The hype is real. What feature do you like most?

For some reason im really looking forward to transport rides. It was the same in previous games. Loved all aspects of the game, but just getting in the transport rides to link it all together gave me the greatest pleasure. I am also super hyped - and ever hopeful - for water rides, log flumes in particular. Im sure i'll love everything though.
I am more than hyped about the game cant wait any more [big grin]

I am very curious of a few things

: How big is the park in the beta-final game
: waterrides
: some tweaks on the water , waterfalls
Me too!

Although, I am also really looking forward to building a monorail for some reason. [heart] I am also looking forward playing about with an amazing new unannounced feature, that you you guys will hear about very soon... Probably in the live dev streams [happy]
Could anyone please tell me when the live dev streams are ? Cheers in advance !
19:00 PM ? Depends of your time zone [big grin]

Be careful with this [yesnod]
Thank you for raising this issue Angelis, and it is a good point to note that UK timezone has now reverted back to GMT.

Note for diaries: 31 October - Developer live stream 1900 GMT
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For info, France is back to "UTC+1", witch mean : Developer livestream at 20:00
Pour info, La France est à nouveau à "UTC+1", ce qui veux dire : Livestream des développeurs à 20:00

I am in the good time zone

Last night the we got the stupid Daylight saving time again
This time change is not necessary now ...
This was the case when we had the oil/coal energy, but now with the nuclear and renewable energy, it's just stupid.

I don't know about your country, but it's been several times that few members of the French government try to suppress this thing, but so far it did not work ...
I hope that they will try again this year. And success.
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For all Dutch, German, French, Belgium fans... this means 20:00 for us [wink]

@Angelis, you beat me to it :(
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