The Hull Seals effort to aid the outbreak system of Sol!

With the current outbreak in the Sol system of the COVID-19 virus, global moral is at an all time low....

Whilst we can't just up and jump to the next system, we can put our collective computing power to work for an amazing cause!

The Hull Seals have teamed up to join in the Folding@Home effort to help beat a scourge worse than any 'goid!

For those unfamiliar with Folding@Home, it is a distributed processing network,
utilising its large network of willing and altruistic PC owners to help find a vaccine for this virus.

This, as PC owners, is our chance to help out, and this time for its everyone.

You can track the Seals progress here:
Join in our team or create your own, every little bit of computing power helps!!

You can find out more here:

on your marks....get ready.....and
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