The Guardians Are Dumb And Probably Weren't Very Attractive


I do not care who is more and who is less attractive. We will repeal the invaders and crush the bugs into submission. No quarter will be given, this is a fight to the death. Guardians are just useful idiots that left technology behind for us to exploit Thargoid weaknesses, which we have and will continue to do. Furthermore, any commanders caught aiding the enemy will be put to death and sent a rebuy screen. After all, this is a game where you are killed for station loitering so imagine what a treason charge will get you.
I liked the idea of them being in factions and us seeing them as one force. Explains why they sometimes dont attack.
Maybe Fdev are still sitting on that story, who knows.
They're divided into cute boys and cute girls, or failing that cute boys and more cute boys.
The guardians apparently made super AI constructs, which turned on them.

Yet these constructs get stuck trying to find your SRV if you hide behind a lamp post.

These constructs managed to wipe out their creators. While being so incredibly stupid.

It does make one wonder...
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