The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

Wow you guys are on the ball today. I've been obsessively refreshing this page all week trying to snag a decent Dominator or Executioner and when one does pop its still double-gone before I see it! (grats though, not salty :) )
Ill let you know if i find one. Sorry i needed it. Its how im making money.

Claimed! Thank you for finding this one! ^-^
PM for location:
G2 Maverick + extra backpack capacity
G3 Dominator
G3 Maverick + faster shield regeneration

Steve 07.
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69 G.Carinae
Alas Station
Artemis G2, no mods
Keep in mind that the station is 150k LS away from the main star, so if you really need it get it but for the sake of others please report if you do...
42 Capricorni - Lonchakov Holdings
P-15 G3 no mods

Atata - Zahn Enterprise
Maverick G2 no mods
Aphelion G2 with audio masking
P-15 G2 no mods

Cenu Kichs - Vries Prospect
Aphelion G2 with reload speed
also Dom G2 no mods

LHS 3666 - Meyrink Orbital
P-15 G3 no mods

LHS 3739 - Henry Enterprise
Dominator G2 with extra ammo capacity
also Maverick G2 no mods

Updated with current status for Atata, Cenu Kichs and LHS 3739. I didn't go to the other 2 systems.
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