The Great Circle - a planetary circumnavigation

Well, if you are still anywhere in the vicinity, I'm going to be on the moon for a while, so stop on by!
Well tried to find you punching in that heading but not getting any results. I am heading in that direction though, have over 100 jumps to make still, might get in the vacinity by tomorrow. Just can't find you for some reason.
Finally completed this circumnavigation. Blau Euq WK-V d3-1 C 7 2019.77 km radius, so circumference of 12,690 km. Based on the entries in the Planetary Circumnavigation Club, this is the largest planet successfully circumnavigated, and the first over 2,000 km in radius.
Congratulations Straha, that's a really fantastic achievement - bravo! I've updated your entry in the Planetary Circumnavigation Club's records accordingly and given you a little shoutout.

I just made landfall on the moon...


Very dark down in the massive crater complex on the dark side of the moon.


This one, I am going to do a bbit differently. All of my other circumnavigations have been done pole to pole. This one, using the ED Discovery compass, I am actually going to take an orthodromic course from -40,-45 to 40,135 and back.
The primary Red Giant, over 12,000 ls away. A bit more challenging terrain than the planet...


This moon actually has mountain ranges...

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Making some slow but steady headway. I have climbed many mountains on many different planets, but this is the first time I have been in a true mountain range. It has been nothing but high peaks and low valleys for over 250km, and I am still not out yet...


The curvature plainly visible here...



I wish we had a way of accurately measuring the height of some of these mountains...

Damn, I wish I had a sextant...
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