The Great Circle - a planetary circumnavigation

And by driving around it, I mean...


And a bit further along, something I can't actually drive around...


That was a brutal ravine. Sure it started out nice enough once I got to the bottom, but getting out on the other end was quite a challenge. It really slowed my progress for the night, however, according to ED Discovery compass, I have roughly 250km to go, so I should have it complete tomorrow night.
What keeps you going when there is hundreds (edit: or, in your case, thousands) of kilometers to go?

I listen to music, and enjoy the scenery. The desire to complete the goal I set for myself, but at the same time, not putting pressure on myself, and allowing myself to just explore the planet, because for me, I want to do more than just simply drive around it. I want to get to know it. Interesting features tend to break up the monotony.

These last two circumnavigations have been a bit more straight line than my first one, but I tend to go check interesting things on the horizon, even if it is not on my path. My driving skills have drastically improved, especially on this last moon, to where I can maintain an average 80 m/s without spinning out or rolling. Learning what bumps to skip off of, when to use the hand break, how to right myself in the air... all my practice with those kinds of skills make the trip a bit easier on the mind, because even if I am not maintaining that pace or above, I I know I can chew up a lot of ground quickly if I need or want to.

Using the ED Discovery compass has helped immensely for keeping on track, getting back on track, and having the distance to way point really helps mentally in that it allows one to actually see a number counting down, a visible measure of progress. One thing I wish it did was when the waypoint is over 1000 km away, the numbers display in MM. I wish it kept it in km so one could see the numbers tick down every 100 metres rather than every 100 km.
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