The Great Pre-Upgraded Gear Sharing is Caring Thread

Shosha - Wigura Orbital

Mav G2 no mods

Shosha - De Sousa Legacy (planetary)

Artemis G3 no mods
P-15 G2 w/ ImporvedHip Fire Accuracy

Derrim - Nachtigal Hub

Dom G2 no mods

Derrim - Miletus Enterprise (medium dock)

Dom G2 w/ Combat Movement Speed
Zenith G2 w/ Audio Masking

Derrim - Rae Keep (Planetary)

Mav G2 no mods
Aphelion G2 no mods
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In game time 4:55 Am 15 Jan 2022

Dominator Suit Grade 3 Night Visions Extra Back Pack Capacity

Moortic System A4 Descartes Settlement on the planet.
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