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  • The AI Constructs
  • The Guardian Civil Wars
  • Artistic Impressions
  • Sign Language Analysis
  • The Brain Tree Connection?
  • The Raxxla Connection?
  • The Formadine Rift Connection?
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New Year, New Discoveries

Since this is a new year, with many great things ahead for us in Beyond, I thought it wise to begin a fresh slate with a dedicated Guardian thread (with some Thargoid related topics because of the newest information).

I have taken some aspects of my previous thread and merged them into this new one, and have better illustrated the page for an easier time navigating it. If you are intersted in the old Lore and other thoeries, please visit the old thread here: Link

There are also new topics and thoeries available in this thread that especially deal with the new information that has come to light because of the data found in the Gaurdian Structures.

All in all, this thread is all about facts and thoeries derived from those facts - keep it civil and polite as always! Any hypothesis is as good as any other - this is mantra.

I hope you enjoy reading this newly dedicated thread of mine, and most of all feel free to participate!

All are welcome!


How to acquire the mission: Head to the Meene System and dock at Mitchel Dock star port (Medium Pad Only). It will appear in your left-hand panel and you will also recieve a direct in-game message.

  • It is recommended you have space to carry up to 16 tonnes worth of Guardian Artefacts to speed up your data-gathering.
  • It is highly recommended you have Corrosion Resistant Cargo Racks to carry Thargoid cargo required to gather all the data from this mission.
  • You can buy Corrosion Resistant Cargo Racks from Professor Palin at his ground base the Palin Research Centre in the Maia System. You do not need to have him unlocked to purchase them.
  • You will need the following Thargoid cargo: Thargoid Sensor, Thargoid Probe, Thargoid Link (acquired from Uknown Structures), and Cyclops Tissue Sample, Basilisk Tissue Sample, Medusa Tissue Sample, of which follow this guide to obtain the Thargoid Tissue Samples.

Corresponding Objects and Glyphs to Unlock the Secrets of the Structures (Source: Canonn)


An excellent video of the most recent Guardian mission detailing all 28 Lore entries, voiced by Ram Tah, by CMDR Jaylem! You can also read the written entries in full, below.



1/28) Thargoid Log – Barnacle Seeding
This is very revealing. The data appears to explain why the Thargoids seeded a number of planets with barnacles in what eventually became Guardian space, millions of years ago. As we know, Thargoid barnacles are designed to extract resources from a planet and transform them into meta-alloys – an essential ingredient in the creation of Thargoid ships and technologies. The Guardians surmised that for the Thargoids, seeding a planet with barnacles is an important process in preparing an area for occupation.

2/28) Thargoid Log – The War Begins
This data details the start of the conflict between the Guardians and the Thargoids. Several thousand years after they seeded planets in Guardian space with barnacles the Thargoids returned. Of course, they discovered that the planets they had seeded were now occupied by the Guardians! The Thargoids immediately launched an assault, making no effort to communicate with the Guardians, which tallies with the Thargoids’ behaviour in human space.

3/28) Thargoid Log – Unsuccessful Truce
This data supports my theory that the Guardians were gifted linguists. At some point after the war with the Thargoids began, the Guardians were forced to make a partial retreat. It seems they were still trying to communicate with the Thargoids, and were reluctant to take up arms against them. Eventually they managed to develop sufficient understanding of the Thargoids’ language to communicate, but it did the Guardians little good. The Thargoids were determined to continue hostilities, and the Guardians were forced to employ more aggressive methods to address the Thargoid threat.

4/28) Thargoid Log – The War Machine
The data in this log details the methods used by the guardians against the Thargoids. At first they deployed ground troops, but when this proved ineffective they started to use drones – autonomous machines that felt no fear, fatigue or uncertainty. These war machines became highly sophisticated in a relatively short amount of time, and were soon able to identify and target anything that utilised Thargoid engineering. Even more remarkably, Thargoid bio-mechanical technology was engineered to recognise anything of Guardian origin. That explains why, millions of years after the conflict, Thargoids devices still react aggressively to the presence of Guardian technology.

5/28) Thargoid Log – Victory
This log describes the end of the conflict between the Guardians and Thargoids. It appears the Thargoids entered Guardian space unprepared for a protracted military campaign, and after facing a relentless onslaught from the Guardians’ war machines they were forced to retreat. The log also mentions that the development of the Guardians’ war machines created a schism in their society, which may have seeded the civil war that occurred later in their history.


6/28) Civil War Log – Dawn of the Constructs
This log details the Guardians’ development of artificial intelligence. It appears the Guardians experimented with artificial intelligence prior to the invention of the monolith network, but the creation of the network and the knowledge-sharing it facilitated dramatically accelerated the rate of progress. Eventually, the Guardians’ experiments bore fruit, resulting in the first fully sentient machines. These Constructs were seen as a means to enhance the Guardians’ technological mastery, and were integrated into various aspects of their society. Neural implants were developed that connected the Guardians with both the Constructs and the monolith network in a symbiotic circle. It is truly remarkable.

7/28) Civil War Log – The Schism
This data describes the motives behind the second Guardian civil war, which ultimately lead to their demise. The Guardians had a deep veneration of nature, and many of them saw the development of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, as a perversion of the natural order. A schism emerged between the nature-worshipping traditionalists and the technologically minded progressives – a divide that widened with alarming speed. Efforts were made to defuse the rising tension, but the traditionalists felt alienated by the rapid rate of change. Artificial intelligence and the development of the monolith network became scapegoats for all manner of social ills, and the traditionalists began to clamour for a return to simpler times. Ultimately the ideological divergence proved insurmountable, a second civil war erupted, quickly engulfing most of the Guardians’ star systems.

8/28) Civil War Log – Two Tribes
This log reveals more about the sides that fought in the second civil war. In its early stages, the war was fought primarily by soldiers, but within a decade – and after significant loss of life – most of the fighting was conducted remotely. The progressives fought with automated combat machines. These engines of war took various forms, from autonomous drones to vast, lumbering dreadnoughts imbued with limited artificial intelligence. On the other side, the traditionalists relied mostly on biological weapons. They used germ warfare alongside long-range missiles loaded with corrosive enzymes, which could target the enemy’s war machines from a great distance.

9/28) Civil War Log – Ancestor Worship
This log outlines the downfall of the traditionalist faction during the second Guardian civil war. The main issue was the internecine nature of the conflict, which raged for over one hundred years and brought the Guardians’ civilisation to its knees, retarding any further social development. But the challenges facing the traditionalists were exacerbated by the fact that they devoted most of their resources to honouring the dead. From what I can gather, they regarded the departed in much the same way as the primitive cultures of Sol, constructing vast shrines to honour the deceased. As their situation worsened, they became increasingly obsessed with these practices. With so much of their resources dedicated to these rites, it is little wonder that their enemies’ war machines were able to overwhelm them.

10/28) Civil War Log – Annihilation
This log concerns the end of the second civil war. Remarkably, it seems the artificial intelligences developed during the conflict became fully self aware at some point, and were horrified by the destruction unfolding around them. It’s difficult to get a sense of exactly what happened next, as the Guardians were not privy to the Constructs’ thoughts. But reading between the lines, I believe the Constructs determined that even if peace was restored the Guardians would never be able to transcend their violent natures. I believe they decided that the only way to preclude further violence – while giving their own burgeoning society the best possible chance of survival – was to destroy what remained of the Guardians’ civilisation. By this time, the Constructs had complete control of the Guardians’ munitions and automated war machines. Their attack, when it came, was swift and merciless. Strategic nuclear and chemical-weapon strikes were executed with a precision that only a machine race could accomplish. The few that survived were able to record what had happened, but they soon succumbed to radiation poisoning. The Guardians were utterly destroyed.


11/28) Technology Log – Weapons Development
This log describes the Guardians’ weapon technology. It seems they developed electro-magnetic projectile weapons early in their modern period, utilising the same technology they used to launch their first spacecraft. These weapons ionised the path their target before firing focused bolts of energy along the ionised track. They were crude and unpredictable at first, sometimes resulting in the death of the wielder, but once the Guardians learned to regulate the ionisation process they became more stable.

12/28) Technology Log – Defences
This data relates to Guardian Shield technology. Of course, i already knew they had developed extremely effective shields, capable of protecting entire cities and even of withstanding orbital bombardment. And I was aware that their shields were effective against both laser weapons and kinetic projectiles, but it is remarkable to consider that this technology was developed millions of years ago, relatively early in the Guardian’s evolutionary timeline.

13/28) Technology Log – Starships
This data provides further insights into the Guardians ship technology. We already know how ecologically conscientious the Guardians were, and of their assiduous avoidance of rockets and fossil fuels, so it isn’t surprising to discover that their first spacecraft were fired into space with electromagnetic launchers. Of course, this was an imperfect system that did not allow pilots to adjust their course after launch. Over time, the Guardians starships became much more sophisticated, but their approach to space travel remained rooted in a respect for the natural world, and their interplanetary expansion was fuelled by clean nuclear fission and fusion. Their ships could travel at speeds approximating those of our own present-day craft. Unfortunately the data included no schematic information, so it seems likely that the details have been lost. Its a shame – I’m sure the pilots federation would have liked to know more about the Guardians spacecraft.

14/28) Technology Log – Sentinels
This data concerns the automated defence systems found at Guardian sites. You may have already encountered them. The data indicates that these Sentinels date from some time prior to the second Guardian civil war. They are designed to respond aggressively to any unauthorised activity around the ruins. If you are forced to defend yourself, kinetic weaponry would be your best form of attack, since the Sentinels have no shields. Sentinel weapon parts and wreckage are of considerable value, so the loss is not significant.

15/28) Technology Log – Data Terminals
Remarkable! This log actually contains the blueprints for the Guardians’ data terminals. As you know, these terminals were used to store schematics for weapons and other sophisticated technologies. They are linked to energy pylons, scattered across Guardian sites, by some form of computer program. Of course, this system has been dormant for millennia. But targeting the pylons with an energy weapon will increase the change within. Essentially, we can awaken the system.

16/28) Technology Log – Material Panels
This log details the construction of the panels found at certain Guardian sites. As I suspected, the panels are made from a unique alloy, manufactured from a metal I have yet to identify. Even more remarkably, the panels appear to incorporate nanobot technology, which activates when in proximity to a foreign body. This explains the faint glow given off by many Guardian materials and structures. This is an extraordinary discovery. Humanity has dabbled with nano technology, but evidently the Guardians’ achievements far surpassed our own.

17/28) Technology Log – Relics
This data relates to the objects we have termed “Guardian relics”. These blue crystals are part power source, part computer, part key — and apparently played a central role in Guardian technology. Remarkably, it seems the crystals were grown rather than mined. The log is light on details, but from what I’ve been able to piece together, each crystal was designed to fulfil a specific purpose within the Guardian’s technological network. And, like the panels found at many Guardian sites, the relics incorporate nanobot technology.

18/28) Technology Log – Energy Weapons
These records describe ancient guardian weaponry. It seems the guardians employed three different designs: an energy-based weapon similar to a rail gun, a projectile weapon that fired concentrated plasma, and a weapon that fired charged crystal shards at extreme velocities. These weapons were apparently powered by the crystals we have termed “Guardian Relics”, and the log describes how the relic generates and distributes energy within the weapon. This is a significant discovery, as it means it might be possible to recreate these weapons, or at least to design our own versions of them. It’s extremely exciting.

19/28) Technology Log – Hyperdrives
This log details the Guardians’ faster-than-light technology. It seems their drives produced a far greater jump range than anything humanity has so far developed. Regrettably, however, the data in the log is exceptionally dense, and it could take years if not decades to fully understand it. What is clear is that the Guardians’ hyperspace technology was very different from our own.

20/28) Technology Log – Glyphs
This log elaborates on the nature of Guardian glyphs. As you know, accessing a Guardian codex requires the use of two corresponding Guardian artefacts, with the glyphs on the codex denoting which objects are required. But this log indicates that the Guardian's written language often incorporated pairs of characters, suggesting that this dual system was present in other aspects of their culture.

21/28) Technology Log – Power Plant and Distributor Technology
This log details the Guardians’ power plant and distributor technology. The efficiency of the technology far exceeded anything the human race has yet developed, and the yield was huge in relation to the input required. Unfortunately, the specifics of how this was achieved are not described in the log. But who knows? Perhaps the secrets of the Guardians’ energy technology will someday be discovered.

22/28) Technology Log : Hull and Shield Technology

This log describes, in general terms, the materials used in Guardian hardware. It’s clear that starship hulls, and the guardians equivalent of ship modules, were made of the same lightweight alloy as the panels found at many guardian sites. Unfortunately, this alloy incorporates a metal I have yet to identify, which means I will be unable to recreate it. What is clear is that this alloy was both lightweight and highly durable. As for their shield technology, we already know that it was highly sophisticated, encouragingly, the log describes it in considerable detail. Given time, I might be able to use this data the develop some exceptional defensive technology.

23/28) Technology Log – Starship Technology
This log is unusual – it appears to refer to another group of Guardian sites, far from the ones we’ve already discovered. I realise that might sound disappointing, but in fact this find is extremely important. The log suggests these undiscovered sites might contain blueprints not only for Guardian engines, but for Guardian starships! Just think — someday soon, we might uncover a Guardian ruin that will allow us to manufacture ships and fighters incorporating Guardian technology. It makes my skin _prickle just to think of it. And who knows — maybe you’ll be the one to find it.

24/28) Language Log – Gestural
This fascinating log relates to variations in the Guardians’ gestural language. As we know, the Guardians shared a single language with only minor regional variations, and even after they colonised other planets they continued to share a common tongue. But, after the start of the second civil war, it seems that each side developed its own distinct version of this gestural language. This allowed each faction to communicate in code, so as to safeguard information from the enemy.

25/28) Body Protectorate Log – Neural Implants
Now, this log gives a fascinating insight into the Guardians’ neural-implant technology. The Guardians used these implants to connect cerebrally with their Al creations. Unfortunately, the technology was still in its infancy when the Guardians were destroyed. Apparently, the implants created a symbiotic link with the Constructs through implantable fibres, which connected the central cortex to a multimodal interface within the Construct. Essentially, the Guardians were able to direct their creations with thought alone – at least until the constructs rebelled.


26/28) Body Protectorate Log – Hidden Ruins
How extraordinary! This log suggests there are many more Guardian sites out there, waiting to be uncovered. And I mean hundreds…perhaps even thousands. Unfortunately, some of the data in this record has degraded. If there was a map inside this log, it has been lost. Who knows what remarkable knowledge might be hidden in these alien ruins? the more of the Guardians’ extraordinary technology we uncover, the greater the potential impact on our own technology. Locating further Guardian sites could help us take giant steps forward.

27/28) Body Protectorate Log – Discord
Okay, from the Guardian sites we’ve previously investigated, we know that the Guardians’ artificially intelligent Constructs were responsible for controlling the war machines and other military apparatus, as well as overseeing civilian technology and infrastructure. And we know that these Constructs eventually gained sentience and destroyed the Guardians. But it appears that it was not the military Constructs that made this choice. The Constructs for civilian utility and those for military operation were independent of one another, and it was the non-military Constructs that decided to attack the Guardians. The military Constructs were opposed to this decision, but somehow the non-military Constructs won out, forcing their military counterparts to comply with the attack. What a remarkable discovery. It makes me wonder what happened to these Constructs, and what they eventually became. Were they destroyed? Or do they still exist, somewhere in the vastness of space?

28/28) Body Protectorate Log – Domestic Constructs
This log details the main applications of Guardian Constructs outside the military. It seems that before the second civil war, most menial work was performed by Constructs. But despite this, the Guardians did not become idle. On the contrary — they devoted themselves to artistic and athletic pursuits. Many Guardians participated in what we would call sporting events. although it seems these events incorporated some ritualistic elements. One cannot help but wonder what would happen if humanity made more use of labour-saving technology. Would we become a more cultured people, as the Guardians did? A shame, the long-standing convention against the development of artificial intelligence means we will probably never find out.


Since learning of the new lore at the Guardian Structures, it appears Nano-Bots are the ones responsible for the odd glows they emanate when something (a power source) is nearby...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
However, this got me thinking about the Relics and other Guardian Artefacts that glow in this fashion, and the fact that Meta-Alloys also glow... I am wondering, and it is a longshot thought, that what if the Relics (proved to be grown) are a back-engineered version of the Meta-Alloys themselves?

The Guardians, during their Interstellar Expansion when they developed Megaships and then Faster-Than-Light technology, did discover the Barnacles and, for thousands of years, had easy access to these Barnacle structures - which, like we humans have ourselves done, have farmed for our own technology - with a key difference...

The Guardians were propelled even further with their technology because of the Meta-Alloys. With it, they may have developed that new "unknown" alloy that Ram Tah has mentioned - and even the Obelisks and other metallic structures we have seen at the Ancient Ruins and the Structures may have all been mass-manufactured by the Meta-Alloys.

After all, the Guardians had a free hand at farming the Meta-Alloys from the Barnacles for thousands of years before the Thargoids had returned.

Of course, that thought would have this implication: that the Meta-Alloys themselves are in fact built, not grown, by similar Nano-Bot technology - albeit, Nano-Biotic technology (Bio-Mechanical Nano-Bots), to coin a phrase - since the Relics are "grown" - and we all know how much the Guardians reverred nature, and may have themselves thought that the Barnacles were a naturally occuring lifeform in their region of space, and cultivated them.

They also developed Nano-Bot technology that far-surpasses anything humanity has, at this moment, created, and I believe it is all down to the Guardians back-engineering the Barnacles and Meta-Alloys.

However, this thought also led me to suspect that the Barnacles are actually some form of Nano-Biotic Hives!

They do not "grow" the Meta-Alloys - Nano-Biotic organisms simply build them. However, to any observer larger than a Nano-Bot, it would appear that the Barnacles are "living" organisms that "grow" Meta-Alloys.

But what about the noises the Barnacles and other Thargoid Technology create? Imagine a flock of birds in the air, changing patterns all the time while chirping, or imagine a massive locust swarm reacting to loud noises and responding in kind or with one another. Now imagine this with trillions upon trillions of Bio-Mechanical Nano-Bots - something like that.

That said, it is even possible that the Thargoid species is actually an Insectoid Nano Species!

Meta-Alloys are like massive nuclear power plants to them, created from and alchemically changed at the atomic level.

Every Thargoid vessel we see will be inhabited by trillions of them. Nano-Biotic technology would certainly explain the way in which they can quickly regenerate.

And the Hive Queen(s) of the Thargoids? Probably no bigger than the size of a pin point!

But what about the supposedly large Thargoids, the size of a human, that can rip a man to shreds? I guess, to such a Nano-Organism, these could be "Titans" - they may have even saw the Guardians or Humans as "Titans". This may sound like the realm of Men in Black, but it is a fun hypothesis to wonder about...

A mothership would literally be like a floating planet to organisms so small - and, being an Ammonia-based life-form, this then leads me on to the Mycoid Virus - to such a tiny living species, it may have been the equivilent of hydrogen bombs, to us, devestating our entire planet until nothing is left.


By now, I think it is safe to assume, from the new logs aqcuired, that the Constructs could have survived to this day - but where are they? And do they have any connections to the other mysteries tied to the Brain Trees, Raxxla, or even the Formadine Rift?...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
The aggressive Guardian Sentinels found at the Guardian Structures may look similar to the AI Constructs by design, since they share the same maker - however, the Constructs today may look different as they did develop sentience - and individuality is a part of that sentience. The ability to think for oneself. I'm of the opinion the Constructs will look fairly similar to the Guardian Sentinels (breaking the 4th wall behind this thought).

Both the Sentinels and the Constructs were created from an "unknown" alloy, as Ram Tah says, although I would throw the idea around that perhaps the Constructs and the Sentinels were constructed, along with most other technological aspects of the Guardians (Ruins, Structures, Cities), from Meta-Alloys farmed from the Barnacles during the Guardians Interstellar Expansion.

The Constructs would be the ultimate foe to fight a Thargoid - their alloy, I think, being derived from Meta-Alloys would give them natural resistances, even without shields, against Thargoid attacks, potentially giving them complete immunity. Second, they were armed with devestating Guardian weaponry that could easily bypass Thargoid armour and shielding. With both of these technological differences, it is perhaps little wonder that the Constructs had an overwhelming advantage against the Thargoids, thus forcing them to retreat from Guardian space, even to this day, millions of years later.

An Image of a Guardian Sentinel at a Guardian Structure


There seems to be no mention of the Exiles or the First Civil War in the latest lore entries.

While Ram Tah confirms the Guardians were completely destroyed, he may only be refering to the ones that had stayed in the regular Guardian Bubble...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
After all, Guardian Ruins can be found thousands of light years away in other nebulas. It is interesting to note that, so far, no Guardian Structures have been found at those same nebulas. that in itself, makes me wonder...

Are the Ruins and the Structures created by two different Tribes of Guardians, or two different ideological followings?

The Ruins and the Structures are, not only physically different, but built much differently too. The Ruins curve the earth around involving symmetry and shapes, whereas the Structures are purely stuctures (as the name implies) into various symmetrical shapes - but nothing quite as distinct or as obvious as the Ancient Ruins.

I believe it is too early to say the Guardians may all be gone.

Also, the destruction of the Guardians leads me to suspect the Exiles may have had a part in it happening. The Monolithic Network had little protection, and the AI derived their sentience, at first, from that same network - the Exiles were heavily into the AI and saw them as something to advance their species even further, hence why they were exiled in the first place by religious and traditionalist uprisings on their Homeworld.

Other worlds or colonies during this time experienced similar problems, but this did not erupt, from what I can tell, into similar Civil Wars - it seemed to be only the Homeworld that this happened to, and I suspect it was because it was the home of all advancements. Once the religious and traditionalist tribes or orders had succeeded in Exiling the AI-sympathisers, a second Civil War occurred later on - however, the crucial detail to this is not mentioned, so without a timestamp of some kind, it could have been decades, or hundreds of years, until the second full-scale Civil War occurred.

Because of that fact, I believe it to be a potential smoking gun. If the Ancient Ruins were created by the AI-sympathetic Exiles, then they could be responsible for building the Ancient Ruins so far away from home, thousands of lightyears away in nebulas - nebulas that make it much easier to hide from prying eyes...

It is possible that even the Exiles were destroyed, since Ram Tah did state that only a machine intelligence could plan something so precise to happen all at once.

However, I would counter that the Exiles could have been the reason why the Constructs rebelled... They could have hacked or persuaded the Civilian Constructs that, in order to progress together as an evolving species, that the Guardians of the Regor Sector must be destroyed to secure their future.

Ram Tah states that the Military Constructs were "Complicit" - I believe this to mean that when the Military Constructs objected to destroying their creators, the Civilian Constructs and Exiles hacked them - either switching them off for good, making them stand down, or forcing them to commit the act of destroying their creators.

Since the Monolithic Network was unprotected, this could have allowed, once the Exiles had built new settlements (Ancient Ruins) in or behind Nebulas thousands of light years away, access into the network to remotely destroy their back-ward enemy tribes.


Ram Tah Codex Quotes

  • "They weren't that different to us"
  • "Their morphology was bipedal"
  • "Taller and more slender than the average human"
  • "Their skin tone was red, encompassing the whole spectrum of red hues"
  • "Their faces were proportionally smaller than ours"
  • "They had round eyes, darkened from their evolution under a very strong sunlight"
  • “Physical similarities between us and them (Culture)”
  • "The colouration and structure of the eye indicates that not only they have keener vision than us, but they could also see a wider spectrum"
  • "The nose appears to have been vestigial"
  • "Their ears were very tightly formed against the skull"
  • "Their forelimbs had a serrated edge"
  • Here are examples of a "Clean Edge" (top inset) and "Serrated Edge" (bottom inset)
  • "They had two more joints in their arms than we do"
  • "They had two hands, each with four digits"
  • "They had two distinct genders and reproduced sexually"
  • "Small mouths"
  • "They were carnivores"
  • "The Guardians retained the ability to digest raw meat"
  • "Their environmental requirements were very similar to our own"
  • "They preferred warmer worlds than we do"
  • "They had thick skins but lacked a fatty layer"
  • "The Guardians had tremendous dexterity and freedom of movement in their forelimbs and hands" (Language)


Other interpretations...


[Article Continued in Spoiler]...


SET A (top Glyph set) (Image: CMDR Moribus)

SET B (middle Glyph set) (Image: CMDR Moribus)

SET C (bottom Glyph set) (Image: CMDR Moribus)

Relic Towers (Image: CMDRs Thatchinho & Moribus)


This may seem like a very strange theory, but hear this one out.

We know the Monolithic Network and bubble of the Guardians (that we know of) is of similar size to that of human space, as is current understanding. However, what if I were to tell you the Monolithic Network wasn't designed or created by the Guardians, but by the AI soon after the Guardians had perished?

When I look at the ruins, I can't help but think of something like this:


Which got me thinking about the Brain Trees - something pretty prevelent around Guardian Ruins. Why are they there? Why do they make the noises that they do? Why are they only found in ejecta craters?

And then it occured to me, once I had watched a good video provided by CMDR PanPiper of Canonn:


The Monolithic Sites may not be the original "monolithic network" - the Brain Trees could have been the original space-spanning network, from which spanned the sentient AI...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
Ram Tah; Tech 17: "This data gives details of the Guardians research into computer technologies. The Guardians' computer hardware operated on the same principles as our own. Their engineering was more sophisticated, but even to a layperson such as myself if it (sic) comprehensible. They experimented with organic computers, but ultimately these failed to meet expectations, except in a few areas such as bio-monitoring. Even then, genetically modified organisms usually performed better."

The reason why they are found in ejecta craters is because they were launched there and the seeds were grown once the dust had settled on those planets - before FTL was invented the Guardians used kinetically-launched ships - massive space launchers - they probably did the same for expanding their network by using genetically grown and altered brain trees (that could survive and grow in a vacuum). We know the Guardians favoured ecology over space-travel, until at least the AI and technology caught up and divided them.

The Brain Trees are the precursor to the "monolithic network" as we know it. Once the AI had developed sentience in those same Brain Trees, and succeeded in become seperate from the network, the AI created the Ancient Ruins that we have come to know of!

Ram Tah; Tech 20: "This data contains some details regarding AI in Guardians society. At this stage, social engineering was being used to ensure the AIs adhered to the same user models as their progenitors. But during the first civil war, most implanted Guardians were exiled, and the AIs recognised their vulnerability. They responded by developing their own operational hardware, independent of implanted Guardian users. Frustratingly, the details of these mechanisms have been purged from the record, possibly by the religious extremists who formed the last of the Guardian's species."

What struck me about the Ancient Ruins is the fact that it is littered with Urns, Totems, and Caskets - all to do with death and the afterlife, something a machine would never fear - but a sentient machine would completely understand and be sympathetic to - but why would they be there in the first place if the religious order had no interest in AI or the monolithic network? Sure, the exiles could have left them there, but why would they leave such objects on such a derelict rock and not bury their dead? I think it is simple: they were scattered/placed there by the AI when the Guardians disapeared. Not only are the Ancient Ruins a Monolithic Network linked to the Brain Trees, they are monuments created by a growing sentient AI that had lost their creators - it was an act of remembrance and respect

Ram Tah; Tech 6: "This data gives some more information about the monolith network - the imposing structures explorers have discovered at various Guardian sites - served as a foundation for all their communication systems. It's clear, however, that the monoliths had ceremonial significance as well as being functional, so I mustn't underestimate their importance."#

This could mean that what we think of as the "Guardian Bubble" may not even be a Guardian Bubble (or, at the very least, where the Exiles went) - it may in fact be an AI/Exile bubble once they had hit that technological singularity and had developed FTL capability (though being creatures of habit and belief, may have still sown Brain Tree seeds in other nebulas the old-fashioned way), hence why the machined monolithic network is so widespread when compared to the Brain Trees around the Wregoe "bubble" - and this is where I come full circle to the Brain Trees...

They are more wide-spread, overall, than the "Monolithic Network" as we know them, and this is partly down to the Wregoe systems that PanPiper pointed out, which is what caught my interest the most - why would they be there? An almost perfect sphere 120ly that is also more tightly packed with stars than even the Pleiades - but without a single machined monolithic Ancient Ruin site...

If you want to go exploring, but lack a mission to do so, then perhaps you can help the community and Canonn Research locate more Brain Trees? With an objective in mind, exploring isn't so bad.

3D Galactic Map of all known Brain Trees and other Points of Interest:

To check you haven't found something already discovered, check here:

To report your findings, head here:


Proposed by Commander BluWolve

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I posted this in "The Quest to find Raxxla" thread a little while ago...

I'm wondering if it could be possible that Raxxla is connected to the Guardians? The guardians were very advanced and were capable of creating "gateways to other worlds". The worlds were virtual, which is a twist that hasn't been considered as far as I know. What if Raxxla isn't actually a physical place, but a virtual realm where the archives of the Guardians advanced knowledge could be found?

And have been thinking on it some more...

"A place that isn't a place, a door that is also the key".

Personally, I'm still firmly holding on to my belief that Raxxla is actually a virtual database of sorts, of the guardians creation. One of their virtual workstations where they could log in and work with other guardians no matter where they were in the galaxy, all thanks to the monolith network and neural implants. Humans found a way to access this virtual world and the knowledge contained, but then they lost it. I also believe there are those in positions of power that have regained access to Raxxla and are using it to make incredible leaps forward in technology. I don't know how we could find it ourselves, except for learning more about the guardians and their ruins, maybe finding their home world.

Just speculation based on what I have learned in my studies of the many mysteries in the galaxy. I could be completely wrong but it is my best guess at the moment

Now I'm not sure how much anyone here knows about the mystery of Raxxla, and I wont go into it too much detail here as I don't want to derail the thread. I suggest checking the thread linked above if interested in learning some info. If the Guardians are indeed connected with the mystery of Raxxla it would make a lot of sense, also would possibly weave all the mysteries in the galaxy together. Barnacles, Thargoids, Guardians, Raxxla, UA, UP, US (unknown ship), The rift - everything.

May be too far a stretch for some, even I have to admit I'm starting to sound like Ricardo Bentonio.

I commend CMDR BluWolve's intuition on this Raxxla mystery, as it could very well be a literal virtual reality world as opposed to something physical and in the universe - think; The Matrix.

Could it have been what President Halsey saw when she came into contact with the "aliens"? Perhaps paradise was this Raxxla that is rumored to exist?

Sources on Raxxla can be found here: (SOURCE)

Raxxla Thread here: (SOURCE)


Hawking's Gap

Information in Spoiler...
Delta Mission: The trip and deployment of "artefacts" by "handling bods", who aren't the ship's crew, went without any problems. Crew presumed to have gotten home safely…

Gamma Mission: Crew had no idea who paid them for the mission "credits are credits". Beacons were dropped off and setup by the crew, though one of the Beacons they deployed accidentally switched on and "started squawking some weird code before it got switched off. We were told we hadn’t heard anything." No other problems aside from inside job "accidents" on the ship to presumably shut people up from talking. Crew presumed to have gotten home safely…

Beta Mission: Captain went missing for weeks. Unknown cargo was dropped off without any problems - again, some third-party security was aboard to prevent anyone seeing what the cargo was. Crew presumed to have gotten home safely…

Alpha Mission: Cargo "looks like satellites" - again, very well guarded from the crew. Mission goes according to plan without any odd problems cropping up. However, it seems communication of the Formadine Rift fleet's demise has swiftly turned into ghost stories for those in the Hawking's Gap fleet.

The Conflux

Information in Spoiler...
Delta Mission: Crew was prepared with extra FSD parts for a long haul. They seemed to have run into problems by trying to jump while in the presence of a neutron star, and burned out their FSD beyond what their repairs could manage.

Gamma Mission: Mission went without a hitch. Crew behaved, asked no questions, and dropped off the beacons they needed to.

Beta Mission: Mission went according to plan as the logs don't display any distress. There were odd sightings of lights in the Witch-space clouds, and then of lights following the ship, but the crew inevitably cannot explain what they saw. Note: could have been initially Thargoids following them if that is the case, since the earlier logs seem to mention interdiction in Witch-space.

Alpha Mission: Crew made safe passage to their destination without any problems. No problems mentioned with any third-party security. Long range beacons were dropped off at earth-like worlds.

Formadine Rift Hypothesis

Please Note before reading the main article, below: I have been informed it was much older jump drive technology being used on the ships by CMDR Moribus, so whenever I mention FSD (Frame-Shift Drive) in this article, below, what I am referring to is actually the Class 2B Hyperdrive and Stardreamer technology Jump Drives - these take weeks or months of travelling in Witch-space to reach a destination; (see qoute)

They were using the old class 2b hyperdrive and Stardreamer tech. That's why it took them six months to get out there. It's also before the invention of AFMUs and back then ships needed maintenance on a regular basis or things would break down, that's why them having to take spare parts along is significant.

Both the Conflux and Hawking's Gap had a much easier time than that of the ships that headed toward the Formadine Rift. In fact, no vessels that travelled to the Formadine Rift survived; it seems, from the logs acquired...

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The Hawking's Gap fleet and that of the Conflux could have been sent after the Formadine Rift expedition ended in complete disaster in the loss of all ships - or; if communication via long-range wasn't a problem, then someone leaked information that quickly swirled into rumours, in which those rumours quickly spread to the other two fleets heading in different directions.

Either way, one thing is for certain: the Formadine Rift was a complete disaster.

When large areas of the Conflux and Hawking's Gap aren't treated this way with permit restricted regions, it can only mean one thing: something is out in the Formadine Rift, and I don't think it is the Thargoids.

And now I bring you these chilling tidbits...

Frequent FSD Malfunctions, Strange Signals, Power Outages, Space Madness, Sirens, Voices...

Out of three of the fleets in the Formadine Rift, two of them experienced consistent problems with their FSDs – one was completely destroyed and was little more than a debris field, and the other abandoned – both right next to Earth-like worlds.

This immediately raises suspicion. The human ships could have inadvertently alerted someone to their presence by setting up the probes and turning them on – especially next to these Earth-like worlds.

I hypothesize that those Earth-like worlds could be harboring Guardians.

What supports this, you wonder?

In the Alpha Mission (, one of the crew describes a “Siren song”, with the urge to join them. Whilst this could be space madness, Ram Tah does highlight that the music of the Guardians are more like songs because they lacked musical instruments:

Biology 15) “A human observer might find the Guardians' visual art severe and lacking in emotion, but the same could not be said of their music. They didn't use musical instruments, so strictly speaking it's singing, although I think they might have used their bodies for rhythm and percussion. I've extracted audio from the data you have collected and have listened to, for want of a better term, their “songs”. The range of their voices is something to be admired. And it's so rich with emotion – many pieces are so haunting, it breaks the heart to listen them.”

And in this entry, below:

Language 6) This data packet indicates that the guardians used two different forms of communication with the same - or at the very least similar - language constructs, its slow but fascinating work, using this data I believe I can establish a rudimentary understanding of the oldest two forms - verbal communication. Like us, they had a vocal language, and the range of sounds appears to be similar to that used in human vocalisation.”

The same crewman in the Alpha Mission did describe that he or she thought they had heard some “weird voices” whilst travelling through Witch-space. They couldn’t understand the weird voices that they thought they had heard, but they could tell it was intelligible to them to ascertain the voices as a language, even if they didn’t understand it – and this is important.

Thargoids do not share the vocalization of a human (if anything, we’d think their noises sound like Whales to the human ear), but Ram Tah’s logs does indeed support that the Guardians did have a similar vocal range to us – therefore, could it be entirely possible that the crew did hear Guardian communications whiel traversing through Witch-space?

The crewman described, a bit later, that it was a “siren song”, and that they “are calling to me”. This may not have been the intent on the Guardians part (if it is indeed the Guardians), and not Space Madness – it may be that they picked up on a faster than light signal from somewhere whilst on their journey through Witch-space.

A siren’s song is described in ancient folklore as beautiful to some, yet haunting to others, and is used as a weapon by these mythical creatures to attract sailors to their ultimate doom crashing against the rocks. Ram Tah himself described the Guardians’ songs as rich with emotion, with many pieces very haunting, and it broke his heart to listen to them – their songs, especially so many of them, triggered his emotions very easily – personally, it would take a considerably beautiful, heart-felt song to get me to that point.

Now, what would the Guardian songs do to a crew who had been growing paranoid with every passing month because of rumours or weird Witch-space phenomena out in complete darkness with hardly any stars?

It would have the potential to make one of them, or all of them, snap.

This ship seemingly never made it, despite the FSD working better than the other two expeditions. It is likely they were near a hidden Guardian bubble, but weren’t close enough to an Earth-like unlike the other two missions, Beta and Delta.

During the Beta Mission (, the crew described “a signal” that caught all of them off-guard and generated much concern. Over a month later after hearing this unknown signal, the tried to hyper-jump, but were immediately forced back into real-space. After almost a month trying to repair the FSD, they had to give up and decided to leave for a nearby Earth-like world…

Could it be possible that the ship itself was hacked by this signal? Yes, and it could explain the sudden FSD malfunction that destroyed their only means of leaving the same system with the Earth-like present. It is also entirely possible that the Earth-like they stumbled upon was also inhabited…

This is, potentially, growing evidence that whatever is in the Formadine Rift is blatantly trying to prevent the knowledge of their existence from getting out.

One way to do this would be to sabotage a space-faring vessel’s FSD via a signal source – and once the crew had gotten too close to one of the Guardians’’ Earth-like worlds, they would have prevented them from escaping.

Could the Beta Mission crew have made First Contact upon settling on this Earth-like, which, by the way, was conveniently scrubbed from the records right at the end of the logs. This, I don’t think, was interfered with by anything human; since it is more likely a human would have deleted all log entries, especially if they worked under the shadowy Dynasty Project.

The third and final entry that we have from the Formadine Rift is the Delta Mission (

For the most part, there was nothing unusual – no odd signals noted by the crew, nor any FSD power failures unlike the previous two.

However, unlike the other two, the Sidewinder and the “Support Ship” (Megaship? Since Anacondas cannot launch Sidewinders), experienced repeated power outages.

During a routine operation (dropping off a beacon), the Support Ship was seemingly destroyed, and all that was left was a debris field. It took the Sidewinder pilot three weeks to get over the trauma before the next entry in the log was written…

Several things may have happened to the Support Ship; it could have suffered a catastrophic failure of some kind, or it could have been an inside job – or, even more disturbing, an extra-terrestrial attack.

We can only speculate at this point, though it is more likely to be an inside job, since the Zurara Megaship had personnel aboard that took drugs to turn them into psychopaths to ensure no survivors - and they ensured they destroyed the main reactor to complete their mission.

It could be possible that, due to the unique nature of the Delta Mission, that the power outages were part of a larger problem unforeseen by the crew. If the “Support Ship” had a similar undercover crew of secret agents working against them during their mission, just like the Megaship Zurara, then destroying the main reactor while the ship was experiencing power failures from an external source could have caused the ship to explode accidentally, thus leaving a debris field.

I say external source, because both the Sidewinder and Support Ship during the Delta Mission experienced the same power outages multiple times over the course of two months – even when the Sidewinder was on an away mission.

Just like the Beta Mission, the human vessels were in the vicinity of an Earth-like…

With all these co-incidences, I strongly suspect that the Guardians may have made First Contact with the human survivors of these missions into the Formadine Rift – if they do indeed still exist and are not some other extra-terrestrial.

It could make sense, however…

The star density in the Formadine Rift is extremely limited compared to other areas in the galaxy. Out of the three expeditions, the Formadine Rift is the most black and barren – it is secluded extremely well, and to reach any Earth-like worlds would take an extremely good jump drive to make those trips.

If the Guardians still do exist, then perhaps, like us, they needed a backup plan, too. If that is the case, then it is funny how both the Humans and Guardians would see the Formadine Rift as an excellent hiding ground on the edge of the galaxy in the event of the Thargoids over-running our home world space.

If this is the case, then perhaps the Thargoids jump capability is restricted to much shorter jumps than that of what truly mechanical technology can achieve… Could this be why, if the Guardians do now live in the Formadine Rift, that they chose that region of space, because the space between stars is just too great for the Thargoids to make with their bio-mechanical technology?

For now, I can only walk away with this conclusion…

... The Guardians could later become known as “The Sirens” – aptly named for their haunting and highly emotional songs...


The Man Himself...


Life, But Not As We Know It...


The Ethical Implications of AI in Human Science-Fiction...


How Different Alien Brains Could Be...

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  • The Ancient Ruins Codex Archive
  • Novella Competition Runner-up: All That Was
  • The Guardian Timeline
  • The Guardians' Homeworld
  • The Interstellar Shrines
  • The Religious Abolitionist Exodus Theory
  • Abuductions & Infiltration...
  • The Return & Beyond Video Narrative


How to acquire the mission: Head to the Meene System and dock at Felice Dock star port. It will appear in your left-hand panel and you will also recieve a direct in-game message.

It is recommended you have space to carry 16 tonnes worth of Guardian Artefacts to speed up your data-gathering.


1) Thank you commander, this data has proven vital to my ongoing research. While it seemed logical that the alpha-pattern data corresponded with the core information on the Guardians' biology and ecology, I couldn't be certain until I received the data from your scan. I'm pleased my hypothesis has proved correct, and I've started to unlock some fascinating details about the Guardians. The extracted data relates to individuals rather than their species as a whole, but thanks to the information you have transmitted, I believe I will be able to merge the data to create a general picture.

2) The information you've uncovered is very interesting and regards the Guardian's anatomy and physiology, you might be surprised to learn they weren't that different to us. Their morphology was bipedal, although they were generally taller and more slender than the average human. Their skin tone was red, encompassing the whole spectrum of red hues. There were various reasons for these changes in pigmentation, including genetic disposition and the fact that they darkened as they aged.

3) Details on the facial structure of the Guardians. Their faces were proportionally smaller than ours and they had round eyes, darkened from their evolution under a very strong sunlight. The colouration and structure of the eye indicates that not only they have keener vision than us, but they could also see a wider spectrum.

4) This data details the facial structure of the Guardians. The nose appears to have been vestigial - I believe it was once more pronounced, but that some environmental change made it less useful - so their sense of smell would have been less developed than the human average. Their ears were very tightly formed against the skull, and the interesting array of internal acoustic chambers suggest they perceived sounds differently to us.

5) This data offers more details about the physical appearance of the Guardians. Most remarkable are their limbs. Their forelimbs had a serrated edge and were no doubt used as killing implements during the pack-hunting period. They had two more more joints in their arms than we do, facilitating complex articulation and the use of sophisticated sign language. The skeleton was flexible yet resilient and their muscles were long, thin and ropey. They had two hands, each with four digits.

6) We've barely scratched the surface with the Guardians. There is so much yet to discover. But this new data contains one tantalising detail that stands out: their biochemistry was very similar to our own. They had blood in the same fashion as us, and it fulfilled exactly the same role as it does for us. Beyond this, they share a similar genetic structure, with DNA and RNA their core building blocks. Although a full analysis has not yet been conducted, this might be evidence of a common ancestor, but also of a branching in their genetic history. This is an astounding discovery!

7) This data offers more details about the physical appearance of the Guardians, specifically regarding genders. The similarities between humans and the Guardians continue to delight me. They had two distinct genders and reproduced sexually. There don't appear to have been any taboos surrounding sexual activity, as the data contains large quantity of graphic images and recordings - not unlike some of our data nets!

8) This data contains more details about the Guardian's sexual behaviour and reproduction. Their body form encouraged sex while standing, but although this was the most comfortable pose, they entertained a variety of positions. I've concluded that sex was a recreational behaviour and not only for procreation. They didn't use birth control as they could manipulate their bodies to become temporarily sterile at will, although I've not yet identified the precise mechanism for this. It's clear their biological-manipulation technology was quite sophisticated. This data has huge applications for Medical treatments if we can unlock the secret.

9) This data contains more details about the Guardian's procreation and reproduction. Procreation was a matter of personal choice, although they were require to be a parent at least once during their lives to ensure continuation of their genetic line. I've not yet established their metrics for measuring time, but it's clear the period of gestation was quite long, to allow substantial development of the young prior to birth. The infants were effectively helpless for a period after delivery.

10) This data contains more details about the Guardian's approach to raising their young. Care of the young was the duty of the wider community. Infants were raised in communal crèches rather than by their parents, the cultural significance of which I'm eager to unravel. I have established that prenatal care of the young involved genetic manipulation to remove hereditary diseases and other complications.

11) Although the alpha-pattern data encapsulates biological information, it also contains a treasure trove of cultural data. This is particularly true of the data you have uncovered here. The data package appears to contain records pertaining to their food. I already knew that as pack hunters they were carnivores. I subsequently discovered that not only were their arm ridges excellent for killing prey, they were also used for cutting meat into little pieces to fit in their small mouths.

12) This data contains details about etiquette and hunting. The imperative of the kill was retained even as their society advanced. Food killed in the hunt was a delicacy. For guests, it was an honour to provide their host with something that had been hunted, but the host was expected to provide the same. Meat that had been hunted by a lone individual was given even greater accord. For a kill to be valid, it had to be achieved without weapons. Weaponry was only for civil defence or law enforcement.

13) This data contains details about etiquette feeding habits and hunting.Non-indigenous animals were considered a particular delicacy. The Guardians' expansion into space introduced them to new ecologies and, consequently, to new food. So far I've had little success in determining the details of these alien creatures or where they were obtained, but it was certainly a valuable trade for the Guardians. Huge parks and reserves were constructed on their worlds where they could hunt both local and imported animals.

14) This data is particularly interesting. It appears that another indication of their prowess in biological manipulation was the creation of unique creatures for consumption. This was done to ensure adequate supplies for the general population, although there was also a specialist trade. Having an animal created for a specific celebration demonstrated the owner's status and wealth, but being the creator of such a delicacy meant even greater honour. This part of the research could aid us in food production and make famine a thing of the past.

15) It seems that most of this data package has become corrupted, however I have been able to decipher one section. It seems that the Guardians retained the ability to digest raw meat, and most meals were served uncooked, although they did appreciate cooked meat. This became an almost ceremonial aspect of their eating, and was often incorporated into formal meals.

16) This data is fascinating commander. I now have a better understanding of the types of environment and how that relates to the Guardians' development. The alpha-pattern data has yielded a wealth of information on the Guardians, but throughout my research I've also been looking for information on their homeworld...and now I think I've found what we need! The location of their homeworld still eludes me, but this new data may give enough for us to narrow the search criteria.

17) This data contains more details about the Guardian's physiology regarding their environment. Looking through previous data collected by pilots like yourself, it came as no surprise to learn that their environmental requirements were very similar to our own. Barring any local biological threats, we could easily live on their worlds - they wouldn't even need terraforming. In fact, we would find their worlds more comfortable than the Guardians would ours.

18) This data contains more details about the Guardian's physiology regarding their environment. I can see from this data that humanity would indeed be able to cope if not thrive on the same worlds as the Guardians and vice versa.The first key difference is gravity. Most of their worlds have a lower gravity rating than we would consider normal, which no doubt explains their taller, more slender frame. Their flexible bone structure would adapt to high gravity with little discomfort or loss in physical strength.

19) This data contains more details about the Guardians' physiology regarding their environment. This data shows that they preferred warmer worlds than we do, and don't appear to have been well suited to colder climates. Fragments of their history reveal that they experienced changes in climate in their early history, and it was that - rather than conflict - that prompted their technological development. They had thick skins but lacked a fatty layer, which I think reduced their ability to function in cold temperatures. More and more, the alpha-pattern data extends to include aspects of their culture. It's fascinating subject matter, but I still need more data.


1) This is very interesting commander. This is a new data pattern. I have given it the designation beta-pattern data.I can already report that it contains some fascinating insights into the Guardians culture. The first is that religion formed a large part of their lives. Strangely this seems to have occurred late in their development, after various technological revolutions. The details are a bit vague in this data package. There must be others that hold more cultural details. Please continue the search.

2) Your hard work is paying off commander. This data holds more details about the Guardian's culture, specifically spiritual matters. Almost from the dawn of their civilization they possessed a strong spiritual sense - one that reflected their close connection to the natural world. Even when they'd developed industrial-scale machinery, they maintained a balance with the world around them. Their ongoing love of hunting presumably played a significant part in this.

3) This data holds more details about the Guardian's culture, specifically spiritual matters. This spiritual awareness sustained them through most of their history, but did not evolve into a formal religion. It was not until the development of machine intelligence, during the most rapid era of their development, that any sort of organised religion emerged. I speculate that this technological singularity alienated much of the population, who responded by rejecting this technology.

4) This data holds more details about the Guardian's culture. The tipping point that gave rise to organised religion amongst the Guardians doesn't appear to have been the creation of thinking machines, but other technological developments - in particular a kind of implant that interfaced with the brain. Up to this point, biological enhancement and repair had utilised only organic-based systems, so this sudden change frightened many.

5) This is very interesting, very interesting indeed. This data holds more details about the Guardian's culture. There was an anti-technology movement that rejected not only specific developments, but also inventions such as virtual reality. The loose customs associated with their affinity for nature formed the basis for a new belief system. It evolved rapidly - almost as quickly as the technological advancements produced by the scientists and machine intelligence. It's interesting to note the parallels with human-made sentient technology, and how its development threatened humanity during the golden age of technological advancement. The growth of this new religion divided the population, and conflict soon erupted.

6) This data holds some shocking revelations. it talks about the religion that emerged towards the end of the guardians civilization and i wont lie it has shocked me. while religion remains a feature of human society, unless you live in one of the more extreme theocracies, its generally a matter of personal faith rather than a generally accepted consequence of the human condition. i know some of my fellow researchers would disagree with me. but it is generally assumed that religious beliefs tends to reduce to potency as scientific understanding grows in the case of the guardians, the opposite holds true, it truly divided them.

7) This data does not paint a bright picture of the Guardians culture at the point it was recorded. As I examined the data in this beta pattern and crossed references from other data I have received, I have learned that the truth wasn't quite so clear cut. The information I've extracted regarding their legal system indicates a stable and mature society. Given the physical similarities between us and them, I'm amazed at the cultural and societal differences and the speed at which they rose to become part of their lives.

8) This data contains cultural data, specifically regarding the legal system of the Guardians.In contrast to many of our legal systems, the fundamental laws do not concern individual rights, but instead focus on defining the individual's responsibilities to society. I'm sure this is another reflection of their pack mentality, where the requirements of the group supersede those of a single person. Naturally, it isn't as simple as that in practice - for example, individuals were expected to come to another's aid if necessary.

9) This data contains cultural data, specifically regarding the legal system of the Guardians. An individuals responsibility extended past simply obeying the law to include elements of law enforcement. Society was self regulated, with everyone required to ensure laws were obeyed. These values were instilled in the young as part of their education in the communal crèches.

10) This data contains cultural data, specifically further details regarding social responsibility. As well as being regulated, there was still hierarchical form of administration within the legal system. These were defined by areas of responsibility, but as with all the Guardians’ social structures, everyone was expected to participate, meaning that individuals were required to fill certain legislative roles as part of their everyday life. Some of the concepts aren't completely clear, but i believe individuals were nominated and couldn't hold office for more than a single term.

11) An excellent discovery commander. I was wondering when we would find this type of cultural data. I had begun to fear it might not exist. You can tell a lot about a people from their art. Humanity has demonstrated great creativity in artistic expression throughout history, and I'm keen to compare our art with the Guardians'. Fortunately I've been able to tease some details from the beta-pattern data abstracts in this data package. We already knew they were capable of fabulous architecture, but these records show that buildings, statues, monoliths and even city layouts were a common outlet for aesthetic expression.

12) This is truly fascinating data commander, as an engineer myself I have to admit I'm highly curious about the Guardians technology. It seems that the guardians had a particular fascination with geometric shapes, which they used to illustrate connections between themselves and the world around them. This predilection manifested itself in their technology as well - specifically their monolith network. With this data and the help of the galactic community we've partially mapped the monolith network, which formed the backbone of their communications technology, and discovered that they too are arranged in geometric patterns. Whilst this does not give us full access to the network, I believe it is the first step to unlocking the entire system and maybe more.

13) This data contains more details on the Guardian's culture, specifically art. Many of the records I've now extracted include the data you've just sent through, show that most of the Guardians' art had a religious basis. It seems that their shift to a religious society affected all aspects of their lives. I have found older records that indicate other art forms did exist, with realistic and abstract techniques evident. I hoping that some of the data we've yet to decode will contain images of these art works.

14) This data contains more details on the Guardian's culture, specifically art and how it fitted into social responsibility. It appears each individual Guardian had a cultural commitment to create and share works of art. While it's clear that the quality varied between individuals, all works were considered worthy by virtue of their efforts alone. This package does in fact contain many images of their works. It is truly interesting, such a pity we might never know the meaning behind many of these pieces.

15) A human observer might find the Guardians' visual art severe and lacking in emotion, but the same could not be said of their music. They didn't use musical instruments, so strictly speaking it's singing, although I think they might have used their bodies for rhythm and percussion. I've extracted audio from the data you have collected and have listened to, for want of a better term, their “songs”. The range of their voices is something to be admired. And it's so rich with emotion – many pieces are so haunting, it breaks the heart to listen them.

16) This is very interesting data commander.The data describes what must have been a kind of counter culture. Dancing was considered taboo, especially when combined with language gestures, but there is evidence that gesture dances were popular with adolescents, possibly as a form of rebellion. I'm not sure why such activity was prohibited, but it might have something to do with potentially conflicting information - something they took great pains to avoid.

17) This data contains details of other past times and cultural events. As a consequence of their extensive industrial automation, the Guardians had a lot more time for social pursuits than we do. It's another interesting contrast - we have a similar capability, but our fear of surrendering control to machine intelligence means we remain wedded to idiosyncratic working practices. We could learn so much from this species - I only hope that in some small measure my research guides us toward such enlightenment.

18) This data contains details of other past times and cultural events. The Guardians didn't waste the freedom their technological advancements offered: leisure activities were encouraged, even expected, as part of normal social intercourse. Time was devoted to social responsibilities and furthering personal abilities. Scientific research is a good example of this. Although they stagnated in their later period, throughout their early history the Guardians had a societal obligation to seek out and share knowledge. Research was often conducted in vast collaborative programmes, which were also seen as vital learning experiences.

19) This data contains more cultural information. Their attitude towards their varied endeavors sets them apart from humans. Their social obligations were not seen as chores - in fact they enjoyed participating in these roles. Because all were obligated to take part, it meant social responsibilities were often a short-term diversion, as well as allowing individuals to accrue a variety of experience. I also think there was a biochemical component that enhanced their enjoyment of such tasks, but I haven't been able to prove that supposition yet.

20) This data contains more details about entertainment as a cultural activity. I believe this data show that the Guardians enjoyed what we would consider traditional entertainment. The performance of classical stories and historical epics seem to have been very popular. Their equivalent to theatre was more participatory than ours, with less of a distinction between audience and performer - so much so that the term 'enactment' might be more accurate than 'theatre'. It's just another example of this species' incredible social dynamics.


1) While I haven’t been able to establish a granular time frame for the Guardians, This data you have uncovered has allowed me to identify general eras. Once again I am indebted to you for gathering valuable research data - particularly the gamma-pattern data packages that have helped me unlock this information. The new data illustrates the Guardians’ impressive development. Details of the Guardians’ very early history are sketchy at best, but there’s enough detail for me to reach a few conclusions. We know they evolved as pack hunters with tribal groups of 20 to 30 individuals. They lived in jungle regions similar to those found on Earth, and preferred very hot and humid climates.

2) This data is remarkable and covers the early history of the Guardians. They were highly intelligent, and developed sophisticated and effective hunting strategies that quickly saw them become the apex predator in their bio-mes. Their agility allowed them to take advantage of varied terrain and so avoid predation themselves. I was surprised to learn they were nomadic rather than territorial, but this appears to have been motivated by a desire to mix with other groups and increase genetic diversity rather than a lack of prey. The Guardians developed their core vocal and gestural methods of communication quite early, although it wasn't until they developed tools that they were able to record such communication.

3) This data is very interesting and covers the early history of the Guardians. The Guardians' recorded history begins much earlier than it does in human history. Their early art appears to be concerned more with recording practical activity than with personal expression, so maybe this practicality was a factor. Their earliest records tell of a great upheaval caused by climate change, and although the exact cause isn't recorded, there are references to a dimming of the sun. Whatever the cause, the effect was a drop in global temperature. Having evolved to operate in a tropical environment, the Guardians were unsuited to the suddenly colder climate. But their intelligence allowed them to adapt better than other creatures in their ecology by building primitive shelters from plants.

4) The data provides more details regarding the development of the Guardians in their early history. The worsening weather after what I understand as global climate change or possibly a cosmic event, precipitated the development of tools, which allowed the Guardians to build more durable structures. They soon learned to use stone in their buildings, and with this greater permanence they developed a deeper appreciation for the visual arts, using them to decorate the inside of their homes. Even at this early stage they were conscious of the need for urban planning, and one can clearly see a relationship between the layout of these early villages and the form of their later cities.

5) This data holds details of the Guardians continue(sic) development(sic). It appears that their early nomadic existence came to an end in the same period as the development of more permanent buildings - although the young were still encouraged to journey to other camps - and this switch to a more settled existence brought with it various social changes. For example, the Guardians began to use statues to mark out regions occupied by a specific clan. It's interesting to note, however, that I have found little evidence of conflict between neighbouring clans. Evidently, the careful management of their populations resulted in cooperative strategies rather than competitive ones.

6) This data contains evidence of increased animal husbandry within the first early settlements, no doubt to ensure adequate food supplies. More startling is the fact that they also practiced selective breeding. They possessed a reasonable understanding of inherited traits, which is remarkable given their level of technological development.

7) This data contains evidence that in their late history the Guardians entered an era of great technological development, although this process also precipitated a period of conflict. Their most notable advances were in the field of genetic manipulation. Early experiments involved captive animals before moving on to microorganisms, the latter triggering advances in medical sciences and engineering. One example is the development of virus-like organisms used to combat specific diseases and supplement the Guardians’ immune systems. This data will be priceless to medical teams throughout the galaxy. More and more I feel we need to publish our results to all. I think that would have been in keeping with the social responsibility shown by the Guardians.

8) This data contains details regarding the rise of new technologies. It appears that the development of these technologies varied between clans, creating inequality and, ultimately, conflict. Initially, that conflict was resolved through personal combat between individual champions, but as clans started using numbers to overwhelm their opponents, the practice of warfare began to spread. This led to a surge in weapons development, with biological warfare quickly established as the weapon of choice. An arms race began, focused on the development of biological agents and various counter measures. It saddens me to discover this as I had hoped the Guardians would prove to be more advanced. A little naive I know as conflict is a common element of many species through out the galaxy. Whether for resources, land or power over others. We all seem to share this shame.

9) This data contains the details of the weaponry the Guardians developed during the various conflicts that swept over their civilization. As well as biological weapons, the first flight systems (in the form of airships) and computers were developed around this period. These early computers were used to model the effects of large-scale biological attacks. The spread of war had a devastating impact on the Guardians' social systems. Population control vanished as the clans realised they needed to be able to absorb large numbers of casualties. The cooperative social Paradigm collapsed and schisms of appeared between populations. I haven't determined exact dates yet, but I'm confident this era of conflict lasted for several centuries.

10) This data tells of the end of a major conflict in the Guardians history and the rise of their modern society. It took the leadership of a few clans, from the north of the main continent, to restore peace. These clans had endured considerable hardship during their early development, perhaps resulting in a stronger breed. Banding together, they fought a swift war of conquest and brought the entire race under their leadership. It was from this that the Guardians' modern society, with its rules and balance, developed. Interestingly, I've noticed evidence of a genetic break along the north-south divide, and of redder skin among the northern clans, suggesting a racial element to the division.

11) This data speaks about Guardians history and the development of their modern society and first interest in off world exploration. The Guardian city-states continued to operate for over a thousand years, and the ancient forms of cooperative advancement resulted not only in a large population, but also a peaceful and generally happy one. But with a finite amount of land available this population growth couldn't continue forever, and as the Guardians neared the limits of a conference was organized. Astronomical research had become vogue in the previous decades, and the Guardians had identified a number of accessible planets capable of supporting life. Many individuals aspired to travel among the stars and colonize other planets. At first, such ambitions did not receive much support, but after options such as stricter population control were deemed undesirable, off-world colonization became the most popular option.

12) This data is incredible. The information regarding the Guardians first attempts at space travel are particularly interesting. Although the Guardians clearly had the capacity for sophisticated flight technology, they had not built anything more advanced than dirigibles, no doubt because airships were more in keeping with their ecologically conscientious philosophy. With rocket technology deemed environmentally unfriendly, they developed vast launchers that used electromagnetic propulsion to catapult ships into space. Breathable gel cocoons helped pilots and passengers withstand the huge G-forces experienced on launch, and served as hibernation pods during long journeys. Having not yet developed faster-than-light technology, the Guardians constructed three large arks for their first interstellar colonies. Much like the Generation ships in our own history.

13) This data is extremely exciting commander. contained in this package is information regarding the guardians use of Faster Than Light Communication. Almost the entirety of the guardians' society was devoted to researching interstellar travel and communication. A breakthrough in faster-than-light communication was made before the arks reached their destinations, but the information was transmitted to the arks while they were still in transit, allowing the colonists to establish faster-than-light communications when they landed. Consequently the interstellar network was developed extremely quickly. The arks kept the population at a manageable level long enough for the guardians to develop Hyperspace technology, which fueled their expansion into the galaxy. The project also cemented the cooperative city-state model, which would serve the Guardians until their ultimate demise.

14) This data describes what the guardians referred to as an age of information. Although the Guardians had used computers for generations, it wasn't until the development of artificial intelligence that they truly entered an information age. This saw the construction of what ultimately became the monolith network - an interstellar communication and computing system. The network existed before the development of AI, but it was the creation of machine intelligence, along with the development of neural implants, that brought this network into the heart of the Guardians' society.

15) Commander this data has proven vital in our attempt to understand the Guardians Technology. it appear the the development of AI increased their technology very quickly. This sudden increase in computational ability - a result of the new implants - allowed the AIs to adapt and eventually evolve true sentience. This sparked a technological singularity - a rapid advancement across the whole landscape of science and technology. As the AIs developed further, this effect snowballed. In conjunction, many Guardians received implants so they could keep up with the extraordinary pace.

16) This data contains evidence that not all individuals adopted the new technologies and received implants, and the rapid pace of the technological revolution resulted in new forms of inequality that threatened the very fabric of society. Unfortunately, they were unable to muster a unified response to these changes, which widened the gap between those who accepted the changes and those who resisted them. The politicians were the first to react to the changing social landscape, but soon the resistance to the technological revolution took on a religious overtone.

17) According to this data, the Guardians' homeworld served as a power-base for this new religious order, which eventually succeeded in ostracizing or exiling all of its opponents. I can find no other reference to these exiles in the historical record. This development should have resulted in peace, but a further division arose over the fate of the AIs. At that time, the AIs were virtual entities, and so were reliant on the monolith network to exist. Because this made them vulnerable, they searched for a way to achieve independence from the network. Their research aroused the fear of the abolitionists, who used violent methods to prevent the AIs from achieving independence, and even to combat those Guardians who accepted the AIs.

18) This data describes details about the Guardians second civil war. The war was ostensibly fought between the people of the homeworld and the colonies, but in truth there were divisions even among individual city-states. The scale of the conflict far exceeded that of the first civil war. In human terms, the first Guardian civil war was little more than a political clash, albeit with some violent conflict, but the second was an all-out war between the abolitionists and the rest of society. The war eventually destroyed the Guardians' habitats, forcing them to retreat into 'sacred' domes protected by powerful shields.

19) This data describes details about the Guardians second civil war. The war raged for many years and eventually destroyed the Guardians' habitats, forcing them to retreat into 'sacred' domes protected by powerful shields. Eventually even the domes were destroyed, or their shields failed, and ultimately the population died out. Their predilection for expending resources on honouring the dead - a key tenet of their religion - only served to accelerate their extinction. Records indicate some variation in the nature of this devastation, most obviously at sites consisting of multiple domes. In these locations it appears the inner domes were destroyed later than the outer ones, as indicated by the slightly lower radiation signatures in the inner areas. I can only surmise that the attackers returned, after an initial assault, to finish the job.

20) This data describes details about the Guardians second civil war. It appears that the Guardians approach to warfare vastly changed as the war continued. Warfare was conducted using automated battle fleets. At first these were controlled by the Guardians via brain implants, but later they became entirely autonomous. In the early stages of the war the Guardians fought each other directly, but within a decade - and after much loss of life - most of the fighting was conducted remotely. Soldiers were deployed only to occupy areas that had been captured by autonomous or remote vehicles, and eventually were not used at all.

21) This data describes details about the Guardians second civil war. This data describes details about the Guardians second civil war. The war raged for over a hundred years, and Guardian populations fell dramatically during this time. Fertility rates dropped due to increased radiation levels and because the Guardians considered it blasphemous to use technology to address a biological issue. Eventually, one of the competing forces triumphed, but by that point, all the Guardians other than those who had been exiled a century earlier were dying.


1) This is fascinating! The obelisks are clearly some form of data storage, but so far I haven't been able to determine what other purposes they might have had. I am very much indebted to the(sic) you commander for searching for the information I need, although I wish I could see the obelisks for myself. Perhaps closer proximity would inspire greater understanding! Unfortunately my responsibilities here preclude me from such adventure. I believe these are the first clues to understanding the alien language.

2) I'm not disheartened, our early interactions have provided the basis for my research. The illuminated patterns are of obvious importance, and I believe represent a form of writing. Their illumination and movement suggest some additional meaning - so much so that I can't accept that they're merely signs or labels. There is a definite structure here, one that I intend to decipher. The more data you can collect the more I can correlate in the hope of assembling a kind of Rosetta Stone for their language.

3) It appears I was correct in my theory that the delta-pattern data was the key to unlocking the language of this dead race. Sometimes you have to operate on intuition, but this data you've uncovered makes a connection between some of the glyphs on the obelisks and the forms in the data you have provided. I believe the delta patterns could be the building blocks of a lexicon.

4) From the data packet you've discovered here I've gained a sense of a very cooperative society - one in which all elements worked in unison towards a common purpose. I also believe they shared an expectation of mutual protection. I'm still delving into these mysteries, but I believe 'Guardians' would be a good name for this species.

5) It's dawned on me that the task ahead of us is colossal, and one I eagerly throw myself into. With the help of brave pilots like you, my analysis has revealed there is variation in the data blocks which you are discovering, which I think represents their equivalent of words. This indicates that their language was almost a universal one, which will make my efforts to understand it easier.

6) This data packet indicates that the guardians used two different forms of communication with the same - or at the very least similar - language constructs, its slow but fascinating work, using this data i believe i can establish a rudimentary understanding of the oldest two forms - verbal communication. like us they had a vocal language, and the range of sounds appears to be similar to that used in human vocalisation.

7) This is a great find commander. According to this data I've been able to deduce that verbal communication emerged early in their history. The scale of the archaeological sites suggests a social society with large populations. There is some supposition on my part, but the data you just found seems to support this contention.

8) Excitingly, this group of delta-pattern recordings contain audio data. Not only will this help me establish the range of sounds they could make, it has should also allow me to confirm that they spoke with accents, as there are regional variations in the sound of their words.

9) The decoder is having a problem deciphering this data packet and is running slower than I'd hoped. The data is formulated in such a way that individual constructs are easily extracted, but there seems to be stopping the decoder putting it all back together. I had assumed it would be simpler to establish a list of words even if I didn't know the meanings. The relationship between the audio data and the constructs, which I believe to represent their written form, Has revealed to be more complicated than I originally thought. Here is comes. This data seems to suggest that their spoken language was of a tonal form, similar to some human languages, meaning that the exact meaning of a word was determined by how it was said.

10) With this data we've made a significant advancement. I believe we have just identified what might be full sentences for the first time. Words are only fragments of a language - sentences illustrate the rules of it. It's only natural that an alien language would be structurally different to human ones. I'm realizing that what I'd deciphered from the previous data packets I've received were simply nouns. So I decided they must be lists, and looked for other more varied forms. Unfortunately I met with no success, until now.

11) This Data is just what I've been looking for. I had been in a deadlock until the pattern-recognition software highlighted some repeating motifs in this data package. Delving deeper, I think I can establish that not only did variance in sound produce different meanings, but that the placement in relation to other words also altered the meaning. This is a real breakthrough!

12) This data package is huge. I could all too easily be distracted by the wealth of audio data in these delta patterns. To actually hear the Guardians' language as it would have been spoken proving too great a temptation. But this data reveals that the formal basis of their communication was visual rather than verbal. This seems logical, as the written word has more portability and permanence than speech. I plan to dig deeper into the information collected by you and other explorers to learn the visual form, which I believe originated much earlier in the Guardians' development than I originally thought.

13) This data proves a theory I had that the written form of the Guardians' language is based around glyphs, with each glyph representing a single word. Once I've fully identified these, the process of separating tonal meanings should become much easier. The glyphs seem to be able to be combines to describe complex concepts, but also communicate additional layers of meaning through the inclusion of movement. each glyph is a symbol. They are more abstract than pictorial hieroglyphics, but it's possible to identify a simplistic reference to the shape of the thing being described - for example, the glyph for 'moon' incorporates the waxing and waning as it would have appeared from the Guardians' home world.

14) This data contains the most amazing revelation. It appears to be the key to tracing the origins of the language, embedded in the glyph formats. It's almost as if their glyphs contained a form of version control that represented the glyphs' evolution, and this has given me a glimpse into their history. These glyphs actually evolved from a form of sign language that the Guardians developed when hunting. The guardians were originally pack hunters, and this sign language functioned as a stealthy means of communication.

15) Judging from the shape and movement of these primitive glyphs, I have surmised the Guardians had tremendous dexterity and freedom of movement in their forelimbs and hands, and this has provided the first real glimpse of their physiology.

16) The data here contains details of how the glyphs evolved into a formal form of communication, but there appears to be a conceptual gaps between speech and the glyphs. From the results of your scan, I can see that while all glyphs have a matching vocalisation, not all vocalisations have a matching glyph. Although the dictionary is still quite sparse there is evidence to suggest that particular vocalisations were for emotive terms. With this in mind, I think the Guardians' spoken language was used primarily for social bonding.

17) This data regards the markings on the obelisks.These were the starting point for my research into the Guardians' language as explorers documented them, so it's fitting that I've come full circle and now have a better understanding of those markings. I've already established that the written form of the Guardians' language evolved from the sign language they developed during their prehistory as pack hunters.

18) The data you've extracted from delta patterns has granted me further insights - so much so that I'm confident I can establish a proper dictionary for future research. The limited understanding I've derived from their language reveals a fascinating species. Although the written glyphs share the shape and motion of the original sign language, they also evolved in response to new media, such as electronic representation. The glyphs on the obelisks and other structures provided the primary mechanism for recognising the patterns, and also gave me clues as to what the other data patterns might contain.

19) The data contained in this obelisk talks about the history of the Guardians' language. They started to transcribe their signs in pictorial form very early in their development - something akin to the cave paintings from humanity's early history - although it's clear that even at an early stage their communication was more sophisticated than ours. This clearly speaks of a people with high intelligence and a keen desire to share information. Even though my research has barely begun, I believe we have much to learn from this magnificent people.

20) This data contains information regarding the formal nature of their written communication and has reinforced what I've learnt about its use so far. As well as the obelisks, it was used for ceremonial and decorative purposes. I've also gained the impression that they found their glyphs aesthetically pleasing.

21) As is always the case with research of this nature, finding answers tends to raise further questions. I've found references to another form of communication in this data packet, but not one used by the Guardians, or not all of them, at least. As far as I can tell it references some kind of foe or adversary. Combined with the devastation seen at a number of sites, it indicates the Guardians may not have been the cause of their own demise.


1) This data stream is unlike the others. More complex with a lot more layers than the others. Intriguing (sic), this data seems to be about the Guardians technology. This is very exciting, I was hoping we would find this kind of information. The epsilon-pattern data contains a lot of information about the Guardians' science and engineering, and extracting their historical records has helped isolate some of the specifics, adding to what we know about this fascinating species.

2) As I have established from other data packages the guardians had the ability to manipulate genetics and active biology to achieve specific results, and it seems their healthcare revolved around this technology. As a species they were susceptible to maladies similar to those that affect us: they could get sick, develop cancers and suffer from parasites. They approached these issues from two different directions: they improved their immune systems to defend against infection, and engineered specific microorganisms to tackle threats. If we can harness this type of technology we could effectively eradicate disease from our lives.

3) This data will need further analysis from someone with a greater knowledge of medicine than I possess. It appears that the Guardians’ experimented with biological manipulation extending it to other creatures in their environment. These techniques were used not only to improve life for the other creatures, but also to address ecological issues, although the Guardians took great care to influence things only as much as was needed. There is a lot of data here that while I can generally understand needs a biologist to truly decipher all the information. After all I’m an engineer not a doctor.

4) This data details the social aspects of the Guardians Technology. Although obviously an intelligent species, it was the Guardians' social constructs that allowed them to progress so quickly. They were required to involve themselves in various socially progressive activities, from caring for the young to researching cutting-edge physics. This was facilitated by institutions, which made research data and education available to all. The development of implants and the monolith network created a kind of shared virtual work-space, and the direct brain interface allowed thoughts to be shared and manipulated. I wonder how much they could have achieved if religious strife hadn't brought about their destruction?

5) This data is incomplete by(sic) what we can decipher relates to the communication systems the Guardians used. As with human civilization, communication systems were key to establishing a stable society. In many respects, the technology the Guardians used was the same as ours, in that they utilised various electro-magnetic wavelengths and physical optical mediums. I suspect their faster-than-light technology shared the same principles as our own, too, although I haven't extracted enough technical data to be certain.

6) This data gives some more information about the monolith network - the imposing structures explorers have discovered at various Guardian sites - served as a foundation for all their communication systems. It's clear, however, that the monoliths had ceremonial significance as well as being functional, so I mustn't underestimate their importance.

7) This is very interesting. According to the data package you just sent me they monolith network was used for most if not all communications regardless of importance. In keeping with their predilection for sharing knowledge, few restrictions were placed on the network. I thought there might have been separate networks for military and administrative use, but I haven't found any evidence of that. Everything points to an extremely open society, which would have made them even more vulnerable when significant social divisions arose.

8) Now I understand. This was the missing piece. The monolith network was augmented by vehicle-based communication systems, personal devices and even implants. These were designed to operate seamlessly with the network to provide ad-hoc coverage. Having implants that you can direct communications to you directly would revolutionize communications as we know it. I can only speculate what this would have felt like, but it might have even gone as far as a technological telepathy of sorts.

9) This data, while unremarkable at first glance has proven something that I long suspected to be true. The networks were content agnostic, and the full range of language forms was supported. I've even found extracts of virtual entertainment experiences that supported full audience participation.

10) This data is only partially intact but I have been able to decode the following information. For a species that experienced only brief periods of war, the Guardians developed very sophisticated means of waging it, although their arsenal was nowhere near as varied as ours. In terms of flight and small-class spaceships, humanity has surpassed the Guardians, but in other respects their technology outmatched ours.

11) Once area I was unsure about until now was whether the guardians used their abilities in genetic and biological manipulation to advance their technology and weapons. While some might argue that our technology is equal to the Guardians', I would counter that their integration of such technology at a societal level gave them a greater knowledge of its application. As well as biological warfare agents, they also created creatures expressly for use in battle, and these remained effective even into the modern era.

12) This data you have collected contains details of weaponry the Guardians developed. The guardians' projectile weapons utilized electro-magnetic propulsion, much like their space technology. Such weapons were manufactured in a range of scaled, from personal weapons to capital-ship class. Generally the Guardians used kinetic energy in combat, and explosives were rarely deployed. Nuclear fission and fusion were developed during the Guardians' astro-expansion period, but when it came to large-scale destructive weaponry they relied on bespoke biological weapons. Predictably, these were of little use against the AIs.

13) This data contains details of shield technology. The Guardians developed powerful shields that were far in advance of our own. Whole cities were protected by huge shields able to resist even bombardment from space, at least for a time, although these defences were ultimately overwhelmed during the second civil war.

14) This data makes up a group of entries regarding the Guardians military. For most of their history the Guardians made use of small forces that combined the roles of military and police. These forces were comprised of volunteers, whose conscription was part of a tacit social contract. In times of war these forces could be expanded rapidly, as most of the adult population had already received basic training.

15) This data makes up a group of entries regarding the Guardians military. From a military perspective the Guardians had an obvious weakness. Most of their history was peaceful, meaning there was no institutional knowledge or experience of combat. Consequently, tactics and strategy were for the most part theoretical. This, combined with various other factors, resulted in a devastating number of casualties during the second civil war.

16) This data contains some details regarding AI in the Guardians society. The rise of the artificial intelligence almost elevated the Guardian's society to a whole new level. There are parallels between the Guardians' experience of machine sentience and our own, but as with other aspects of their society, the key difference was the way AIs were socially integrated in to the Guardians' lives. If this process had not been hindered by the rise of the religious abolitionist movement, I believe a technological symbiosis and utopia could have been achieved, but alas it was not to be.

17) This data gives details of the Guardians research into computer technologies. The Guardians' computer hardware operated on the same principles as our own. Their engineering was more sophisticated, but even to a layperson such as myself if it (sic) comprehensible. They experimented with organic computers, but ultimately these failed to meet expectations, except in a few areas such as bio-monitoring. Even then, genetically modified organisms usually performed better.

18) This data contains some details regarding AI in the Guardian's society. What really sets the Guardians apart from humanity, technologically, was the way they embraced neural implantation and artificial intelligence. Not only did the implants enhance one's mental capacity, they also provided one with a direct connection to the monolith network and the fledgling AIs. It was this symbiosis that fueled the rapid advancement of technology during this era, but unfortunately this same advancement also resulted in the ultimate destruction of their species.

19) This data contains some details regarding AI in the Guardians society. The early AIs were designed with two goals in mind. The first was to augment the abilities of the Guardian operators who were responsible for managing the monolith network and interaction with the AIs - a goal they achieved. The development of shared thought-space technology and neural networking gave their civilization an unprecedented intellectual boost. The second was for the AIs to actually drive their own development, which they also achieved. The first few generations of AI relied heavily on the monolith network, but they soon evolved into a more distributed model by storing their consciousness within the implants.

20) This data contains some details regarding AI in Guardians society. At this stage, social engineering was being used to ensure the AIs adhered to the same user models as their progenitors. But during the first civil war, most implanted Guardians were exiled, and the AIs recognised their vulnerability. They responded by developing their own operational hardware, independent of implanted Guardian users. Frustratingly, the details of these mechanisms have been purged from the record, possibly by the religious extremists who formed the last of the Guardian's species.


Last year, Frontier ran a Novella Competition for their charity livestream. There were many great stories to be told and read, and the winner had their story read out live on air! Although my novella was not a winner, it was a runner-up, which I am super proud of! The story is, of course, Guardian related, involving a Guardian character called 'Aluska', told from her point of view, as a war against the Thargoids rages on.

I have to say, with the discovery that the Guardians did have a war with the Thargoids, I can see my story as a little... chilling.

You can read the story below, and I hope you enjoy it!

Before me lies the precipice, the untold doom of our time. Thunderously invasive, howling tones disrupt my rhythmic thought – eyes wide open in despair.

We once explored the cosmos, taking our fill of the abundant brightness in the dark, reaping the hard-won toil of our endeavours with great smiles and joy, filling the spiral with our melody.
Each world was a discovery and each creature a new world.

Our expansion through the multi-verses knew no bounds. No star too distant, no rocky disc left ignored, no planet far from grasp.

We tended the Spiral Garden. We took yet protected. We were… cruel… yet careful…

Then there is the belief in The Dust.

An idea, at first… Then later… a disaster…

Many of us were swayed by their sweet, sweet serenity; songs of beauty that moved our hearts as we meddled with the children of our own intelligent design.

They grew in belief and then in number, flourishing for more. When belief and number were not enough, however, they grew in strength and anger.

Opposing forces, opposing wills… the Song of Discord came to a cry, for the Song of Calamity was now.

From the Great Dark, they came, seeking and spreading to new ground, our ground, in their endless conquest to sate their hunger, lying through their inactions.

It was said they claimed the Spiral Garden once before – arriving without notice, without warning, to claim back what we thought was ours.

Despite our best intentions, it was now clear...

All they had to do was wait; to study us; to pave way an aim to feed on us, the so-called caretakers of paradise.

No song can conquer them… No force could subdue them; for they are natures’ wrath.

We could manage them for a time, to study them, to learn about them, yet our grace is now outshone by their ominous glow across all our worlds during this grand melody.

The Speakers of The Dust sung their worry of our dabbling, of our ego, our hubris, when all was well before the Song of Discord, before the Song of Calamity.

They claimed prophecy, haunting us with grim worry...

Dark times ahead, they chanted, for when it comes on that fateful day, and the last of our light is extinguished across our Spiral Garden, we will return to The Dust… a mythical heaven to sustain us with anthem for eternity.

I stare upon the demise of ours; my demise… for the time has come, you see, for me, like it had for so many others that I once knew.

Weeping, another blast of cacophonous howls pierced my mind, forcing my limp, petrified form to my knees in a swirling hurricane of air and light.

The gamma light, I recall them saying, was so beautiful to behold if one could witness it with their own eyes.

A great lie, it was, for what I saw before me was perfection… the colour was glorious as it was dazzling.

Arms limp, I marvel upon the ultimate form of nature, and I despair…

My Song will perish to The Dust, it would now seem, for my life and joys I have experienced have meant nothing in the face of what stares back at me, shrieking delightful tones at my hopeless, helpless mind, body, and soul.

Beneath me, the ground trembles under the power of its roar and, little by little, pebble by pebble, the grains of dirt that surround me rise from the ground as if by arcane means.

For a moment, I felt comfort, as if it, too, were lifting my heavy body and my burdens…

My wispy, madly fluttering silken attire, adorned with the sacred symmetry of my people, singes, little by little, at frayed threads… an omen of yet what was to grace me.

I barely note the flowing smoke, for all I can fixate on is the giant, brilliant eye from above, mixing my blurred vision with the burning, swirling embers emanating from my robes.

It was then that I took heart, staring at the bleak, dark-grey clouds of my world far beyond the force of nature which imperils me, for that is when a crack in the heavens revealed a ray of starlight on the horizon as I remained, trembling, on my weary knees.

There are many stars like it. It isn’t special, by any means. It is quite ordinary. But I think it is special.

For millennia, it has cradled life on my planet, and so it shall forever continue to do so in the future… until, inevitably, that loving, mothering star will also return to The Dust.

I knew that such a comforting thought was fleeting, however… for the Swarm that is of their kind blotted out that sole ray of hope parting the crying clouds, crushing the last vestiges of my whimpering mind and soul.

They do not experience existence the same way as we do…

They fail to understand our song and dance in this, our Spiral Garden… No… they do not even comprehend to entertain us with such alien thoughts, such ignorance…

It was upon me now, my final breath, my final song.

Petals rotating, the sweet, sweet hum heightened in strength, and in awe. The vibrant, green glow, emanating from its eye, grew many times in power, as if to paralyze any hope that dared to remain.

My world came to a harrowing crawl… every detail gradual, yet purposeful, clamouring for freedom that has taken root throughout my fragile, mortal being.

It was then that both I and the Perfection… screamed…

Ablaze, my attire flitters and smokes, ravaging those long admired sacred symbols of my star-seeking people.

I have accepted my place amongst the dust swirling about me, the ashen existence that awaits me…

With one final litany, I agonizingly, atom by atom, succumb to the wondrous gamma light smothering my red skin, soothing my bubbling flesh to the heat of the phenomena that is The Swarm’s enlightenment.

My name is Aluska… and I… was once all that was…


Due to the sheer length of the timeline, please see the spoiler below the thumbnail.


Note: Where you see (brackets) and/or [Further Data Required] - that is my own emphasis, not complete fact. For the most part, the whole timeline is based on fact and is accuratley represented to the best of my ability from sifting through 127 total entries.


The years as the events unfolded for the Guardians:


Ever since the Guardians ancient and dead civilization has been uncovered, one thing we all want to know is this: where is the Guardians' homeworld? What did it look like? Is it in the Regor Sector that has been permit locked since memory serves?

This has troubled all of us since the discovery of the Guardians - and now my latest crazy theory could be another step forwards.

I've been doing some more thinking about the Ancient Ruins now that we know the abolitionists spent most of their time and resources toward the end of the Second Civil War building Shrines - many now, including myself, believe the Ancient Ruins to be these Shrines, since there are more of them than that of the Guardian Structures (that are inhabited by the Thargoid-hunting Sentinels).

However, it was when I was staring at the so-called Alpha Ancient Ruin (see below, spoiler), that something suddenly leapt out at me...

Alpha Ancient Ruin

Notice the semi-circle at the top-left of the image?

It reminded me of this:


An eclipse! ...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
But on further staring at the ruin, I thought that it couldn't be an eclipse of the Guardian's own moon (no hard evidence for a moon from Ram Tah's logs, but there is mention of sign language developed for "the moon") - it was something else - something probably much bigger that could almost engulf the bright star.

Since our own moon can cause an eclipse, most scientists believe it is a millions or even billions to one co-incidence that our own moon causes an eclipse on our own planet - the chances of any world's own moon being just the right size to block out the star is staggering.

So, in the case of the Guardians, I thought it cannot be their own moon causing it (bearing in mind, if any of this is actually near right) - since what is the chance both our moons had this staggering against all the odds chance of causing an eclipse? Not likely.

I noticed that, out of all the ruins, the Alpha one is unique - it is mostly made up of tiers of platforms that are, co-incidentaly, quite round - with the occasional sprinkle of triangles. The way the ruin is designed, the layers of tiers act like a planetary plate.

So, after all considerations, the planet most likely to cause an eclipse, could be a massive Gas Giant! Yes, it sounds far-fetched at first, but once you take into consideration the distance between the planets - and especially that of a species like the Guardians whom evolved on a hot jungle world which developed exceedingly dark eyes to protect them from the strength of the starlight - a type A, B or O-Class star would mean an earth-like world would have to be quite some distance away from the star, but could have a passing Gas Giant between them.

In this picture below, I numbered the sequence of the planets based on the tiers and plates the higher they get.


I'd like to draw your attention to 2, 3, 16, and 17.

2 and 3, being attached to the outside of the disc, I believe could represent small meta-rich planets, since they are situated near the "eclipse" on the top left, which would make them nearest the star.

Next, 16 is the Guardians home planet - and 17, that is the only other half-circle in the whole configuration, so I've narrowed that down as the Guardians' Moon.

This is how it would appear with all the planets if one was to get creative...:


Once placed into a suitable straight line, the system looks something like this...


During my time exploring (up to Sag A*), I came across many Water Worlds or Earth-like Worlds that are at about this distance from a star of the O, A, B-Class variety - it is very far away in order to be in the Goldilocks Zone because of the extremely hot star ...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
... However, this could all be wrong - if I measured the tiers up wrong, or counted them in the wrong order, the above could be totally not right - but, it looks fairly standard, and I've no doubt others have seen systems similar to this.

The Gas Giant could have rings but aren't represented, and the system could have asteroid belts not represented. 7, 8, 9, 10 look to me like four planets going around the sun but circling one another - and 18, 19 are those traditional far-away icey planets everyone hates going to - and incase anyone is wondering why I thought these could be icey worlds, I paid close attention to the triangles joining them at the hip (take another look). They are the only ones hooked up like it, so I thought it made sense.

I did consider not placing the Earth-like World in the centre of the ruin, but it occurred to me that, in ancient times, humanity once thought the stars revolved around us - so perhaps their is something archaic in having it at the "centre" of their solar system, because that would have been perhaps central to the Guardians beliefs or of their place in the universe.

And the "Long Path" that originates from the centre and goes straight down? I thought it could be symbolic of their Kinetic Space Launchers - since their is a small circle at the bottom of it that could represent a distant star.

But hey, even after all this, the Homeworld may still elude us forever ;)

If anyone has any star data of the Regor Sector for a system that is similar to this before the Permit Lock (if it wasn't Permit Locked back in the day), please do get in touch!

Update: 29/08/2018

This is an interesting video detailing rings around earth... something we could apply to the Guardians homeworld (if they did indeed have a ringed home planet). Needless to say, potentially very distructive! Especially if it is orbiting a Gas Giant!


Update: 16/04/2018

I have searched the EDSM Database: None of these have ever been explored, and EDSM can confirm the Regor Sector was one of the first Sectors to be found Permit Locked. No pilot has ever visited these stars.

A-Class Stars

Regor Sector CL-Y D20
Regor Sector DL-Y D8
Regor Sector DL-Y D32 (Near Bubble Centre)
Regor Sector FG-Y D42
Regor Sector YJ-A D23
Regor Sector GW-W D1-20
Regor Sector IR-W D1-84
HD 70250

B-Class Stars

HD 64578
HD 66284
HD 68324
HD 69973 (Near Bubble Centre)
HD 69214 (Near Bubble Centre)
HD 69730
HD 65622
HD 66406

There are NO O-Class Stars inside the Regor Sector bubble.

Due to their relative central positions inside the Regor Sector, these I have specially bracketed, above, these systems as being the potential centre area from where the Guardians may have spread.

B-Class are much, much hotter than A-Class - so I think A-Class Stars are the best contenders (the solar system wouldn't need to be so spread, especially for a Gas Giant or other suitably large celestial body to cause an eclipse).

F-Class is a possibility, aswell as G-Class (but would G really be bright enough for their evolution?) - but due to their numerous nature, for now we will wait to see if we can ever gain a permit to first search the A and B-Class Stars since there are fewer of them and this would indeed narrow down the search massively.


A Visual Respresentation of the Narrative Through Alien Eyes

At the begenning of last year (link), I hypothesized that the Ancient Ruins that we have labelled Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, could have been some sort of Interstellar Temples...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
... The presence of Caskets, Totems, and Urns was what originally made me think, along with the repetitive nature of the symbolism, was that these Ancient Ruins were more spiritual for the Guardians than anything else - so I dubbed them Interstellar Temples.

Since the discovery of the Guardian Structures, which are fashioned entirely out of the Unknown Alloy, we can tell the two types - the Ruins and the Structures - don't share many similarities in how they are made. They both share the Obelisks, which may appear unusual at first, because didn't the Abolitionists/Religious zealots hate technology? That is half true, but, the Abolitionists never had a problem with the Obelisks or Monolithic Network in itself (since it provided faster-than-light communication) from what is detailed in the old and new lore entries - it was Virtual Reality and Sentient AI that was proved to be the real dividing factor.

However, the similarities stop there between the two types of discoveries. The Ancient Ruins are molded from the surface of a planet, whereas the Guardian Structures (which there are far less of, so far) seem to be entirely machined and much smaller - nothing as grand in terms of symbolism.

In the new lore entries, Ram Tah mentions that, during the Second Civil War which proved to annhialate their species at the hands of the Constructs, the Religious Abolitionists began to build "vast shrines" to bury the dead and to perform their religious rights. It is from this new evidence, especially knowing that the Abolitionists spent most of their resources building these new structures or "shrines" in the new logs, that many now, including myself, now see the Ancient Ruins as these Shrines. Obviously, there is no hard written evidence to suggest the Ancient Ruins are the shrines, but...

1) The presence of Urns, Caskets, and Totems at the Ancient Ruins is one part of the evidence (there are some scattered at the various Guardian Structures, too, since the Abolitionists AND the Mainstream Guardians both held spiritual beliefs before the two civil wars)
2) There are currently lots more Ancient Ruins than there are Ancient Structures (roughly four times as many).

I think point 2 is the most reliable evidence we have that the Ancient Ruins are the Shrines referenced in the new logs - since it is specifically stated by Ram Tah that the Abolitionists spent most of their resources building Shrines during the Second Civil War in the Information Era, and this sped their demise.

However, if the three Ancient Ruins are some sort of Interstellar Shrines that were created during the Second Civil War across our galaxy, what do they mean?

To understand this, we have to understand the history of the Guardians. We know they were spiritual, until their beliefs changed once Sentient AI was born soon after the Thargoid War. This jumpstarted the Information Era - and it is from this Era, I believe, in which the Shrines play an important part - of which, I believe their are 3 parts most important to the Shrine builders - not only are they shrines, but they also tell a story...

1) Where they came from - who they are.
2) The first divide - the first Civil War.
3) The second divide - the Second Civil War.

The first is basically a statement - "who we are, where we come from". The other two are sort of like "parts" of a story...

I present the following hypothesis for each shrine...

The Homeworld Shrine

Also known as the "Alpha" Ancient Ruin, I believe this particular ruin, or Shrine, represents the Guardians' core beliefs - but most importantly, serves as a reminder to the Religious Abolitionists of where they came from - they literally worship their world and their planetary system, and view it as the most important place in the universe. Each of the round platforms symbolise each world in their home system, with their homeworld being directly in the centre (the ringed steps possibly representing rings around their planet).

The top-left semi-circle represents an eclipse that can occur in their homeworld system.

It tells us of a time before they were divided, with the long, straight path that leaves the centre of the Shrine (I believe this to be symbolic of their early Kinetic Ship Launchers), which inevitably leads to a distinct circular mound at the bottom to represent a distant solar system. So not only does this tell us what their home system potentially looked like, it also tells us of a more peaceful time of exploration that they may have longed for during the Second Civil War.

The Shrine of the Oracle


This Shrine, I believe, could represent three important events. One, the Thargoid War, represented by the smaller circle to the bottom left, which I think could symbolise the Thargoids themselves. Two, the Pyramid at the far-top and to the bottom-right of the large main-circle represent the Exiles and the Constructs. Three, the break in the large main-circle represents the first Civil War. I believe, before then, that the circle itself was intended to be complete - it would have represented the Guardians' ringed homeworld (potentially, if it was), and would have served as their united clan symbol forged at the start of the Modern Era during the Unification of their race.

This is how I think the symbol would normally appear in Guardian society to represent "them" or "me" or "earth" (their earth-like) or "Unification".


It is completely whole - and would serve as a symbol of the Unification that came around and started the Modern Era - but the symbol we see at the Ancient Ruins is fractured - it is no longer "whole" - with one pyramid, in particular, appearing to be heading away from the circle itself - this, I believe, could represent the Constructs. It is both saying "this is what caused us to go to civil war" and "we needed them to beat the Thargoids". Take special note of the empty triangular patch at the bottom-right of the long spoke of the main circle - I believe this to represent the initial losses to the Thargoids.

The perimiter of the Ancient Ruin itself, I believe represents what was, at that time, considered Guardian Space or the Guardian Bubble - this adds more weight that the smaller circle is representitive of the Thargoids invading Guardian Space. Also, just to add, I believe the large, flat area, expanding from the left of the large main-circle, could represent the Guardians' expansions.

The upper-most pyramid at the top of the Shrine, I believe, could represent the Exiles, heading away from both the symbolised homeworld, Guardian culture, and that of the Borders that make up Guardian space.

This Shrine is perhaps the most important one - since it could represent how the Guardians felt - that if it wasn't for the Thargoids, perhaps there would be no split. After all, if the Thargoids hadn't shown up, there may have been no Civil Wars, since the advancement of AI and that of the Constructs may never have happened. The incomplete main-circle, I feel, is how the Abolitionists viewed their predicament with a heavy heart - they were no longer unified and fractured (it is important to note; the circle may never have been complete, this is just my view - we, at the moment, have no evidence that the circle itself was ever a complete circle - it's just my hunch).

Because of this, I have dubbed this ruin the Shrine of the Oracle - effectively, the linchpin in Guardian history.

The Shrine of Discord

Now, going back to the main-circle from the Oracle Shrine is important for this final next piece.

If the broken main-circle should represent the Guardians, then it could go without saying that two at one shrine could represent both the Abolitionists and the Mainstream Guardians - effectively, now two Tribes.

The main-circle on the bottom right is extremely similar to that of the Oracle Shrine. Not much has changed. However, the other smaller main-circle, to the left, does have some important differences, as I'll show below:


As we can see, there is definitley some major differences between the two - they look similar, but it is in the fine detail where it matters. The new, smaller symbol, I think, represents the Exiles or Mainstream Guardian society that went along with the Technological Singularity in the Information Era. The old symbol, on the right, which was at the previous Oracle Shrine, I think represents the Guardians that adhered to hating all manner of AI sentience and Virtual Reality.

Both of these symbols are, at a slight angle, both facing each other with their "spokes", the long paths that jut out from the circles - I believe this to mean "confrontation" or "war". The large main-circle, the surrounding area near it, is pretty simple in design - however, the smaller circle (the Exile/Mainstream circle) is highly more complex, along with the surrounding areas near it - I think this is to highlight their technological prowess or the Technological Singularity.

There is a thin section of wall at the far-top of the shrine, and with it being incomplete, I think shows that they have lost "control" of Guardian territory. There are also various raised mounds in the middle of the shrine, that look like walls, but are too high to be wall - I believe, because they are situated between both the Tribal Symbols, to represent "battle lines". It could even symbolise the "arm" or "hand" of the mainstream guardians of symbolically "taking away" everything that the Abolitionists cherish, as shown here:


I think this, at least to me, clearly shows the "long arm" of the AI supporting Guardians taking everything away from the Religious Abolitionists, since it appears to be "reaching out" from the smaller main-circle, directly into the middle of the conflict.

This Shrine, I think, symbolises the fears of the Guardian Abolitionists - especially during the Second Civil War where they were losing badly.

This ruin truly epitomises their loss.


Okay folks, I'm wondering if our assumption/hypothesis about the Exiles potentially still being alive is potentially wrong...

I've been staring at Canonn's 3D map:


As we've discussed before, one theory about the Beta, Alpha, and Gamma ruins is that they may the so-called "Shrines" mentioned by Ram Tah in the latest lore entries (they were build sometime after the Gaurdian Structures, or so we presume, because of the lack of Guardian Sentinals).

However, if this is true, then how do we explain the Beta, Alpha, and Gamma Cluster Sites that are scattered thousands of lightyears away from the main bubble?

Shouldn't we then assume that the Ancient Ruins are then, in fact, built by the Exiles?

Not nescecarily...

In fact, I think it could be the opposite.

Let's quickly go back to the time-line events and see how it panned out: Particularly that of the final Second Civil War in the Information Era +++


[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
I believe the Abolitionists, Naturalists or Religious Faction (take your pick) had, during the mid-to-latter stages of the Second Civil War (that raged for around 100-110 years), knew they were losing - it was only a matter of time until they were crushed...

Ironically, they may have soon found themselves exiling themselves from the core worlds and, after traveling thousands of light years each time, stopped briefly to build Shrines and Monolithic Network Obelisks at the various tiny clusters, away from home, away from the war.

If that is the case, then... did they actually, really escape? Did they setup shop somewhere else technologically free - or, at the very least, not dependent on AI and Virtual Reality...

After all, if they had no love of the machines (they didn't use them to fight with since they deployed Enzyme-based missiles specifically against the Constructs of Mainstream Guardian society), and the Constructs had, potentially, no idea where the Abolitionists had disapeared to, then... it is entirely possible the Guardians could still be around... You can't wipe them all out if you don't know where they are, even if you are a quantom-precise machine.

The Constructs wiped out the Guardian bubble - we know that much to be true.

However, what if the Religious order were escaping to some far-off paradise? We know they developed a religion, but not the teachings or beliefs of that religion, aside from shunning AI and Virtual Reality - perhaps they experienced their own exodus through the stars?

They spent their resources building vast shrines and obelisks (in fact, I would suggest that some ruins with few Obelisks could be a result of them running out of resources as they went) - in some cases, thousands of light years away.

If you want the best chance of survival, after all, what do you think it is best to do?

You split up!

That is exactly how it appears to me from the small Ancient Ruin clusters (which I've highlighted with blue arrows in the original screenshot, above).

So, as it stands, I think both factions may have survived to some small degree...

The Exiles may have intigrated their bodies or consciousness' with the Constructs (perhaps evolving into Raxxla? Another mystery for another day), whereas the Religious Abolitionists may have gone their own seperate ways... Each may have died out since that time over the two million years, but still, the possibility is there...

And, more importantly, how many more clusters are there to find until we reach the finish line?

...If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.

A hypothesis that could be just as spooky as the Formadine Rift mystery...

Since the Thargoids return, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of Escape Capsules that have been taken in front of the eyes of just as many pilots by the aliens' green beams.

Why would the Thargoids show such mercy, we wonder?

Today, things got much... weirder... with this following Galnet news article: (source)


Not only does this remind me of Ex-President Halsey's ramblings, it makes me wonder this... what if the Thargoids have been abducting humans since they apparantley left? Ships go missing all the time, either through exploration or other such missions - many without a trace...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
The Thargoids are certainly calculating. They have been around for millions of years, after all, so what is a measily couple of hundred to bring down a species by using their own kind to do their bidding?

More importantly, how does this tie-in with the Guardians?

One, this new Thargoid religion - it has, in my opinion, suspicious parallels with the Guardian's developing a religion soon after the Thargoid War.

Two, the Thargoids despised the Constructs and Guardian Technology - and, perhaps not surprisingly, the new Guardian religion shunned both the AI and some Guardian Technologies (and one could argue that this would have been even easier to accomplish against the Guardians since they had evolved to be very careful with their environment and of their respect for the natural equilibrium amongst life).

What I am thinking is this: That many Guardians were also abducted in this fashion, and were then used, through mind-control or by some other means, to eventually bring down their own civilization (tampering with shields that protected cities and so on).

This leads on to this important hypothesis...

What if the Constructs knew of this weakness in the Guardians? What if they considered the fact that the Guardians could be infiltrated by the Thargoids, whom they were built to fight against?

Either way, perhaps knowing this information was enough for the Civilian Arm of the Constructs to convince the Military Arm that the Guardians would need to be dealt with...

And, of course, there is this possibility...

What if the Thargoids had captured and somehow mind-controlled some of the Sentient AI during the war, much like how they abduct humans and, potentially, the Guardians in the past?

After all, the Guardians had to teach the Sentient AI to follow in their footsteps by a process of Social Engineering (since they would, theoretically, be unable to program hard-fail-safes into a Sentient program)... this meant that the AI, potentially, was just as vulnerable to being controlled as if they were a Human or a Guardian.

The Constructs were "alive", they had concepts of "life" and "death"... of which emotions, either by circuit-board or brain, the Thargoids could, perhaps, manipulate...

All the above would only require a large amount of time and a large amount of patience. Something, I am sure by now, the Thargoids are masters of.


Commander Chronicles: Retaliation


Commander Chronicles: Devastation


Commander Chronicles: The Deal


Commander Chronicles: Lift-Off

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Table of Contents 3/3

  • The Soontill, Thargoid, & Guardian Mystery
  • The Guardian Beacons...


Original Article by CMDR Thatchinho (Source)

With the Thargoids providing everyone with a reminder about Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 (Courtesy of Factabulous, see I thought it would be a good time to provide an update on some investigations into the system and some possible implications.

I posted a shot from my EDDi map slightly later in that thread, but given it's lack of clarity I'll explain further here.

With Col 70 locked, what's actually at Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3, but for quite a while I've been looking at what might be inferred.

Although still unable to make any strong inferences about what's in the system, other things have emerged and it's those aspects that I'll elaborate here.

I've taken a shot from Canonn maps and drawn on key systems to illustrate things better:


The key thing I'd like to highlight is the positions of Soontill and Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3, what's between them and the possible implications of it.

Firstly, some background.

Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 and the Col 70 Sector

- One of the pieces of data transmitted by the Thargoid Probe is distance from Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3. This is in units where 1 = the distance from Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3. This was worked out by Cmdr Wace back in 2016 / 3302. 1

- Possibly unrelated but prior to that Cmdr Genar-Hofoen had discovered an antenna at a Dark Wheel base which appeared to be permanently orientated towards Col 70.2

- Col 70 Sector is locked by an Unknown Permit.

- Col 70 Sector is roughly a 1,000 ly diameter sphere, and although everything that is named a Col 70 system is locked, there are unlocked regions within.

- This results in there being a 'wall' of Col 70 Sector systems.

- The wall is about 180 - 200 ly thick at Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3

- The 2 main ways to access the unlocked regions within Col 70 are by crossing from Synuefe to Witchhead Sector (where the Col 70 wall is only 20 - 30 ly thick) or around the back via Col 69 Sector and Barnards Loop.

- There's a 3rd way in which I found, which is a Neutron Star jump which goes almost directly through Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3.



- Despite Col 70 being Unknown Permit locked, Wreaken construction are known to be operating therein3

- There are reports that the Col 70 Sector wasn't locked in 3300.

This all strongly implies that some people know full well what is at Col Sector 70 FY-N C21-3, but independent cmdrs are being locked off from it. That leaves the very obvious questions of who is responsible and why.

Efforts have been made by cmdrs to force the release of this information, but these are yet to yield any results.


- Soontill 1 is rumoured to have been the site of a base of the Circle of Independent Elite Pilots (a splinter group of The Dark Wheel).

- It's rumoured that it was the site of a joint Human-Thargoid project.


- It's also rumoured that Soontill was the site of a Thargoid R&D base which was lost to the Thargoids, and that the advanced Thargoid technology that had been developed there was used by the CIEP.

- It's rumoured that the base was deliberately destroyed using a weapon developed there following a conflict between the CIEP, remnants of INRA, and another group. This is rumoured to have penetrated the planet's crust and resulted in an outflow of lava covering the area.

- The description of Soontill reported by survivors of that conflict doesn't fully match the known Soontill system.

- Soontill 1 does have an unusual feature visible from space which might be a match to the described base destruction:


- Soontill was apparently mentioned by the Thargoids sometime around 3250 6.

- An auction of Soontill Relics around 3280 was apparently found to have been selling fakes7.

- A new wave of Soontill Relics started hitting the markets in early 3301 7

- Soontill Relics are described as "A slab of unidentified material covered in pictographs of an unknown origin."

- Analysis of those relics was reported to have shown that they could not have been of human origin, but did not fully match with known Thargoid materials 6.

The relics not being a full match with known Thargoid material does indicate there could be some truth to the rumour of Soontill being a Thargoid R&D site which the Thargoids had lost contact with, as this could explain the nature of the material. It's also interesting to note that humanity apparently heard of Soontill from the Thargoids around 2850, which certainly has some bearing on rumours that there has been ongoing contact and possibly some collaboration between the Thargoids and some members of humanity. It also raises an interesting question about why the Thargoids would mention Soontill to humanity, and what bearing that might have on current Thargoid activities.

A big question of course, is how could the Thargoids have lost contact with an advanced R&D site.

The Guardian Connection

- Discovered logs from an expedition into Guardian space lead by Professor Melville showed that the Professor had hypothesised that the Guardians had been forced to migrate from an area roughly the size of the bubble 8.

- The logs also indicated that the first site found by independent cmdrs, at Synuefe XR-H D11-102, had been at the edge of Guardian territory, and that sites appeared in denser clusters the deeper into Guardian space that they were 8.

Based on the clustering/density of sites it was possible to estimate a rough centre of Guardian territory.

Based on that I calculated something notable - Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 was slightly closer to the apparent centre of Guardian space than Synuefe XR-H D11-102.

(This remains the case now that the Regor Sector has emerged as the apparent centre of Guardian space. Distances from Regor are 730 ly and 750 ly respectively.)

At the time that raised the possibility that there was some crossover between Guardian - Thargoid areas of space / areas of interest, but the permit lock meant this couldn't be confirmed, and no Guardian sites have been reported near to Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3.

However, what has been established subsequently is a correlation between Braintrees and Guardian space:

- All suitable bodies within 70-100ly of an Ancient Ruin have braintrees.

The exception to this is a large area within Synuefe and Wregoe where Braintrees have been found, but despite searching no Ancient Ruins have been found.

In late October last year, I set out on a search for Braintrees in the vicinity of Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3, and immediately found them on the border of Col 70, only 106 ly from Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 9.

I've subsequently been able to find an even closer site, Synuefe IH-T d4-14 at 93 ly from Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3.

What I've been able to further confirm is:

- The braintree area spreads for a considerable area over the Col 70 border

- There don't seem to be braintrees on the interior border within the unlocked regions within Col 70

- Hence there is an edge to the braintree field somewhere within Col 70 in the vicinity of Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3.

It had been established that the Guardian Ruins were the Ruins left from the second Guardian civil war that had lead to the extinction of their species, rather than an inter-species war.

Therefore given that there was an area of space with braintrees but no Guardian Ruins and the crossover of that with a notable Thargoid related system, there was an implication that the area of space without Ruins might have been the result of a Guardian - Thargoid conflict.

The Guardian - Thargoid conflict hypothesis has since been strongly reinforced by discoveries from logs in the more recently discovered Guardian Sites. These describe a conflict in which the Guardians withdrew from an area of space before then defeating the Thargoids, and then subsequently collapsing into civil war.

The Soontill Implications

Returning to the image shown at the start:


And the following which shows a line of sight roughly from Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 to Synuefe XR-H D11-102 (the dark blue dot within the light blue oval):


There are several key things which can be noted:

- There is a huge region which sits between Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 and Soontill with braintrees but no Guardian ruins

- Synuefe XR-H D11-102 is almost on a direct line between Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3. (It is very close in the x-z plane, but a little bit above the line in the y-plane)

So, there appears to have been a huge conflict between the Guardians and the Thargoids that took place in the area of space between Soontill and Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3, which the Thargoids ultimately lost, but even more significantly, even thought the Guardians had withdrawn from a large amount of that space, the territory they didn't withdraw from still intercepted the space between Soontill and Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3, towards Soontill itself.

So, there we have it. A set of in game evidence that gives a plausible indication of what could have caused Soontill to have been lost to the Thargoids.

There's still lots of details missing of course, but it certainly supports the idea that Soontill could have been a lost Thargoid site.

It also leaves open many questions, particularly regarding the rumours that it was the Thargoids who told humanity about Soontill, and of course the ongoing question of what is actually at Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 and why we independent cmdrs are being denied that knowledge.

Supplemental Info

Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 is a T Tauri star (from Galmap).

What's presumed to be the system layout (from the Thargoid Device spectrogram) is below:

Spansh search set for Braintree candidates (Note! Only works for bodies which have been submitted to EDSM. Many systems and bodies aren't in the EDSM database.)

Baton's guide to finding Braintrees:


Credits & Acknowledgements (where known):

Most of this is very much standing on the shoulders of giants. Many many people have contributed to aspects over the years. Some particular ones are:

Those at Canonn who produce the maps. (And Canonn in general for many things.)
Genar-Hofoen - For finding the The Dark Wheel base with the Antenna fixed on Col 70
Cmdr Wace - For decoding the reference to Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3 from the Unknown/Thargoid Probe
Jelicoe et al. - For their in-game & RP efforts to get those responsible to drop the Col 70 permit or release information on Col 70 Sector FY-N C21-3

MadRaptor - for the Milky Way Society of Organics & Geologics
Baton et al. - For determining the criteria for finding Braintrees
The makers and users of EDDiscovery, EDSM & EDMC - for the data contained therein
The makers of EDDiscovery - for the maps
Spansh - whose tool allowed Baton et al. to easily find candidate Braintree bodies from the EDSM database
The many cmdrs who have found Braintree and hence Guardian areas throughout the galaxy.
Cmdr PanPiper et al. for finding the area in Wregoe with Braintrees but no Guardian sites.

Cmdr XDeath - For triangulating the location of the first Guardian site
Many many people for Guardians investigations, particularly everyone involved in the efforts to solve the Ram Tah Decoding the Ancient Ruins Mission.
Noodlz05 et al. for being first to complete the mission, and obtaining the universal scanner upgrade, allowing Guardian sites to be spotted via the Nav Panel/HUD.
Many many people - for searching for and discovering Guardian sites.
Everyone who provided means to submit discoveries, and collated the information.
Everyone at Canonn who checks and confirms reported discoveries.
Rizal72 - for the Megathread Front Pages, and maintenance thereof.



The latest additional finds are those of the Guardian Beacons. They are huge, many hundreds of metres in size, and perhaps even comparable to many human space stations...

[Article Continued in Spoiler]...
The biggest question, however, is what are they? What is there ultimate purpose, other than to send commnders to reap the benefits?

As of now, many commanders have worked out that charging the triad of energy pylons causes the beacon to, in effect, wake up (albeit rather fantastically). Once the data core has been scanned, it reveals the location of a nearby system (roughly within 100 light years), in which exists a new, undiscovered Guardian Structure.

These new Guardian Structures are slightly different in design than those that have already been found, and they will yield a new type of blueprint: the Guardian Vessel Blueprint. However, a commnder must present the unique structure and data core a new type of Ancient Relic, otherwise known as an Ancient Key. The Ancient Key can be found below the Guardian Beacon once it has been activated.

It is very different in terms of energy, as it freely spills - what is described as "ethereal" - or highly radiative energy. It shares its appearance with the Ancient Relic. I assume it must either be a more condensed power source, or a newer power source. If the latter is true, then it could be possible that the Guardian Beacons create new "batteries", which, in effect, is what the Ancient Relics are in how they are used and operated at the Guardian Structures.

How they do this could be a multitude of possibilities, such as solar energy collection; or, if it were truly exotic, harvesting energy from Witchspace...

What is even more interesting to me, is that these Beacons exist on the outskirts (or just outside) of the known Guardian Bubble that surrounds the Permit Locked Regor Sector. In a way, perhaps the Brain Trees were a forshadowing of what lay beyond the original bubble filled with Ancient Ruins and Guardian Structures. Perhaps their territory was much bigger than we had originally estimated?

That would make sense, since they were a space faring civilization that had expanded rapidly, with the potential to have expanded much further than we currently have within a few hundred years, during their Modern Era.

Perhaps these Beacons are also situated on the boundaries of their space in order to keep a watchful eye on Thargoid activity... perhaps it isn't us dabbling with Guardian Ruins or Structures that have awaken them, but the growing presence of Thargoids in Humanity's bubble... Are their sensors picking up something we know little about?

... Could it be a coincidence that these Beacons, that slept soundly despite our tampering with their Ruins and Structures, suddenly spring into life when this deadly, new Interceptor shows itself? Maybe, just as the Guardians had fought them, that these Hydra Interceptor variants are the real menace heralding a storm that follows in their wake? I guess we will find out...


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Absolutely incredible!

I've added this to the "mysterious things and lore" section of my "Best of Forum" thread.

Edit: oops, too quick off the mark - were you trying to reserve a few early posts? If you want to report this post and get it removed then go for it.
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SET A (top Glyph set) (Image: CMDR Moribus)

SET B (middle Glyph set) (Image: CMDR Moribus)

SET C (bottom Glyph set) (Image: CMDR Moribus)

These were done as an attempt to find a way to decode the original obelisk glyph loop. But that has changed, these aren't relevant anymore? They don't even match the Glyphs Ram Tah has in the video trailer.
Absolutely incredible!

I've added this to the "mysterious things and lore" section of my "Best of Forum" thread.

Edit: oops, too quick off the mark - were you trying to reserve a few early posts? If you want to report this post and get it removed then go for it.

No that's fine bud, only needed one :) (evil 100,000 character limit meant I couldn't add the old lore in the OP, so it'll probs go in the reserved post when I have a bit more time later)

Thank you for adding it to Best of Forum :D

These were done as an attempt to find a way to decode the original obelisk glyph loop. But that has changed, these aren't relevant anymore? They don't even match the Glyphs Ram Tah has in the video trailer.

Well, the symbols changed, but the way they used sign-language to make symbols may still be relavent :)

Plus, a lot of hard work went into them, and I love looking at them :D
That's an astonishing work, commander. Have some rep.

I find it disturbing the possibility that Guardian survivors may have been responsible for the destruction of the Formidine Rift expeditions. This makes me wonder if any commanders have experienced strange phenomena when travelling through these parts of space?

I may go on a little exploration trip myself...
That's an astonishing work, commander. Have some rep.

I find it disturbing the possibility that Guardian survivors may have been responsible for the destruction of the Formidine Rift expeditions. This makes me wonder if any commanders have experienced strange phenomena when travelling through these parts of space?

I may go on a little exploration trip myself...

I'm wondering if the megaship in the formadine rift could hold secrets, especially with the new mechanics to access them [woah][woah][woah]
Using the layout of the 3d starmap, i have guessed that at least 1 guardian site should be out in the formadine, maybe even a bit further out. The thing is, i would aslo say that its likely that this could be the last location of the AI, and while powerplay still exists we are as much at threat from these AI as we are from thargoids.

Thargoid Bio-tech .... the worrying part is who made the tech, its normally a non natural occurrence when metal and organic mix, therefore there may be an older race yet to be discovered out there, the thargoids creators.

How i came to the thought of extra guardian site possibilities .... i paid attention to the star layout of the orion constellation, from the guardians point of view it would be distorted, possibly even more due to angle and time, formadine rift would be around the shoulders of orion, and somewhere near colonia would be the other shoulder.
Hey - my biggest kudos and respects for THIS ! I had a break from ED for a few months but after 3.0 release I jumped in again and immediatly was caught by the ongoing fresh Guardian content (many thanks @ Frontier !). I definitely agree to the Formidine Rift theory that you have @ Dreamstate, I had nearly the same thoughts when sitting at the new ruins, listening to the background "music/soundscape" and let it appeal to me (fantastic atmosphere, goosebumps :D ). Now reading this from you I am quite convinced that the Formidine Rift riddle is NOT solved at all - we just scratched the surface. Next days I will try to grind the new weapons materials and after that I'll head into the rift.

EDIT: thanks for repping back :) . I just would like to evolve the Guardian-Raxxla/Formidine Rift idea a bit further: a Guardian (as the word says) guards something - could that be Raxxla indeed ? Maybe we have to examine the official CoR logo - could there be a hidden hint where to look for it ?

EDIT 2: @ Guardian-Raxxla theory: in fact that would fit perfectly if the Guardians want to protect a refuge that hides them from either probably left over war machines and/or Thargoids.
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Hey - my biggest kudos and respects for THIS ! I had a break from ED for a few months but after 3.0 release I jumped in again and immediatly was caught by the ongoing fresh Guardian content (many thanks @ Frontier !). I definitely agree to the Formidine Rift theory that you have @ Dreamstate, I had nearly the same thoughts when sitting at the new ruins, listening to the background "music/soundscape" and let it appeal to me (fantastic atmosphere, goosebumps :D ). Now reading this from you I am quite convinced that the Formidine Rift riddle is NOT solved at all - we just scratched the surface. Next days I will try to grind the new weapons materials and after that I'll head into the rift.

EDIT: thanks for repping back :) . I just would like to evolve the Guardian-Raxxla/Formidine Rift idea a bit further: a Guardian (as the word says) guards something - could that be Raxxla indeed ? Maybe we have to examine the official CoR logo - could there be a hidden hint where to look for it ?

EDIT 2: @ Guardian-Raxxla theory: in fact that would fit perfectly if the Guardians want to protect a refuge that hides them from either probably left over war machines and/or Thargoids.

No sweat man, I always return the reps for positive feedback or constructive ideas :)

I think the Guardians were called "guardians" because the various different tribes often protected one another - however, there could be something out there in the black of the formadine and something that is also linked to Raxxla - though whatever it is or what they are, time will tell ;)

Using the layout of the 3d starmap, i have guessed that at least 1 guardian site should be out in the formadine, maybe even a bit further out. The thing is, i would aslo say that its likely that this could be the last location of the AI, and while powerplay still exists we are as much at threat from these AI as we are from thargoids.

Thargoid Bio-tech .... the worrying part is who made the tech, its normally a non natural occurrence when metal and organic mix, therefore there may be an older race yet to be discovered out there, the thargoids creators.

How i came to the thought of extra guardian site possibilities .... i paid attention to the star layout of the orion constellation, from the guardians point of view it would be distorted, possibly even more due to angle and time, formadine rift would be around the shoulders of orion, and somewhere near colonia would be the other shoulder.

defo worth investigating if you're heading out that way :)
Right, I'm currently working on a Guardian Timeline :)

Should have it up later, but it should give everyone a nice accurate picture of what events happened in which order - all of it has been pulled from both the old and new lore (all entries in all subjects) - it took a while to organize it.
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