The great big Odyssey Screenshots thread

Lost and alone within the inner orion spur, staring at the infinite horizon, making my way to Elysian Shore, Formidine Rift, then into the void. I have not encountered any signs of civilization for a very long time and the route I'm headed looks as though I will encounter civilization for a month or more, such is the life of an explorer. I love EDO and the simple fact I have the freedom to play how I want and that I can actually freely explore the milky way galaxy, EDO will only get better with time and I'm excited to see what the future will bring.
infinite horizon.jpg
You made my Asp Explorer very sad just now.
Apologise, Asp Explorer, I know the truth hurts sometimes, but that's life. Wipe your tears, dust yourself off and keep going! you never know maybe one day you will also reach the awesomeness of a Cobra........................................maybe?
Preferably nowhere, because you're obviously not the first one to point this out. After all, the DLC has been out for over 6 months. But if you must, there's one of the more popular gripe threads on the front page of the forum.

Thank you
Your make-up is melting, is that it? ;)
Make-up? nothing left but a charred skeleton, the shielding technology is something else in Elite Dangerous that's for sure. Some stars are so bright on my PC screen I need to squint my eyes to gaze upon them, probably going to invest in a good set of sunglasses soon just for elite, when I encounter those extra bright stars, I woke up the other morning with burring sore eyes, after jumping through countless systems and encountering many retina burning stars. :cool: (y)
From the new year 3308.


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Good evening CMDRs,

it's back to work tomorrow, so taking a little advantage of the evening before...


Looks like the sun is gonna disappear soon - better get cracking!


"It's gotten a bit dark!"
"Yes - that happens..."
"Hey - I've found a candle!"
"Wait what...?"
Click. Fizz.
"That's not a candle! Oh for crying out loud... quick, airlock... now!"

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