The Green and Pink expedition [travelog]

No, i don't organize a social event or something.
This is my 4th long range travel/exploration expedition.
This time, i decided to visit all Green Gas Giant and Pink Gas Giant* know by man (or EDSM). Because why not ? And it's fun when suddently someone find another and i must add 15kly in a random direction.

But, first thing : The Ship.
I decided to get out of the dust my trusted Asp Explorer, the Glorious Fluo Pancake. It's a pure tourism/travel expedition, and for the first time i decided to really use neutron boost. So i need AMFU and a robust build (double A rated AMFU, shield for "surface gentle touch", SRV).
I upgraded my Fuel Scoop to A, because money is not a problem anymore since the "new" exploration values. I don't use new enginereeded system, using my "legacy module" that give me a ~55ly jump range. Maybe i have some jumponium in my hold, but i don't bother to grind anything. Saddly, Guardian tech' was still a mystery when i started this trip. But 204ly jump with neutron uis nice&fast enough...
Money... It's been a few years since I play this game. And i've money. So, for thanking E:D for all this hours of marvel, i decided to "pimp my ride". Paintjob, part-kit, pink thruster, cosy spacesuit, bubblehead, all this things !

Ready to go !

WP 1 : Radioactive Green ( Col 285 Sector VU-M c8-1 )

This system is near the Bubble, so obviously it was my first stop.
The Green Gas Giant (GGG n°4) have Ammonia-based lifeforms and nice radioactive/muminescent green cloud.
It even have a tourist beacon ! And some landable moon nearby. Near the Bubble, we can see the splendor of Barnard's Loop and nearby nebulae, a "welcome home" (or "goodbye, see you soon !") sign for explorer.

Some pictures :

You can visit it in video too :

* : if GGG are still alive and well, patch 3.3 have killed all GMG. No more Glowing Pink.
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WP 2 : The Bleia Dryiae Glowing Green Giant ( Bleia Dryiae HF-W b35-1 )

It's time to say goodbye at the neighbourhood. Direction (vaguely) the Core ! For ~5000ly. Travelling was easy and safe. And speedy, with my ASP Explorer (my ship with the biggest range). The A-rated fuelscoop was hypereffective, never overheat. I remember my first trip to the Core, on a non-enginereed Imperial Courier with it 22ly range (and neutron boots don't even exist in this time)... Time have changed.
This Green Gas Giant (GGG n°2) is even greener than the first one. And this time, it bear Water-based life. A chocolate & (radioactive) mint ball. There's some ice rock to land nearby and enjoy the view.
A cool stop if you go to Sag*A.

And now, the pictures of this awesomness :

You can also visit it in video here :

Oh ! And don't be shy : you can comment here !
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WP 3 : Dude, where's my planet ? ( Dryoea Prue AA-A h126 )

A new Pink Gas Giant was found at Dryoea Prue AA-A h126 by a fellow explorer and was diligently reporter on The Glowing Green Giant The Definitive List topic
Screenshot of the Pink Gas Giant by the explorer :
But, sometime after, it was reported that this marvel have mysteriously disappeared.

So, i gone to investigate... After all, what's 10kly with the neutron jump ?
And the result... When i came here : nothing ! The Pink Gas Giant was gone...
Actually, the system map on EDSM show a gas Giant around the secondary O-star...

So, no video and no awesome looking pics...
Or maybe not ! i've a lot of screeny of my travel and find...

During this trip, i became used of jump and their... brown moment.

A ringed Water World without atmophere, a blue marble.

Sadly, not pink enough...

Sadly, not neon-green enough...

Sadly, not florescent-green enough...
As the OP of the GGG thread, I obviously have an interest in these anomalous planets. Well done for planning a tour around them! :D

Yes, it is with sadness that we report the passing of the Dryoea Prue GMG. The only other one for which a system ID is known, Theau Pri FB-W e2-25, is apparently still there, or at least I have not heard any comment about it's disappearance. I've never been there myself but I plan to drop by there to investigate it on my next voyage.

As for EDSM, I believe it's still there because EDSM doesn't automatically remove planets just because they disappear from existence - it is assuming no-one else scans it. It will stay on EDSM until and unless someone reports it as being an error.
The only other one for which a system ID is known, Theau Pri FB-W e2-25, is apparently still there, or at least I have not heard any comment about it's disappearance. I've never been there myself but I plan to drop by there to investigate it on my next voyage.
As of April 14, it was still there. Hopefully 3.1 didn't destroy it, though I think the Q4 update is the one we really should look out for.
WP 4 : Heliotropeia Monoceratos ( Egnaix XJ-Z e30 )

After the disappointment (predictable if I had better followed the forum) of Dryoea Prue AA-A h126, i gone to the nearest point of interest : Heliotropeia Monoceratos, a Pink Gas Giant around a neutron starn "near" the Core.
The travel was fast and safe (lot of stars, neutrons jumps), without incident.
I've become used to "please supercharge your FSD to continue". Even if i'm not the best pilot of the galaxy, using neutron star was relatively easy. The only moment where i was in danger was un White Star jump (never, never again !). But the dancing light of theses stars always make me cautious... And so, after all these travel, my hull was still at 100% ! No more lithobraking or intense sunbathing. Maybe i'm becoming good ?
In any case, I want to thank the development team of the route plotter with "use jet cone" on. It work very well, even on great distance (or short), always thinking of setting path to a scoopable star after 4-5 jumps.

On the route, i found some little things, like an ELW directly orbiting around a neutron star, at Shrogaae GH-C d13-1181 :
This brings the grand total of this type of system discoveredby your servant to two.

Finally, after some jump, i arrived to my destination : Egnaix XJ-Z e30 !
And of course, it was gorgeous !
The Pink Gas Giant is so near the neutron star that you can see it (in it's pink/purple glory) from the arrival point. And so bright that she paints my white ASP Explorer in purple. There's also some "small" and beautiful white clouds in the atmophere.

You can see this beauty in video here :

I can confirm Theau Pri FB-W e2-25 is still here (it's my WP6... I'm currently at my WP10, it's not a in direct report).
About AMFU, i've a 3A and a 5A. Even if i need a "reload", i've a easy way to do so. Money. Colonia and outpost. The problem will be if there's a GGG or a PGG near Beagle Point...
And l've probably some stuff in my "virtual cargo space of materials", remnants of my hours of grind for engineering my FSD. And sometime i shoot rock for fun...
WP 5 : The Dryau Awesomes ( DRYAU AUSMS KG-Y E3390 )

This time, my next waypoint was not a Green Gas Giant or a Pink Gas Giant. It's only the most beautiful and awesome system actually know.
It's "near" the Core, so travelling was not a problem. I've became used to neutron boost (sort of...) and my hull is surprisingly still at 100%. AMFU do their job and repair my FSD. I stop when i'm near 80%, take a beer and repair in normal space, enjoying the view.
Nothing special was found during this section of my trips.

So, the marvel one of the most insane system of the galaxy.
Even the arrival is epic ! The main "star" is a Black Hole, with a White Star compagnon at 3ls !
And around the white dwarf, there's a Class V Gas Giant in very very close orbit ! You can even see it orbiting around.
There's also a Water World orbiting closely to a blue Gas Giant (with ring). And extremly close landable moons. The sky here is totally awesome and evolve each time !

Of course, with a black hole, i couldn't resist to crash on it for some gravitationnal lense play. And almost cook myself to get out here.
Of course, with played with rings and landed on colored moons with a view.
And i completly forget that these moons avec geysers too ! It's a good excuse to come back one day...

So, pics :

And you can also visit this awesomeness in video here :

Honestly, if you're near the Core (or not), pay a visit to DRYAU AUSMS KG-Y E3390
I have not been so impressed since Mitterand Hollow.
WP 6 : Pink Marshmallow ( Theau Pri FB-W e2-25 )

Time to go again, near the Core.
This time, my travel was enventfull and profitable. My hull was still at 100%, but some Neutron Star have... Too much compagnon. And to near. Lots of screaming and "surprise !" but no damage.
I did not give up the idea of finding my own GGG or PGG, so i look around Gas Giant

But sadly, no luck. This one was nice but not pink enough.

And this one is not neon Green enough.
But there's an ELW in the same system ! Lucky me !

Sometime, space madness kick in and i try stupid things, like land on a ~3-4G planet near a sun.

Speaking of luck, i've found an interesting system, that i dubbed Heaven&Hell.
Look at this buring hell, with a monstruous and toxic atmosphere... And its moon.

Yes, these buring things have an ELW moon.
Do you thing it's worthy of a POI for the Galatic Map Project ?
The rest of the system is pretty normal...

And another lucky shot ! Again, an ELW in direct orbit of a Neutron Star.
So i've now found 3 of these... It's when you don't search them taht you found them. or it's just statistics : now i'm using neutron boost, i visit more neutron star, so morechance to find ELW...

And i finally arrived at Theau Pri FB-W e2-25 !
It's a Neutron star system, with a white dwarf compagnon. And the Pink Gas Giant was still here in all its glory ! At less than 1000ly of arrival point, you can already see his pinky glow !
The planet luminosity recolor my white ASP Explorer better than a paint job.
Let's contemplate this beauty. Pink and white this time (the previous one was pink and purpple).

I hope you enjoy these report, the pics and my broken english...

As always, you can visit it in video here :
WP 7 & 8 : Maybe, maybe not ( Eoch Flyuae KA-K c23-4 ) - Land of Giant Crystals / Glow Bug Giant ( Eol Prou KW-L c8-32 ) - Colonia

After rumors on the forum, I went to check the presence of an eventual GGG in the systems Eoch Flyuae KA-K c23-4 or Eoch Flyuae KA-K c23-43 (silly me, i doesn't thought to check Eoch Flyuae KA-K c23-34). You never know, with the disapparance of Dryoea Prue AA-A h126 and the graphic rework who (apparently) killed the GWG...
But, as expected, nothing.
There's only a greenish Gas Giant with rings in Eoch Flyuae KA-K c23-4, as a fellow CMDR have reported.

So, i immediatly set a course to Eol Prou KW-L c8-32, near Colonia.
The journey went without problem or major discovery.
My hull was suprisingly still at 100%, even with so much neutron boost. I have exhausted the 3A AMFU and some of the 5A, only to repair the FSD.
Sometime, when you see a pulsar, you sigh while reading "Please supercharge your FSD to continue...".

I finally arrived at Eol Prou KW-L c8-32 and begin my usual tour.
This GGG was gorgeous and ringed ! So i had to frolik around. And i've extremly surprised by... not one but TWO NPC pirates.
I've knew i was "near" Colonia, but i've not paying full attention and I did not notice that I was so close of a populate area (and its danger) !
Fortunatly, i've no cargo, bount or affilitation with anything, so the pirates only scan me before leaving, disappointed.
Again, i doesn't realize that Eol Prou KW-L c8-32 have another POI. It's not called Land of Giant Crystals / Glow Bug Giant for nothing. Saddly, i forgot to check the geyser and crtystal discovered by the Land of Giants Expedition...

Now, the pictures :

As always, you can visit this GGG with me in video here :

After this, i decided to make a quick stop at Colonia (only 2 jumps !). For 3 reasons :
- Refuel the AMFU
- Repaint my messed up paintjob. I'm a Imperial Citizen, a Noble and filthy rich : i like neat thing. And i changed some of my cockpit bobbleheads.
- Obtain the ESDM Colonia badge. I've been here several times, but when it was only Jacques Station. And on another PC, so no "memory" of my travel for EDDiscovery.

WP 9 : Pink Elephants ( SCREAKE SJ-Y D1-265 )

Sometime, you must do other thing during an expedition. This one target majestic planets... So i wanted to ride my SRV on a ball of mud, to see some fumerolles/volcanism. And the sbumission have "pink" in its name.
So, no GGG or GMG this time.
With my freshly repainted and AMFUY-refuelled ship, the trip to SCREAKE SJ-Y D1-265 went perfectly, with an ELW near a nebula found.

I rapidly arrived at my destination and began the awful process of finding the fumerolles on the body 1-A.
Even with the coordinate ( 14.0976 / 46.2400 ) it was an pain for pilot like myself, who love Onion Head/Lavian Brandy cocktail... If only my friendly ship computer could set a waypoint, a marker on a planet surface.
But, finally, i hit the spot !

It was cool, with a lot of fumerolle, on a red (saddly, not pink/purple... Maybe it's depend of time of the "day" and the luminosity of the Neutron Star) or graphic settings.
And it's good to run around with the SRV from time to time... Even if i'm an atroucious pilot in low G....Mhhh... Even in normal/high G in fact...
So, the pictures :

You could also enjoy musing in fumerolles in video here :
WP 10 : Niteo Gigans ( IWHAIND AA-A G1771 )

To to go to another "recently" reported Pink Gas Giant.
The trip was uneventfull, with the mandatory ELW.

And a "not pink enough" ringed Gas Giant.

Hull was still at 100%, AMFU were plentifull after the Colonia pit stop.
So, i arrived safely at IWHAIND AA-A G1771.
This time, no neutron star : it's a simple system with 2 O stars and only one planet : the Pink Gas Giant.
And of course, it was beautiful.
This time it's an "Pink and Purple" Gas Giant. No ring and some little tiny white cloud.

As always, you can visit it in video here :

And the time I go to this system, someone discovered one of the most beautiful Pink Gas Giant and one of the most awesome view of the galaxy... But, it's for next time !
WP 11 : Gleshpoint ( DRYOEA FLYUAE AA-A G392 )

Today, it's an recently discovered Pink Gas Giant. So recently that i must have to confirm it's existence for EDSM and the The Glowing Green Giant The Definitive List topic
So, i travelled fast'n'safe (still at 100% hull, miracle) for seeing this beauty.

The DRYOEA FLYUAE AA-A G39 was asthonishing even without the Pink Gas Giant (or Glowing Magenta Giant if you prefer).
The main star is a lovely Black Hole

And at only 9ls, there a speedy Neutron Star.
You can see it from inside the exclusion zone of the Black Hole.
Of course, you can guess in what direction is the escape point...

But it's not enough.
At 270ls there're 2 neutron span, fastly spinning and in close orbit of each other.
Oh, and you can clearly see the Pink Gas Giant from here...

The Pink Gas Giant colors was in between the "White and Pink" of Pink Marshmallow and the "Purple and Pink" of Heliotropeia Monoceratos and Niteo Gigans.

Ok, are you ready for some awesomeness ?
Time to combine all this things...

And there's another neutron star (and anoter "normal" gas giant) in the system... It was probably one of the mst impressive and beautiful system have ever visited.

As always, you can visit this marvel with me in video here :

WP 12 : To Colonia again and Dryooe Prou FF-Z d696

I was around the marvellous Gleshpoint when the Green Signal illuminated the sky. Two another GGG was found !
One of them is "near" Colonia, so i immediatly setup a new course to Dryooe Prou FF-Z d696.
As expected, the trip went smoothly and relativly fast with Neutron Boost.

On the way, I discovered a bordeaux Gas Giant (so, not Pink enough) :

I finally arrived at Dryooe Prou FF-Z d696 and the GGG8 was here. Neon green and cholocate, a true marvel.
It have nice rings and some landable moon nearby, so i could land fo some screeshots.

Guess what ? You can visit it in video here :

After that, i gone to Colonia again, to repair, repaint and refuel (my 3A AMFU was depleted after all these neutron jumps).

And the noob moment : i forgot to scan all of the Dryooe Prou FF-Z d696 systems afterward... So the ESDM data are totally incomplete. Shame on me, a true "Elite" Explorer...
WP 13 : Blua Hypa Glowing Green Giant ( Blua Hypa HT-F D12-1226 )

It's time to go to the first Green Gas Giant ever reporterd (maybe).
From Colonia the trip was smooth (not a lot of neutron jump, but maybe it's my route) and without problems.

Some finds on the way:

A ringed "not pink enough" Gas Giant

The mandatory ELW, but with a nice view on the neighborhood.

A "not green engouh" Gas Giant.

Finally, i arrived safely in Blua Hypa HT-F D12-1226
The Green Gas Giant was here, and gorgeous. And with rings to play into. And with some nice landable moon to enjoy the scenery.
It's fun : the neon green swirl can be viewed fromm the moons even on the "dark side" of the Gas Giant. Bioluminescence !

NB : some pics on the rocky moon was altered, using contraste tool of Photoshop. For artistic reason. Because why not.

As always, you can visit it with me in video here :

Thank for following/supporting/commenting this expedition !
WP 14 : Roseum Somnium ( Clooku QS-S d4-145 )

This waypoint was "nearby" my last stop, so the trip to Clooku QS-S d4-145 was fast and ineventful.
No ELW, no funny colored Gas Giant or special POI. And all neutron in this region on the Colonia road was taggued.

So, direct to the pictures or the magnificient Roseum Somnium :

The Glowing Pink (or Magenta) Gas Giant was nearby its neutron star (15ly).

And like always, here the video version :
WP 15 : Floasly Glowing Green Giant ( Floasly TE-X d2-25 )

It's time to leave the "Road to Colonia" zone and go more into the dark, to the GGG n°6 : Floasly TE-X d2-25
But before, i made a brief stop at the Penal Ship Omicron "nearby" my last waypoint, for changing my paintjob to metallic purple. Because why not.

After this cosmetic (and AMFUtile) stop, the trip was smooth and without risk (not a lot of Neutron star, but untagged). Nothing special was discovered.
At one moment i've see a tiny blue dot and after some GalMap orientation battle, i localized a planetary nebula. I hoped, butsadly... it was already discovered.

So i arrived at Floasly TE-X d2-25.
This GGG was at more than 30 000ly, around an compagnon star. Sadly, it's only landable moon was far away, so no nice scenery for SRV drunken driving.
But the Floasly Glowing Green Giant was magnificient ! Green ? Supergreen ! It's probably the greener of all, with some pink/brown cloud at poles and some dark blue clouds around.
Enjoy the views :

Like always, you can visit this marvel with me in video here (jump to 8:00, because long travel in supercruise) :
Any chance you could throw in some system map pics for the GGG's? Just want to see how they're displayed in case I run into something new out in the black...

Thnx Cmdr and o7
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