The Great ELW Fishing Expedition

I hereby invite any and all CMDRS to join in my Great ELW Fishing Expedition! The fully outfitted fleet carrier "USS Saratoga" will depart from the bubble (Presently located at Skardee 1) on October 11th, and proceed directly to ZUNAO KU-D D13-3764 in the Empyrean Straits region of the Galactic Core. Upon arrival at the destination system, all registered participants are invited to compete in a 6 month long ELW hunt, to conclude on April 11th. There is no predefined search area nor are contestants required to travel with the carrier.

To those CMDRS interested, I will offer prize money (in game credits to be distributed by way of the fleet carrier market) to those who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the competition in total number of ELWs first discovered. A Grand prize of 20 Billion credits will be paid to the overall winner, 10 billion to second place, and 5 billion to third place.

Bonus prizes of 500 million credits for each of the following individual ELW expedition record holders....

smallest/largest (radius)
highest/lowest (gravity)
slowest/fastest (rotation)
shortest/longest (orbital period)
most ringed ELWs
most ELMs

In the event of a tie in the main competition, it shall be resolved by averaging the mass of each parties total ELW discoveries. In the unlikely event of a tie in the secondary bonus prizes, both contestants will be paid, no tie breaker required.

Sign up is required for entry in the competition, although there is no cutoff date. Those otherwise occupied now are welcome to enter at any date up to the final date of the expedition.

All ELW submissions for the competition must be discovered on or after the launch date of the expedition and before (or on) the final date. Please upload to EDSM so that the date/time and the identity of the first visiting CMDR can be verified.

All ELW submissions are required to have screenshots posted to this thread.

Link to spreadsheet showing participants and current ELW discoveries

***** reserved for any needed changes *****

For those signing up, Please post your CMDR name and whether or not you are interested in participating in prize distribution. Thanks!
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Sign me up, but count me out of the prize distribution.

Kolley CMDR name in game and Stella Ok (XHB-BVM) support/mining carrier will be on station somewhere in local area.
Count me in.
Forum name is my commander name.
Count me in for prize credits - I might win something in the "discovery of single ELWs which are expedition records" category.
As said on other thread, will fly out from Colonia to meet up with the carrier on/soon after 11 October and participate for as long as I have the appetite to keep hunting ELWs.
@CHIGGY VONRICTOFEN I know this is a bit of a different expedition compared to those posted on EDSM. But are you perhaps going to set it up there as well?
I hadn't thought about it...I was just thinking real sign up date real way points or anything, hell, as far as that goes, someone could enter from across the galaxy on another expedition entirely. Just so the ELWs submitted fit the criteria.
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