The Great Return - A PS4 Initiative

CMDRs! Due to widely experienced difficulties among the fleet in reaching WP3, stage 1 will be extended to WP4 bypassing WP3. Although of course you can still go there if you want to!
The Basecamp for WP4 is Nyauthai SL-J d10-62 B 2 a, Geosite 13.
(Thanks GeekyDeeks!)

In terms of timing; meeting and Basecamp engagements will be as proposed for the end of leg 1 i.e. 02/06/3305 from 18:00 UTC.

The Route post above (#2) has been edited with confirmed details (31/05/3305). o7
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Hmmm... Geological Site #7 is in quite a nice canyon. Tried to find one with a close view of the nearby planet, but they all caused it to disappear over the horizon!

EDIT: Ok, so this is not a tidally locked planet; therefore, it's a bit difficult to predict what will be "a nice view"! I'm currently at site #13, where there's a nice view of the next nearest planet on the horizon. I'd upload a picture, but the forum seems to be having problems with that at the moment.
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