The Golconda - Overview of Phases

Never done one of those "assist megaship under attack by Thargoids" scenarios then? Then I bet you didn't know that repair limpets already have a foam spray mode for patching large hull breaches.
No I havn't thanks for letting me know about them. Do you see the foam being sprayed and the hole being patched up?
Given that there are tens of thousands of residents on the generation ship, I feel that an outpost is a bit stingy, or at the very least doesn't reflect the population
I had the same thought: give 'em a station, room to breathe and grow.

An outpost does seem cramped for those tens of thousands. Does anyone know what the typical or maximum population of an outpost is?
The first post is pretty clear - if the Empire wins then the original mission of the ship will be completed and a Planetary Port constructed, if the Federation wins then the will of the occupants will be followed and an Outpost (space station) will be constructed, allowing them to remain space dwellers ... This means Ted is right - an Empire win means the new rare will require the ability to land on planets so need Horizons.
That would be the only planetary rare then?
If so it will be a rare rare indeed.
If the Golconda didn't stop at it's intended destination and kept going in a straight line away from Sol, can we use it's 162.39 Ly range to refine estimates on the radius all the rest of them must be found within?

We'd need confirmation of a launch date though, and some G-Ships may have been slowed or sped up.
How much exactly would the discount be though? Are we looking at a return of the 30% discounts we saw in past CGs? If so count me! Otherwise it's a waste of time.
This is about helping these poor people and all you can think about is personal enrichment, shame on you! ;)
Apa Vietii might translate as water of life, but that can only mean vodka can't it?
No, Scotch Single Malt.

On topic.
As to wether to provide a planetary base or an outpost, they choose to remain in space and not to settle on a planet, so imho leave them in space.
Besides that, I would never work for the Empire but that's personal preference.
I had the same thought: give 'em a station, room to breathe and grow.

An outpost does seem cramped for those tens of thousands. Does anyone know what the typical or maximum population of an outpost is?
Hard to say, since EDDB doesn't list installations and similar things that presumably have population. I tried looking into it once, and it looked like outposts do routinely add 10+ K to the system population. Agree it seems like it would be pretty tight quarters though, given the size of what looks like the habitable modules of the typical outpost model. Installations are far larger, maybe they should get one of those as well.
Greetings Commanders.
Salutations, sir.

  • The Empire seeks to provide the former colonists with a planetside home, helping them fulfil their original mission. They would provide full member status to the colony and help them become self-sustaining through teaching agriculture techniques.
If the Empire are successful:
  • An Empire-affiliated Planetary Port will be added to the Upaniklis system.
Ooooo ... atmospheric landings are coming ... :D

Well, a commander can dream, can't he?

I do hope this is not a pointer toward space legs, I did not sign up with the Pilot's Federation to become a farmer :) ;) :D
I will help with the supplies they need and asked for, but I will help neither the Feds or the Imps. The denizens of the Golconda asked for supplies but to be left alone. They do not want any interference in their society.
I wish there was a third option...
There is:

"Wipe them out, all of them" -- some wanne-be emperor in a galaxy far, far away

We should help the Federation so that even non-Horizons players could enjoy the benefits and get the decal.
Or they could help themselves, but I'm thinking the Federation too.

It is cool to have another II so soon, and the concept of an still populated generation ship is awesome. That said it would have been nice to have a few more options. Given that historically interacting with populated generation ships has been forbidden it would have been nice to have some possible path that does not involve the generation ship being scrapped/abandoned in favor of a colony withing larger galactic society.

For future reference it would be nice to have a few more options. ( it would make the II more distinct from the old generic CGs) The mechanism for supporting the possibilities could just be a set of cgs (boiler plate text with a single sentence stating broad strokes of the option/approach). The results could be determined by some formula based on results of the cgs and what is acceptable to the gen ship crew. (i.e. they might not like a mega ship, but if the CG for the mega ship gets an insane level of support they might be persuaded to accept it (having a super high cg results == really awesome mega ship, low cg results == crappy barebones mega ship.) The gen ship crew should have the option to tell the wider galaxy to shove it also.

Having more than just a black and white , a or b cg contest could have been awesome.
Possible alternative options/ paths / cgs:

1) Give them the aid, and leave them alone like they asked....

2) Give the generation ship with an FSD upgrade/ or the option of a fsd upgrade/retrofit and leave them alone beyond that

3) Give the generation ship crew their own modern mega ship (leave them alone after that.)

4) Drag the gen ship to an uninhabited earth like via mega ship tug or some such.

5) Give then a orbis or occellus station. (gravity is kind nice to have, and an outpost (planet or space based) will likely lack that. )

6) Give them their own system, and set up a system permit.

7) Force the gen ship via to assimilate with the wider galaxy via force.

Bonus related cg : do we warn them of the thargoids? (different factions might be sponsoring the cg, and might have a different stance on telling them about the goids)
I like your imagination, theirs does leave a little to be desired.
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