Community Event / Creation The Great 100th Drabble Celebration - The Collaba-Drabble!

To commemorate the 100th Drabble Contest we are going to attempt something that has never been done before, something so daring, so dangerous that it would be deemed illegal in some countries and certainly immoral in many, many more! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen (and Simon), we shall be creating history with our attempt to tell a complete story using the medium of dance, erm, I mean Drabbles!

The Aim:
To construct a story consisting of 20 Drabbles or less, each Drabble following a different theme chosen from the previous 100 Drabble Contests whilst still remaining a continuation of the original tale. A Collaba-Drabble!

The Requirements
We need YOU! Yep, you my fellow Drabblers. We are looking for 20 names to sign up and take part in this Drabble of Unparalleled Epicness and cement their place in the annals (note the two n's there Simoof, just you note them) of Drabble Lore. You must be willing and able to complete a drabble at short notice to allow the competition to be completed in time and agree that no matter what happens, T.j. only gets two votes.

The Rules
1: Drabbles are stories of exactly 100 words (Excluding the title)
2: Drabbles need to be set in the Elite universe (loosely).

Now this is where it changes.

3: Each Drabbler will be given a number at random between 1 & 20 (or however many we get). This will dictate their place in the creation of the story.
4: You cannot enter your Drabble until it is your turn.
5: The first Drabble will be given a theme picked at random from the list of 100 previous Drabbles.
6: After completing their Drabble, the Drabbler then picks a theme from the list for the next Drabbler.
7: The next Drabbler completes their Drabble, picks a different theme from the list and this continues until all 20 Drabbles have been written and the story is complete.
8: All Drabbles MUST continue the story set in the previous Drabble.
9: Cliff Hangers, Plot Twists and Cross-Overs from existing Drabble threads are encouraged!
10: This is for fun - please be respectful and try to keep it clean.

The Voting
Everyone can vote 3 times in the poll.
You can not vote for yourself.

The Timescale
The sooner the better. Once we get the 20 names in we will then figure out the timings for the writing stage and the voting.

What Now?
Sign up! Reply to this thread with the following:

"I, {insert name}, wish to enter the Annals of Drabble Lore!"

Your name will be recorded, and once all 20 places are filled the initial theme shall be generated and the writing order shall be given. Once that has been done, then let the fun commence!

Get given a theme, write a drabble, continue the story, pick another theme, pass it on.


5: CdrTwisted - City Lights
20: Ian Phillips - Revenge
17: Corinthian - Drink
16: Garthyre Shadowslayer - Childhood
11: Yaffle - Sabotage
15: Erik Marcaigh - Run and Secrecy
6: Darren "The Ringer" Grey - Cyborgs
2: Jeff Ryan - Special Forces
3: WinterWalker - Home
1: DocStone - Thargoids
19: Listeri69 - Operation
13: Simoof - Forced Entry
4: Frank - Time
7: Zieman - Zero-g
14: Insanephoton - Dancing
9: Clef_Hanger - Power
8: Stalker - Fish and Light
18: Steed - A Trouble with a New Hope
12: Galactic Midden - Metropolis (The City)
10: MrMogadon - Nova

Now, let's make History together!

The Story so far:

01 - CdrTwisted - City Lights
Shammy tarted up her eyes with some Alacarakmo eye-shadow.
Wish I had a different combat ritual. An image of Simoof and his nasal tampons flickered and died. Although...
The Hot Needle of Inquiry blinked into normspace and Shammy swung the Fer-de-lance around towards George Lucas Station.
I bet Frankie will think I've forgotten.
Needle whined as Shammy opened the throttle. He'll be pootling about by the station. Listening. Always bloody listening. Never hearing.
The city lights of Leesti seemed brighter than normal. Dammit, not tears. Can't ruin my make-up. Not now.
Shammy pressed the interdicter. Frank flailed like a salmon.
02 - Ian Phillips - Revenge
Leesti IV, a gas giant, in the next orbit out from the planet Leesti.
In the ring system a dormant ship roused from it's slumber.
Powerful sensors had registered the presense of one specific ship and it's pilot, an Imperial assassin.
As the ship's systems re-booted, the target made course for the starport hanging above Leesti. Supercruise engaged and as the slow climb out of the giant planets gravity well began a message was sent; "Target aquired, moving to intercept"
The 'Revenge' picked up speed and headed towards George Lucas settling into position behind the target.
The interdiction tether activated.
03 - Corinthian - Drink
Frankie fired his port thrusters hard just avoiding Shammy’s initial salvo but spilling his cocktail down his black leather basque.
‘Can’t a man drink a Daiquiri in peace these days,’ he cursed whilst checking his scanners.
The Needle? It can’t be her can it?
Frankie straightened his fishnets and opened another drink, promptly spilling it also as the Revenge slammed between their ships.
‘This REALLY is too much!’ Frankie exclaimed, checking who the newcomer was.
The Revenge, Oh no, not the Doctor, not now.
Frankie’s coms crackled into life with two distinctive voices from his past.
‘Dr. Scott!!!’
04- Garthyre Shadowslayer - Childhood
Their parents came in.
"You're not playing Game of Drones again. You know what happened last time," said their dad.
"No," said Shamara. "It's Assassination."
The mother stared at her eldest daughter. "That's not TattYou around your eyes, is it?"
"Mu-um! It's only Alcarakmo."
"Hhmm. Well, clean it off before you go to bed. And Franklin, dear – those socks of yours really need to be washed. They can practically stand by themselves. Tea in an hour," she called over her shoulder as they left the playroom.
The face-off at George Lucas Station resumed. Three ships, weapons systems deployed, waited.
05 - Yaffle - Sabotage
Everyone aboard hated George Lucas. It was the smell as much as anything, thick in the air, that rotten tomato aroma was inescapable.
Lucy stood in the bay watching Dr Scott depart; twin blue plumes as he boosted through the exit to intercept The Needle. Tears formed in her eyes, sticking to her lashes in the low gravity. So many times he’d left, promising to return. He always did, but it made the waiting no easier.
Of course, with luck, the cables she’d severed to his shield cell banks may just do the trick this time. Nobody two timed Lucy.
06 - Erik Marcaigh - Run and Secrecy
Frankie activated his Electromagnetic Transmitter and aimed it at The Revenge. The ship lurched and was pushed back into the side of the station, hanging there ineffectually.
Shammy fired in again, taking Frankie's shields down to 60% and shouting, "I'm lucky! He's lucky! We're all lucky!"
Frankie maneuvered around the next salvo while keeping the lock on The Revenge. Firing back, he strafed The Needle's side before overshooting her.
"Children! Tea! We have Jammy Dodgers as well!"
The girls squealed and ran downstairs. Franklin grinned and replaced his sisters controls batteries with old ones, muttering, "Don't dream it, be it!"
07 - Darren Grey - Cyborgs
The game was abandoned as the children tended to their fleshly needs. But in the flowing electrons of the simulation, life continued.
Dr Scott hung in his ship Revenge, awaiting his nemeses' return. Electronic thoughts festered, his hatred growing in strength each nanosecond. He focused his photonic thoughts, firing impulses into the machine.
When the children returned to the controls they didn't notice the sparks until too late. Wires leapt into Frankie's veins, writhing up his limbs and lodging into his brain.
Screaming! Shouting! Fire! Pain! It ceased as he opened his eyes and saw... he was in the game.
08 - JeffRyan - Special Forces
The sparks congealed around Frankie as he found himself at the controls of 'his fighter'.
The fighter came under attack again as Dr Scott worked on his revenge, sparks flew.
'Oh boy!' shouted the boy-turned-man as he grasped the flight stick, shaking it as he tried to evade the incoming fire.
Shammy appeared.
Shammy growled, 'Push that.' Frankie pushed it.
'What's going on Sis?'
The shields took another hammering as the Revenge fired once again.
'We don't quite know. We managed to patch into you through the home PC. Don't ask. A very special force sent me to help you.'
09 - Winterwalker - Home
As Frankie's button push engaged, his hyperdrive charged. Shammy jump tethered.
"Frankie, let's go. Away from home, away from Dr Scott". Or so they both, hoped.
But the Revenge back circled, gaining a fire solution just as Frankie's lead ship called "Three, Two".
And at that split, moment, "Interdiction Detected" .. more sparks! But now on H.U.D.
"He can't .. can he?" Frankie shivered, as the hyperjump stretched to extent of range.
Then "whap" a Red Giant loomed and Frankie pulled back, quickly counting contacts, shocked by the returning scan. Shammy .. SCOTT .. and three dozen more .. closing!
10 - DocStone - Thargoids
Panic gripped both Shammy and Frankie as the contacts closed. There was no way out. Trapped inside the game world, this was the end.
“Good gods” shouted Frankie, “who is writing this bloody game? What a crap ending, we can't all just die!?”
Suddenly (and quite coincidentally) the Capital Ship “Deus Ex Machina” emerged from Hyperjump. Laser batteries spewing energy, she quickly made short work of the threatening ships until only Frankie and Shammy remained.
The Star Child artistically materialised in front of them; “Return to your realm with a warning! The Thargoids are coming. Now hurry, pick a colour!
11 - Listeri69 - The Operation
Thargiods, let me tell you about thargoids frankie motioned to shammy
If this doesn't make you shart nothing will
I were taking a bath outside it were a nice night
suddenly I hears this clicking noise in the distance so i goes looking
next thing i know im being pulled off, sucked right off the planet I was
then all i can see is these pincers coming at me, he were wearing a white coat
I screamed I did so loud you could hear it on Rang Gongs an' thats 'ow i got castrated
and also why you keep sharting.....
12 - Simoof - Forced Entry
"WHAT THE THARGOID !!! Why are children integrated with the prototype?" yelled the nameless door smashing Commander.
The room went deathly silent.
"WHO IS RESPONSIBLE!" he screamed.
"...the adults... their bodies... could not handle it... they lost bowel control and..."
His sentence was replaced by a smoking lasergun hole through his forehead.
He looked around the room at the cowering scientists pointing at the only one looking his direction.
"YOU! Get me in the same instance as the kids. I might be able to save them."
The scientist calmly started "You know the risks of a forced entry?"
13 - Frank - Time
Scientists watched wires writhe and squirm their way up the Commander's arms, through his veins, through his nervous system.
The sudden appearance of the Commander caused Shammy to start. He was already in full gung-ho. The insectoids showed no fear, a rushing onslaught onto the blaster of the Commander before popping into a sickening gunge.
"Kids, this is a real Thargoid invasion. They're exploiting a glitch in your GameDeck. We need to give the Star Child time to work out a solution. We need to stall."
The Commander tossed both children blasters. The second wave of Thargoids had arrived.
14 - Zieman - Zero-g
”Here's the deal kids: you grab the handle, point the pointy end at those bugs and pull the lever. Rinse and repeat. By the way, the lever is called 'trigger'.”
Now that there were three of them, the second wave was dispatched quickly. Third wave showed some cunning. This began to worry the Commander. ”Thargoids are upping their game, and there's no sign of Star Child yet. We need more time!”
”Whoa!” exclaimed Frankie as the last Thargoid's head started bouncing around, he'd inadvertently activated an alternate firing mode of his blaster.
”We'll play Zero-G Cricket on them!”
15 - Insanephoton - Dancing
As another wave of Thargoids appeared things were starting to look grim. Then an idea struck the commander. Something about Frankie's words...
"Kids what other games do you play on the GameDeck?"
The children started shouting out names and arguing while the commander expertly dispatched the remaining Thargoids.
"Is there something that you both like? Something that you're both good at?"
"DanceMaster!" they both shouted.
It hadn't been what he was expecting but it might just work..
"Overriding menu control, new game selected, DanceMaster initiated"
The surroundings changed into a disco and the trio danced. Meanwhile something very bright appeared.
16 - Clef_Hanger - Power
The revolving mirror ball morphed into the head of a wizened old hag in a pointy hat.
"Agnus Nutter "Witch", said the head
"Not the Star Child?" asked Frankie
"No, but keep dancing!

I'm just delivering prophecies
Let's see....
Sidewinder buttons.... No, too late.


Beware the "Tarted Shammy"
Lest you irk her feelings
For she will stand upon her hands
And pebble-dash your ceiling

Boring?!... You knew that already?

OK,....... here's one!

When the witch's head appears
And dancing feet speed up.
Pay attention to her words....
Before the power is cut?"


"Well, I didn't see that coming!"
17 - {SAS}Stalker - Fish and Light
The commander wondered if the cleaner had unplugged the mainframe again to start the hoover when suddenly a pond appeared.
The Thargoids had been having a torrid time of dancing and had managed to hack the gamedeck themselves and change the game into something more suitable, they had chosen 33rd century bass fishing pro and hit launch.
Shammy, despite almost constant sharting was comforted by the thought that Thargoids probably couldn’t fish any better than they could dance. She had just chosen a lure when an unexpected white tunnel appeared, seemed like now the choice was between fish and light?
18 - Steed - A Trouble with a New Hope
Scotia frantically searched, glancing at the screen showing them sprinting towards the light and about to step in. The star child appeared beckoning, then began morphing ...
Hitting hard reset the room darkened momentarily before coming back to life. The pods opened, Shamara and Franklin blinked awake.
"Are you both ok? Soft rebooting didn't work"
"I think so, what happened to the commander?" said Shamara turning, "Frankie, that basque looks far too good on you, did you go under wearing that?"
The impact made them stagger. Through the windows strange shapes passed across the stars, George Lucas was under attack.
19 - Galactic Midden - Metropolis
Shamara disappeared. Frankie, part invaded with wires stood alone, straining under his enormous basque-supported bulk.
The station shuddered, sparks from damaged terminals casting illumination over the dead. Through the window shapes approached.
"It's a ruse Frankie, they want their Metropolis back. You're no child, you're a 54-stone monstrosity who even a mother couldn't love, but you're all your people have. The electroviruses failed to penetrate your mass."
"No, we're Th'armmy, a Thargoid Entangler. T'rust and we can help you end this."
Frankie swayed; dazed from multiple realities.
"What should I do?"
"Sit on us."
(Meanwhile elsewhere, Th'armmy compacted)
20 - MrMogadon - Nova
Screams of terror vied with inhuman chittering to tip Tommy’s already frayed sanity into the abyss.
His breathing grew ragged, vision dimming. A durasteel claw clutched his heart; squeezing; until his world exploded into a torment supernova. Tearing through to his soul, then on, further still.
Tommy giving voice to his agony, screamed the scream of the damned. Then at its zenith- Blackness.
A fleeting eternity passed.
Rhythmic beeping. A voice:
“Despite miscalculations about the psychotropics, psych and biometrics stable. Artefact integration complete. Thargoid link established under his, our control. Memories uploaded. Project viable.
Tommy’s ready for human integration trials”.

And that is that! Join us next week live on the Abraka Drabble Twitch Stream to hear it read out LIVE!

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I, Jeffrey Alexander Ryan, Lord of Ugain, Protector of the Porcelain Throne, wish to enter the Annals of Drabble Lore!

PS. Thanks, I was wanting to take part in this 100th edition. I took part in some of the early ones.
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Excellent, welcome aboard Jeff! I was hoping we would get some of the early Drabblers returning for this, I wonder how many more we can get to come out of retirement :D
Excellent, welcome aboard Jeff! I was hoping we would get some of the early Drabblers returning for this, I wonder how many more we can get to come out of retirement :D
As more of an "occasional drabbler" .. I'd be glad to collaboradrabble

If 100th edition is oversubscribed, defer my spot to a previous winner or more regular contributor?
"I, {Frank}, wish to enter the Annals of Drabble Lore!"

One thing that confuses me is the bit about the voting. If we are rolling a dice to decide the order of the writers and their topic, then when do we vote?
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Yarrsss, I would like to do this thing.

- - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

Although if we all have to change our forum titles to {insert name}, won't that get a bit confusing?

We'd still be able to tell which ones were Simoof and Listeri69 I suppose.
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"I, {Frank}, wish to enter the Annals of Drabble Lore!"

One thing that confuses me is the bit about the voting. If we are rolling a dice to decide the order of the writers and their topic, then when do we vote?
Once all 20 are in, just like normal.
"I, {Clef Hanger}, wish to.....

Stand upon a burning deck!
And if the deck is brass
I'll do a triple summersault
And land upon my Asp"

I'm here if you'll have me Doc,
but I'm also more than willing to give my place up for any of the amazing original drabblers
!The Great 100th Drabble Celebration - The Collaba-Drabble!

Where has this been all my life :D :D :D :D

"I, {Gal Midden}, wish, nay DEMAND to be entered into the Annals of Drabble Lore. Just hide the liquor!"

Q. Are we allowed to be creative, clever, crafty, courageous, and conniving?
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"I, Moof de Si, wish to enter the Anals of Drabble Lore!"

Sounds like something that i could corrupt, I mean contribute to.
Although if we all have to change our forum titles to {insert name}, won't that get a bit confusing?

We'd still be able to tell which ones were Simoof and Listeri69 I suppose.
Oi!!!... unless you mean by the extreme high quality of them then yes.
[COLOR="#EE82EE"][SIZE=3][B]"I, {insert name}, wish to enter the Annals of Drabble Lore!"[/B][/SIZE

"I, {insert name}, wish to enter the Annals of Drabble Lore!"
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