The Galactic Travel Agency - Distant Worlds 2 and more!

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The Galactic Travel Agency - Distant Worlds 2 and more!​

Hello everyone!

As you may already know Distant Worlds 2, the follow up from the massively successful Distant Worlds Expedition, is soon to launch on it's epic galaxy-spanning voyage. As such, we at the Galactic Travel Agency have put together a short summary of what our purpose will be on the expedition, as to both guide those wanting to take part in becoming Travel Agents, as well as to entice others to consider the immense potential for enjoyable experiences by taking upon the role.

We hope that by providing this summary, the goal of our department will become clear so that we can help everyone get the best experience possible on what will surely be an expedition to go down in history.

A quick summary of the Agency

The Agency was formed almost a year ago, initially as a spontaneous idea to use the multicrew features added in the 2.3 update to facilitate a sort of "Sightseeing service" somewhat in the same vein as the already successful Fuel Rats. The idea eventually began to take form as The Galactic Travel Agency (TGTA) -- a non-profit organization committed to "Democratize Exploration"!

The Agency eventually grew to not only include Exploration, but also Combat, Mining & Trading, seeking to facilitate multicrew and to share great experiences between commanders. Commanders can today choose between the different activities and decide exactly what they want to spend their time doing.


Distant Worlds 2


Distant Worlds 2 logo by Qohen Leth

Because of the stated goals of the Agency, it was clear from the start that we wanted to collaborate with Distant Worlds & the Distant Worlds team to ensure that as many as possible could experience this amazing voyage, without having to sink in countless hours grinding, jumping or simply to facilitate it for those who necessarily weren't interesting in partaking in the event as a whole. We also felt that because of the expedition's scope, not only requiring explorers but also miners, fighters and potentially even traders, it was a perfect fit to show the versatility of the Agency.

As such the Agency has taken upon itself to establish an official line of communication for those wanting to either offer up seats or board multicrew ships during the expedition.

How to make use of our services under the expedition:

The majority of the organization, coordination and communication under Distant Worlds 2 will happen under "Fleetcomm", the discord server and private group connecting thousands of like-minded explorers.

On Fleetcomm the Agency has a channel where you are able to chat and coordinate with other players. This channel is specifically marked for multicrew, and will be a great way to connect with others during the expedition. Simply ask if there's anyone with an open seat, or offer your own!




What to expect as a Distant Worlds 2 "Tour Guide"


As a tour guide you will use aformentioned multicrew features/services to allow as many people as possible to partake in this amazing expedition. For the most part, the Agency expects little of you other than your cooperation, but there are some general guidelines/points that we recommend you follow regardless:

1 - Obviously you will need a ship capable of multicrew. If possible, take one which can either house fighter bays or other multicrew activities, take one with more than 2 seats, or ideally, as ship with both (The Anaconda and Beluga come to mind)

2 - Try to make the experience good for all parties involved. Make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the one you are hosting, but do also consider your own desires and wishes and do not under no circumstance feel an obligation to do something you do not yourself wish to do.

3 - Make an active effort to advertise. Do not just wait for request to come in, advertise yourself and make it known what you are up to! You are far more certain to partake in multicrew if you are the one to make the engagement.

Other than that, the standard rules of Fleetcomm and of the Distant Worlds team applies. Be positive and retain common sense, and you will be the perfect Tour Guide!

We hope that cleared some things up, and that it motivated some of you to consider joining our cause!​

If anything ended up being unclear or you're interested in learning more, please reply with any questions here, or join our discord server!
You can also contact us through Fleetcomm when our channels there eventually open. In the meantime the thread will update will additional information once it becomes available, which will also be announced on our Discord Channel(s)/Server


The Galactic Travel Agency, now serving all these amazing locations!

Fly safe!

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Alas, I've already promised my spare seats to some passengers who want some time out of their sidewinders acting as full-time crew, to see the galaxy -or I'd consider signing up for this...
I signed up as a tour guide for DW2. I’m on Xbox, so not sure how different recruitment and matching will be done on Xbox compared to PC/Mac? I just signed up for this Discord thing last week for the squadron I joined. I’m not really sure how it works lol. When I get back home from Christmas I’ll have to figure it all out.
I'm going to try and bring like 4 SRVs and 2-3 SLF modules in my exploration oriented Anaconda with the Crypsis Blue paint job. Max jump range without optional internal modules (except the Guardian FSD Booster) is 75 but with all the modules indcluding some mining and combat weapons(1-2multi-cannon + 1-2 pulse lasers(possibly turreted if i can get 2 other commanders to join me for at least parts of the expetition), with all that i beleive its around 60LY if i can remember right.
I love the idea but that means having to play in Open in order to invite tourists onboard. That means we cannot have friends or tourists during meetups and events, which are kinda the meat and bones of such an expedition..
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