The Gnosis-Tour

By the way, the ship I will be taking part in is my good old ANACONDA


Ingame is called PHILIPP FRANZ SIEBOLD, because the number of characters is unfortunately too limited to insert the VON.

Not much has changed on her, she now only has 5A THRUSTERS which are pimped grade 5 Dirty Drive.
Unfortunately, the special effect is still missing, I have to go to ING.

And I have now integrated the 5H GUARDIAN FRAME SHIFT DRIVE BOOSTER, which currently gives it a range of 67.07 LY (refueled).
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Currently the CONE sector is locked after the update.

The picture shows the GNOSIS target system.
Other systems, which I have marked as a destination as a precautionary measure, are also locked and now require an unknown permission.

Does anyone have any idea if this is still being fixed?

Does CANON or GNOSIS perhaps have a permit, and if so, what about the players taking the leap?
Currently the CONE sector is locked after the update...
Hello folks,

All I'll say is that the Gnosis' jump to the cone region is still planned and hasn't changed because of the presence of permit locks.

Watch the skies.
Seems like the permit lock is on purpose, also no one have any permit for the Cone Sector at the moment. On the other hand I dont think that FD will let us stranded in a single system so im quite excited what will happen there:D

Grüße und man sieht sich auf der Gnosis ;) o7
I've been in the OUTOTZ sector before.

At the moment I am watching how high I can get with my PHILIPP FRANZ VON SIEBOLD.
Now, thanks to Guradian FSD-Booster, it has a range of 68.25 LY.
But at the moment you have to deduct a little bit from that, because there are 4 drones on board, and I just recovered two rescue capsules.

The system OUTOTZ GC-K D9-1, coordinates 784.90625 / 746.28125 / -1465.9375 was completely researched by me.

Of the 10 celestial bodies, the WW was particularly interesting in second place.

Besides, I landed on their moon, as you can see, near a rather high mountain on which you couldn't land.

No 1 can still be terraformed.

The OUTOTZ EH-K D9-0 system is located at coordinates 781.5 / 801.28125 / -1476.1875 and has an A and G star each.

Unfortunately, I forgot the overall picture of the system.
Here still from a distance the last planet of the A-star.

At the A-star the gas giant Class III is very worth seeing.

And the gas giant with water-based life must not be overlooked either.

But with the G-star, it gets really interesting.
Planet number two is terraformable.

Also No. 3

And number four is an EÄ

Translated with
It is now acknowledged that the new permit lock of the Cone Zone is on purpose and the Gnosis has been warned not to go there.......***Attention-Explorers***-GNOSIS-Jumps-planned-THROUGH-a-permit-Lock-!?p=6959270&viewfull=1#post6959270
.. And they're jumping anyway. The plot thickens.
The "official" response:***Attention-Explorers***-GNOSIS-Jumps-planned-THROUGH-a-permit-Lock-!?p=6959270&viewfull=1#post6959270

It's a "Damn the torpedoes" response to the P.F.

Gotta love it. :cool:
So, I put my PHILIPP FRANZ VON SIEBOLD back in Toluku and quickly built an ASP EX.

Without using Coriolis.
She has 58.10 LY jumping range with 5H Guardian Booster.
A 3A field maintenance found place.
Unfortunately, only a 2G SRV hangar fits in.
A 6A Fuelscoop is included.
The shield is currently unmodded and a 3A module
Also on board, of course, the usual Explorer equipment.
The ship is also armed, even if only gimballed with 2 1E beam lasers.
Not to fight, it's probably not enough for a meaningful defense, but maybe i can use it...

And the name: NICOLA TESLA

Now it's out again.

Translated with
Yesterday I went down a bit with my NICOLA TESLA.

I found a system with a B star, still completely unexplored, in which an A star was also quite close.
OCHORRS ON-T E3-0 is the system

Unfortunately the image is slightly distorted, because I had to zoom out to get both stars on the image.

In OCHORRS TE-P D6-1 I got an appealing view of the galaxy and Barnards Loop from the SC.

OCHORRS ZF-N D7-0 has only 6 stars without planets or moons, but...

As you can see, I came across traces of the well-known Express Explorer GUY DE LOMBARD

But he only scanned the first four stars.
In the meantime I took care of the rest.

Here is another look at the combination of three stars 2 to 4.

Then I returned to the GNOSS, now very tired from the RL, and parked my ship in the hangar for the night's rest.

Fly Safe

Translated with
Seeing Barnard's Loop from different perspectives is also interesting.

Right now, I'm just out and about.

Fly Safe
today I'll fly to the Gonsis , Iám realy nosy what is still wating for us in the locked cone sector....I hop it shot not on me....I have no wapons in my "Vasco Da Gama"

see you all in cone-sector....:cool:

fly safe
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