The hype is real. What feature do you like most?

Hey guys,

In 2 weeks, the beta of Planet Coaster for the Thrillseeker Edition owners will be released. Now I'm pretty curious, are you guys hyped for it and what feature do you like most, and why?

One thing is sure: We are all hyped and curious. We. Can't. Wait. Any. Longer.



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Hey Bram,

Of course we're HYPED! Personally I like the entire game as a whole, because it's the whole game that brings the fantastic ambience of a theme park simulation to the player. [big grin]
Really looking forward to go carts. I hope the track is wider than 2 cars would like to see 3-4 wide so more people could pass and not bump into each other going around corners.
I am looking forward to playing scenarios most
Me too!

Although, I am also really looking forward to building a monorail for some reason. [heart] I am also looking forward playing about with an amazing new unannounced feature, that you you guys will hear about very soon... Probably in the live dev streams [happy]
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Everything!!! Maybe not music because of obvious reason but everything!!!!!
(Of course I am happy for you to get custom music)
I think the terrain, it has definitely been the biggest surprise for me. I never thought we'd get voxel terrain editing that makes it stupid easy to carve out tunnels, caves, arches, etc.
Assuming it's still a part of the game (and based on the new screenshots, looks like it is), I'm most hyped about the flat ride sequencer. The idea that we can take a huge thrill ride and water it down to a family setting (and vice versa) means that we can have a wider choice when it comes to flat rides - parks that have just family rides aren't limited to smaller attractions. Whether it's a full sequencer or just modes, we'll find out on the 9th...
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