurance28.92UTC +5Content CreatorPhotographerYesSoot#6580PC/MAC
#240OshidenAsp ExplorerDayvan Cowboy48.91UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesOshidenPC/MAC
#241Victor BjerreCobra Mk IVHimon9.99UTC +1EscortPhotographerYesvbm03PC/MAC
#242Wishful PickleAsp ExplorerTempest39.42UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesWishfulPickleXBOX
#243WillOtheWispCobra Mk IV20.86UTC -5Rock RatEscortYesjimspahrXBOX
#244Coolguy6316AnacondaClementine MK II41.34UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesCoolguy6316PC/MAC
#245Cry0Cobra Mk III22.48UTC -5PilotNoPC/MAC
#246ThomaskiAsp ExplorerSammy B43.85UTC +1PhotographerNoPC/MAC
#247Cole LovikAsp ExplorerVoid Dancer21.54UTC -4PilotPhotographerYesCole LovikXBOX
#248Veiled RoverAnacondaRover One48UTC +1PilotYesVeiled RoverPC/MAC
#249CMDR Dragon GirlAsp Explorer33.2UTC -5PilotNoPC/MAC
#250SHADOW133Asp ExplorerSS NEUTRON32.27UTC -4PilotYesshadow133PC/MAC
#251CommdorAsp ExplorerAmarillo39.25UTC -4PilotPhotographerNoXBOX
#252MazTrAsp ExplorerShipwitNoname40.25UTC -7PhotographerContent CreatorYesMazTrPC/MAC
#253JamarnsAsp ExplorerPlankton36.45UTC -7PilotRock RatYesJamarnsPC/MAC
#254ClarinetHeroSidewinderGoldenSide18.17UTC -6PilotPhotographerYesClarinetHeroPC/MAC
#255ExoPlanetarianCobra Mk IIIEXO Ishida22.01UTC 0PilotYesExoPlanetarianPC/MAC
#256RobholAsp Explorer41.86UTC 0PilotYesRobholPC/MAC
#257Peter_AngryAsp Explorer40.34UTC +1Rock RatYesPeter_AngryPC/MAC
#258Lau Chen-TzuAnacondaHMS Infinite Horizon31.78UTC +4EscortPhotographerNoCMDR BucketPC/MAC
#259John TavishAsp Explorer26.84UTC -4PhotographerYesRaiderPC/MAC
#260THUNDER_HAWKSidewinder20.51UTC +1PilotFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#261CMDR OrionFXAsp Explorer42.86UTC -3PilotPhotographerYesOrionFXPC/MAC
#262SlayedOverAsp ExplorerUSS Expedition Mk V32UTC -5PilotYesSlayedOverPC/MAC
#263StoyanAsp ExplorerSagittarius (or Bust!)30.07UTC 0PilotNoPC/MAC
#264RocketR0nAsp Explorer35UTC +1PilotYesr0nPC/MAC
#265MorriganDrakeAsp ExplorerSpaceball one18UTC +1PilotNoPC/MAC
#266Titus GrayAsp ExplorerStarseeker Anubis35.69UTC -5PhotographerRock RatYesTitus GrayPC/MAC
#267WildMan142Asp Explorer30.84UTC -8PilotYesWildMan142PC/MAC
#268Haplo PatrynAsp ExplorerSilent Scream32.55UTC -7PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#269ZelrynAsp ExplorerAstoria42.28UTC -8PilotPhotographerYesCMDR ZelrynPC/MAC
#270hernePythonalcazaba21.11UTC 0PilotYesjavarabPC/MAC
#271SquiggleAnacondaDamaged goods30UTC +1EscortNoPC/MAC
#272TannimAsp ExplorerFairgrove Expeditions37.52UTC -5PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#273LordQuacKAsp Explorer32UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesLordQuacKPC/MAC
#274OlzahrAnaconda39UTC +8PilotYesoblivion31PC/MAC
#275DdraigPythonEnceladus26.04UTC +1PilotYesApolloPC/MAC
#276VarnirAsp ExplorerCassandra32UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesVarnirPC/MAC
#277Markos StrofyllasAsp ExplorerR/V Prometheus35.01UTC +2PilotYesMarkos StrofyllasPC/MAC
#278(CYI-ARC)Asp Explorer27.35UTC -8PilotNoPC/MAC
#279BissellAsp Explorer33UTC -4PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#280Xploding AnimalImperial CutterThe Dora33.21UTC +9PilotPhotographerYesSpudHeadPC/MAC
#281NexiatPythonIo's Ghost24.97UTC -4PilotPhotographerYesNexiat#4882PC/MAC
#282OwensDiamondback ExplorerKylie25.93UTC +1PilotYesHermit (CMDR Owens)PC/MAC
#283WlanHeizerAsp ExplorerDSS Wegener46.95UTC +2PilotRock RatYesWlanHeizerPC/MAC
#284Mr Greatness08Viper Mk IVSeline14.7UTC -7PilotEscortNoXBOX
#285SlackerbobAsp ExplorerSBS Sea of Tranquility47UTC +2PilotNoPC/MAC
#286BunnyFettAsp ExplorerU.S.S. Cheddarbutt46.84UTC -8Content CreatorYesBunnyFettPC/MAC
#287GhandiAsp Explorer32.25UTC -6PilotEscortYesGhandiPC/MAC
#288Steve ClimberAsp ScoutWhipsnake26.74UTC -5PilotPhotographerYesCMDR Steve ClimberPC/MAC
#289VenetAsp ExplorerThe First Lady25.78UTC +2PilotYesYakvi#0703PC/MAC
#290JoppofissAnacondaJoppofiss32UTC +3PhotographerYesJoppofissPC/MAC
#291NormalymanAsp ExplorerAlineis28.65UTC +1PhotographerRock RatYesNormalymanPC/MAC
#292Tom XAnacondaKatie "the crimson conda"43UTC +1Fuel RatRock RatYesTom XPC/MAC
#293LechkimAsp Explorer29.04UTC +1PhotographerRock RatNoPC/MAC
#294CodeplannerCobra Mk III17UTC +2PhotographerYesCodeplannerPC/MAC
#295Rolhund Dan'JerAsp ExplorerIrais27.6UTC +9PilotPhotographerYes[CCNT] RolhundDDan'jerPC/MAC
#296Max FactorCobra Mk IVNone29UTC -1PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#297strelokDiamondback Explorer35UTC +11PilotFuel RatYesstrelokPC/MAC
#298Lady StickAsp Explorer32.09UTC -5PilotPhotographerYeslady stickPC/MAC
#299TRIKEABOUTDiamondback Explorer32.5UTC +10PilotPhotographerYesTrikeaboutPC/MAC
#300ZheksandAnaconda36UTC +3PilotPhotographerYesZheksandPC/MAC
#301JumpOnYourDumpImperial CutterEdelweiß33.34UTC +2PhotographerPhotographerYesJumpOnYourDumpPC/MAC
#302wizcloneAsp ExplorerTehani30.17UTC +2PilotYeswizclonePC/MAC
#303Nils RoewerAdder27.51UTC +2PilotNoPC/MAC
#304Xenophon MastersAsp ExplorerExcalibur21UTC -5PilotYesCmdrxenophonmastersPC/MAC
#305CaptainCryptedAsp Explorer29.03UTC -5PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#306TennixCobra Mk IIIPetrichor16.11UTC -7PilotEscortNoPC/MAC
#307DredmiesterAsp Explorer30UTC +1PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#308GrimbatAsp ExplorerVasa33.5UTC +1PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#309Kitty KatImperial CutterNebuchadnezzar II28.35UTC +1PilotPhotographerYesKitty KatPC/MAC
#310SuperChu132Cobra Mk IIISuperCobra14UTC -8PhotographerRock RatNoXBOX
#311Mr. BetaAsp Explorer27.5UTC +3PilotFuel RatNoPC/MAC
#312TWHTLYAnaconda33.65UTC -6PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#313GeorgiosAnaconda35UTC +3PilotYesGeorgiosPC/MAC
#314InvictolosAsp Explorer46UTC +1PilotYesInvictolosPC/MAC
#315andrewl020Diamondback Explorer20UTC +8PilotPhotographerYesAndrewl020PC/MAC
#316KhaosTheory688Asp ExplorerLydia's Spark29.38UTC -4PilotPhotographerNoXBOX
#317BrinkmannAnaconda53.48UTC -5PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC
#318Matthew HansenAsp Explorer42.97UTC +2PilotPhotographerYesmatthias0608PC/MAC
#319Draliri MirrelliDiamondback Explorer33.37UTC +2PilotNoPC/MAC
#320Finnvos123Anaconda40.96UTC +2PilotPhotographerNoPC/MAC

Open or Private Group?: Players are free to choose whether or not to participate in open play, or a private group. However there is an EDEX specific private group that will be used by a majority of the fleet, info can be found on the EDEX discord server.

Fleet Flagship: A Federal Corvette, The 'Spectral Plain Walker' - Piloted by Commander Sneek


Nebula Naming Competition: [ Idea suggested by Erimus :) ] There will be competitions held to name the currently un-named nebulae on the route. Updates to come!

Post Expedition: As it stands, the main fleet will disperse at the final waypoint, due to the expedition ending near the start of the Christmas holiday season. [NOTE: This may still change, pending demand.]For Xbox One players. Talks are underway to combine the end of the GNE to meet up with a fleet on their way to Beagle Point. More info to come.

This thread will be updated quickly over the coming days and weeks, so check back here for regular updates commanders, and we hope to see you all on September 3rd! o7
EOL PROU RS-T D3-94 (Colonia)
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Signed up as well.
This expedition seems to fit nicely with my priorities:
1 - finish blue line of CNE
2 - do some engineering to my ship
3 - head towards Jaques station
Signed up :)

Ship may change though, currently parked at Jaques in an Anaconda named Dave but it's more of a long range hauler than an explorer. Hard to give up that 45.6ly range though (48.8ly on fumes!)
@ Tea_Rex, apart from the first 4 nebulae on your itinerary, none of the rest have been named on the community map.

Once you visit them how about asking members of your fleet to name them (maybe run a competition?), and the mapping team will add them and label them on the community galactic map?

There are a few naming convention guidelines that can be found here : Galactic Mapping Project.
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I missed the Crossing, Crab was far to near by and I've been meaning to see SagA* again, check out Jaques and put my Grade 5 FSD Asp to the test. Sounds like just the ticket.

Hopefully some good Aussie Commander representation to chat with in Discord on the way :)
I will consider this. Been meaning to head back in that direction. My goal was to return to the Greae Phio Stellar Forge and just go ham scanning things there. That place is like my garden of Eden.
Problem is, RL keeps getting in the way! [noob]
Excellent! I wanted to go to a Galactic Core after RtP anyway, so I'm with you guys, should be fun! Looking forward to visit Sagittarius A* myself at last!
Signed up. Was wondering what to do after CNE, looking forward to being back in the Bubble for a while but I'm an Explorer at heart.
Just a heads up, there is a major expedition planned for Jaques scheduled to begin first week of August and return to the bubble by the end of August - just in time for the Galactic Nebula Expedition's departure.

So expedition junkies plan your diaries, there's a lot to take part in coming up! :)
@ Tea_Rex, apart from the first 4 nebulae on your itinerary, none of the rest have been named on the community map.

Once you visit them how about asking members of your fleet to name them (maybe run a competition?), and the mapping team will add them and label them on the community galactic map?

There are a few naming convention guidelines that can be found here : Galactic Mapping Project.

good idea, i will let him know :)
I'm already circumnavigating the galaxy and visiting like, 50 nebula, and I move extremely fast/am very impatient except when I find something interesting.

So I'll have to pass. I do await the incredible content everyone will generate from this though =]

Best of luck.
Awesome a new group to go back out to the black with. I just got back from DWE plan to do a bit of engineer stuff and see what been done to the game. This party would be leaving at a good time for me so I would be joining you all. Hopefully in a new ship that I plan to have modded just for exploration.
I'd definitely be in...but off on holiday for 2 weeks from September 3rd...
OK to sign up and follow along after? maybe catching up with the other explorers towards the end of the expedition?
One thing I never understood is this expedition flagship thing. Other than suggesting that ship is more important than those of other players, I'm not exactly sure what a flagship does differently.. I think a flagship would make more sense on a combat task force, rather than on a loose assembly of exploration ships that come together every so often on a waypoint to have fun and then scatter again after that.
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