The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

If I was a real gentleman(pig) I wouldn't have gone tearing off towards it before getting an attack of the conscience when I saw Raxiel's message! haha
Well, I appreciate it.

Just picked it up.
Now to fit both silencers, so when I'm on an assassination mission in my sneaky suit I can creep up and
Before racing off, I was sweeping the
Drevlyada system, here's what I found

Borman Terminal
G3 P-15 Stowed reloading
Dukaj Works
G3 Maverick, no mods
Jackobi Holdings
G3 Maverick
G2 L-6 with +magazine size (3 rockets instead of 2)
Berners-Lee Ring
G3 AR-50

Its a bit of a haul back so i'm not going to bother going back and finishing the last couple of outposts around planets D5 & D6, but the other ports in the system had nothing of note.
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c3 oppressor no mods 3,125,000 crs
c2 tk zenith no mods 250,000 crs

c2 artemis suit : increase sprint mod. 2.225,000 cr
willis dock/inara system
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