PvP The Hornet's Nest! 1vs9

Couldn't resist poking some PvP'ers in San Tu as I was passing by :D
I'd make some comment about being rude and wasting those player's limited gametime by interrupting their consensual, planned fights except then I remembered I've ganked hundreds of CMDRs indiscriminately for over four years while blowing off criticism that it was rude to waste those player's limited gametime. :unsure:

Seriously, though, San Tu is a pretty great option nowadays if you're looking for structured, fairly balanced PVP. They use a matchmaking bot to make sure each fight is randomized so it doesn't devolve into one player group lording it over the others.
Lets see...

  • dropping in unannounced on an presumably arranged mediums fight? ✅
  • arranged fight means usually no groms or reverbs? ✅
  • crimes on? ✅
  • don't fight in the fields so you don't get masslocked? ✅
  • running away seconds after everyone is blowing you to hell, barely making it out? ✅
  • posting a video about it on the net? ✅
  • name-calling and implying they all only measure carrots? ✅


Pretty sure you made a memorable impression 😂
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