The Galactic Travel Agency 2.0 - Let's explore the galaxy together!

The galaxy is a wonderfull place. It's 400 billion star systems are populated with everything ranging from grey rocky moons, to vibrant expansive nebula - and in the last 3 years we've documented and explored thousands of jaw-dropping systems. The bravest of our pilots have ventured into the unknown in search of the stars, voyaging endless dangerous paths in the name of science and mankind. Only those who possesed the patience, will and determination succesfully braved the distances of the deep space, surveying systems never before seen to mankind. Today we at the Galactic Travel Agency seeks to change that.

We at the Agency believe that exploration should not be locked behind doors for those who cannot afford the time investment to do it. With countless jaw-dropping systems that can only be seen by one's own eyes to be fully appreciated, it is simply unfair that only a minority will ever get to experience it. Utilizing the multicrew feature added in Horizons 2.3 we here at the Galactic Travel Agency seeks to change this, by providing instant-cross galaxy multicrew tourism to allow everyone to get a piece of the exploration cake - and a little more.

The Galactic Travel Agency seeks the help of you to make this all possible! Without our volunteer carriers we are nothing! We hope that everyone, from those flying the humble adder to the mighty anaconda, that happen to have a spare seat will help us make this a reality! We accept anyone from any political background, be it imperial, federal, allied, independent, anarchical, communist etc. Our goal is not to front a political direction, but to bring people together to share experiences and grow harmony!

As a volunteer carrier, you can assign yourself a couple different roles. These come in two variants, "Sleeper" or "Active". Being a sleeper in any role means that you watch over requests coming in from people, but do not prefer being directly tagged or messaged for your services. Being an active agent means that you actively look over requests, and take direct communications and/or tags from people seeking your services.

As a volunteer carrier, your safety and comfort is extremely important to us! Should you ever experience a problem with any of your passengers, simply contact an admin or moderator (Those with the Senior Agent or Chief Travel Agent role) and the issue will be investigated as soon as possible. Should you feel as though appropriate action is not taken, §2 of our charter explicitly says that should you for whatever reason not want a passenger on board your ship, you are by no means obligated to carry him or her.


TGTA DOES RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY ANYONE ACCESS TO OUR FLEET FOR ANY REASON AT ANY TIME. TGTA believes that while most users are kind-spirited, it is in the best interest of our volunteer fleet members to let them decide if they want the user on or not, as to ensure both their safety and comfort
We would like to restate how important your comfort is as a volunteer carrier, and wants to ensure that if a case happens where you are directly contacted as a a sleeper agent without prior agreement, we will take swift and appropriate action. This means that should you as a user of the service repeatedly contact sleeper agents without prior agreement, we can and will terminate your access to our services.

While exploration is our main focus, we also offer services in Combat (PvE & PvP), Trading, Mining and everything else a player should want to do in multicrew. As long as all gameplay is without unauthorized third-party software, and all PvP is kept in modes where this is allowed, we turn a blind eye not condoning nor condemming any activities. Upon joining our discord you will see that there are dedicated channels for each of the different activities. Should you seek a certain activity, ask in the relevant channel and tag the relevant roles. Should you want to host someone in a certain activity, request the appopriate roles and keep an eye on the appropriate channels.

While it is ultmately up to our carriers on what gameplay types are available at what times, the Agency has promised certain guarantuees in §2 of the charter:


TGTA will do try to the best of our ability to try to arrange for the closest type of gameplay to what the user requests. However, once again it is up for our INDIVIDUAL CARRIERS to choose what gameplay they want to facilitate. TGTA will do our best to try to match the requesting user up to the most ideal carrier, but TGTA can not guarantee this will always be the case.
We at the Agency believes that by opening up for other types of gameplay, we can encourage and facilitate the expansion of players enjoyment with the game. We also believe that by allowing for others types of gameplay to be facilitated by our project, that we create a bigger community and do not exclusively cater to explorers.

The Galactic Travel Agency primarily uses discord for our communication needs. Discord is a free to use, ad-free, gaming communication platform that requires no installation and is used by millions worldwide. Discord allows us to better organize our project through channels, roles and categories and is therefore crucial to our effective operation.

Upon joining discord please:

1. Read everything in #info
2. Request appropriate roles in #roles


Upcoming Events:

Distant Worlds 2

The Galactic Travel Agency will partake in the Distant Worlds 2 expedition! Set to launch in Q4 2018-Q1 2019, the Distant Worlds 2 expedition is the successor to the famous 330X Distant Worlds expedition which saw over 1000 commanders make the 120000LY journey to Beagle Point and back. As the journey is very long, yet very desirable, the Agency has a perfect opportunity to allow more people to experience such an epic event! Those who sign up to Distant Worlds 2 under the "Tour Guide" role will work with the Agency to arrange multicrew with players, showing them the wonderfull waypoints, awe-inspiring sights and great communities of the expedition. If you would like to sign up for Distant Worlds 2 as a tour guide, follow this thread ( and upon signing up select "Tour Guide”

More information about the exact details of Distant Worlds 2 will become available closer to the expedition launch date.

** Huge thanks to Deonon for his fantastic work on much of the TGTA promotional material, could not have done it without you!
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Interesting concept, Currently back in the bubble dealing with engineers changes, but I spend 99% of my time out in the void. Be good to have a few Multi Crew drop in from time to time to chat with and enjoy the sights/send me on a different path to sight see.
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