The Great Return: The Voyager Route (PS4)



After finishing DW2, the time came to decide which route to take home...
The DW2 organisation team started a survey to determine which of the return routes was the most popular. The explorers voted for a route parallel to that of DW2 with a detour to Colonia.

The Voyager route was voted second, so it was only logical to offer an expedition for this route as well.

After some research in this forum and some other Elite Dangerous and Star Trek Voyager pages I found out that there are two main routes entered in EDSM or the Frontier Forum.

An incredibly detailed elaboration of the Voyager route can be found here:

Dr. Nagi transferred the main waypoints to EDSM:

Erimus Kamzel of the DW2 team also planned a way back for the DW2 participants using these waypoints and added a kind of sightseeing tour:

Since these two routes differed a little in detail, (BLUE: Dr. Nagi via EDSM, GREEN: Erimus Kamzel's) it was decided to use the already prepared route of Erimus Kamzel as an expedition route in 4 stages.
Green: The actual Route (Erimus Kamzel). Blue: The Voyager Trail as entered in EDSM by Dr. Nagi

The Galactic Map Image, all system links and notes are courtesy of

But since all expeditions started at the starting point of "Voyager's Reach", a Prologue stage had to be prepared.
Shortly before the launch on May 19th, everything was ready and that leads us to the actual route:


The Voyage Home is a 4 month journey of five stages that will take us on the outer rim of The Solitude Void from Beagle Point via Voyager's Reach and then back to the SOL-System. We will roughly follow the estimated route of the NCC-74656 (USS Voyager) back to the bubble. The part of the expedition between Voyager's Reach and Sol is separated into 4 stages, on the waypoints of these stages there a changes for the fleet to meetup and get together. Along the route there are several Points of Interest which you can visit at your own pace and will. Only the endpoints of the four main stages are counted for the completion via EDSM.

The Voyage Home will not be as much organized as DW2. The chosen way of communication is via the DW2 PS4 Chat-Groups or In-Game. Of course, as some of us are still connected via FleetCom or IPX-Discord, this way to communicate is still available, and there is an extra "Voyage-Home" Discord Sub-Channel in the IPX-Discord.
The expedition will take place in the AllCrowsAreBlack private group on PS4. This way, we can stay in touch with all the other CMDRs, that chose to take a different routes towards the bubble and keep our friendly bonds.
We are trying to establish a weekly progress of about 5kly but there are no scheduled Meet-Ups.

The official launch was on May 19th 3005 at 19:00 UTC from from the Distant Worlds basecamp on Beagle Point body 2 A. However, CMDRs may set off at any time and are welcome to follow the route on a schedule to suit their personal priorities.

CMDRs on other platforms are of course welcome to follow the route and are advised to use the FleetComm or Mobius Private Groups.


PROLOG: Beagle Point to Voyager's Reach
WPEstimated DoALocationDistance between waypoints
WP01Beagle Point
Dreeckia EB-W c2-05.224,96
Cho Eur GX-L d7-5 (Jovian Assembly)5.916,42
Pyrai Eohn LM-V c18-06.747,08
Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0 (Voyager's Reach)4.987,58

STAGE 1: Voyager's Reach to Rattla
WPEstimated DoALocation (distance between POIs)Distance between waypoints
Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0 (Voyager's Reach)
Rotheau SZ-O e6-895 (Rattla)29.795,14

STAGE 2: Rattla to Singularities Playground

STAGE 3: Singularities Playground to Red Storm Geyser's

STAGE 4: Red Storm Geyser's to SOL
WPEstimated DoALocation (distance between POIs)Distance between waypoints
Cat's Paw Sector HR-W d1-31 (Red Storm Geysers)

For further details about the waypoint and/or the POIs, please refer to Erimus Kamzel's Forum Post:
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If you're officially participating in "The Voyage Home" and want to see your flag incorporated into the patch, it's quite easy:

  1. register for the expedition via EDSM:
  2. register as a participant in the official fleet roster:
At the end of the expedition, in September 3305, the patch will be completed with all missing flags.
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Here is a comparison of the above mentioned routes. In addition, I have tried to equate the seasons of the TV series "Voyager" and important jump events within the series with the distances of the individual routes.
Of course, this document does not claim to be complete.

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