The Guest Observer; get your crowd in control

Dear lovely people,

First of all, many thanks for the latest update and the stream tonight. It was wonderful to see all the creations and felt flattered also my Royal Diner has been shown.
Many suggestions came in the chat, and I've personally been dreaming since RCT3 for this suggestion and hope you all will take a serious look at it.

Whenever I create a park, the crowd control is a big part of the game.
How do you get more people move over to the next area;
Why is no one riding that particular ride;
Is this shop cost-effective, why (not);

To gather this information (and more,) I do click on guests... I click on many guests... Also use the average statistics which can be found in the park management.
But... There's one thing to make crowd control even more manageable, a tool we do miss in our beloved game, a tool that could save us time but also gives nice to know information.

Ladies and gentlepeople, I proudly present: The Guest Observer.
Since words are hard to describe such an idea, I will give some visuals to explain what I'm thinking of, but in short it gathers information from selected groups of people on average:


^ This tool will be located on the multi selection mode, which can be found in the right bottom corner.
As you can see there is a new icon, the Guest Observer. This tool is the multi selection mode for guests.

^ Of course first select the tool by clicking it, and make a selection on screen. When you've done that the next screen will be the result of this wonderful tool.

^ You've selected a group of people as you see they light up.

Now let me talk you through the most important information that can be seen.
  • The amount of people selected.
    - This is giving a good indication of the popularity of certain area's and might even be the main use of this feature.
  • Most popular ride, based on the most visits of the selected group.
    - The most popular ride can change in certain area's in the park. People can stick around or will be pleased to move on quickly.
  • Favorite Coaster, based on the most visits of the selected group.
    - Idem for the ride.
  • Favorite shop, based on the most visits of the selected group.
    - Main streets do have (lots) of shops in the beginning of the park, but are there area's which are more profitable?
  • Average guest needs.
    -This is a very interesting option. Some coasters might produce a high nausea, is there an First Aid close enough? Are toilets needed in this area? Are guest hungry in this area... And so on ;)
This feature could be as comprehensive as you want, using the other tabs like thoughts and spend money.

Personally I do see lot's of benefits in this feature and desperately want it.
But that's just my opinion. What do you guys think?
Would this be lot's of programming, or is it achievable to implement this feature into the game?

Let me know if you agree or disagree and feel free to tweak this proposed feature!

Do you think I could fool people with this kind of photo shop? :p
I would love heatmaps based upon needs with everything else that’s you’ve suggested above.
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