The Golconda - Overview of Phases

If you'd rather learn about what happens to The Golconda as the story unfolds, then stop reading now, and keep your eyes on the GalNet feed.
Well, that was an epic failure. I didn't read the spoilers, but the instant I came into contact with other members of the ED community, the spoilers were immediately foisted upon me.
Where's the third option to kill them all? Seriously how come we have to play the good guys on each of these CGs? Where's backing the bad guys to destroy or enslave the people of the Golconda?
It is cool to have another II so soon, and the concept of an still populated generation ship is awesome. That said it would have been nice to have a few more options. Given that historically interacting with populated generation ships has been forbidden it would have been nice to have some possible path that does not involve the generation ship being scrapped/abandoned in favor of a colony withing larger galactic society.

For future reference it would be nice to have a few more options. ( it would make the II more distinct from the old generic CGs) The mechanism for supporting the possibilities could just be a set of cgs (boiler plate text with a single sentence stating broad strokes of the option/approach). The results could be determined by some formula based on results of the cgs and what is acceptable to the gen ship crew. (i.e. they might not like a mega ship, but if the CG for the mega ship gets an insane level of support they might be persuaded to accept it (having a super high cg results == really awesome mega ship, low cg results == crappy barebones mega ship.) The gen ship crew should have the option to tell the wider galaxy to shove it also.

Having more than just a black and white , a or b cg contest could have been awesome.
Possible alternative options/ paths / cgs:

1) Give them the aid, and leave them alone like they asked....

2) Give the generation ship with an FSD upgrade/ or the option of a fsd upgrade/retrofit and leave them alone beyond that

3) Give the generation ship crew their own modern mega ship (leave them alone after that.)

4) Drag the gen ship to an uninhabited earth like via mega ship tug or some such.

5) Give then a orbis or occellus station. (gravity is kind nice to have, and an outpost (planet or space based) will likely lack that. )

6) Give them their own system, and set up a system permit.

7) Force the gen ship via to assimilate with the wider galaxy via force.

Bonus related cg : do we warn them of the thargoids? (different factions might be sponsoring the cg, and might have a different stance on telling them about the goids)
As much as my CMDR "admires" Arissa Lavigny-Duval, he cannot believe that the Empire wants to do anything more than "harvest" a few thousand new slaves, and he will be supporting the Federation on this one.

(But he would still have dinner with ALD if she'd ever get back to him on a time and place...)
Well, that was an epic failure. I didn't read the spoilers, but the instant I came into contact with other members of the ED community, the spoilers were immediately foisted upon me.
Yea, same happens in all MMOS. By the time you get home from work, the optimal path and party make up for a new dungeon is already decided on. All plot outcomes are categorized and mapped and people are yelling it across the channels.
Not only does Upaniklis have a HAZRES, there's also a manufactured materials trader at Fozard Port. Fill 'er up! And fill
'er up! And...

EDIT - I forgot to mention there's a war on there too; Military Supercapacitors in the HGE's.
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You fly in to see a the massive ship of fire with lots of mini explosions going off, loads of escape pods floating around to rescue and transport to a temporary planet base that's been setup, see lots of domes/shelters and ambulance type veichles as you fly down to the planet surface.
Could also add a new fire hose module so some people can help try to stop the spread of the fires whilst other people concentrate on rescuing the pods.

That's the kind of stuff I want to see but will never happen.
Never done one of those "assist megaship under attack by Thargoids" scenarios then? Then I bet you didn't know that repair limpets already have a foam spray mode for patching large hull breaches.
The story has potential, but the game play is nothing new. It's not enough for me to drop what I'm doing in SE to fire up ED. I'll watch from the sidelines and cheer for the [redacted as a spoiler].
I'm playing Metal Gear Solid now (good old days...) and I won't stop that for this II. I agree that it's always the same soup but at least this time they could put the pieces together much quicker. I take it as a good sign that FDEV is getting more reactive toward the player base.
If the Empire win it will be a planetbase with large landing pads.
If the federation wins it will be an orbital outpost without large landingpads.

Choose side wisely :)
It's explicitly forbidden to interact with any operating generation ship:

so this time there's a good reason why there can't be any interaction. What's missing IMHO is a contrasting CG for the first step. I could totally see both the Generation Ship Conservation Fund activists and people fearing the outbreak may spread to us trying to actively discourage supporting the first phase.
I am a senior ranking dishwasher in the Alliance kitchen and we alert everyone of the danger to the passengers or ourselves of breaking the Gen ship's quarantine.
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