PvP the joyous life of the enforcer

Hello Commanders, today I would like to introduce the joyful life of the Enforcer.

Some time ago we met a wing of the RoA and BDSM. It was a hard fight that we finally won. As expected, there was a lot going on with the new CG. SPEAR very quickly sent two strong wings into the target system and the guys did a great job. ESCA has very good pilots and it already has something to watch. The flight manoeuvres over the planet were great! We were able to protect some CMDRs and made life difficult for the outlaws. In the Bubble there were of course also some highlights. A German pilot of SPEAR jumped fearlessly into a wing of four and honoured the hit and run tactics. In Shinrarta a machine gun FDL was able to save a helpless Anaconda pilot from being shot down and sent the experienced ganker into the rebuy screen.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQNs1mnM6uk
That was one of my most fun nights in ED to date (that's me retreating Tinvanno's railaconda with my wingmates at the start of the video), but I don't want to brag, on the contrary, that same wing has handed us our asses in the past, they're good pilots with good strategy. Respect. We learned, we planned, we adapted and eventually we overcame. Now they'll be thinking how they can counter us next time and all is right in the world of cops n robbers in Elite Dangerous. Next time, anything could happen and I can't wait :D
Is that how penguins really fight? By bopping each other with their fins? Flap flap flap.
How can that really hurt?
I thought birds fought with their beaks?

You learn something new every day.
Enforcer role is my favourite, and if we want to have more and more people in open play to interact with, it´s our responsability as veteran players to protect specially new players when they are in open.

Propaganda from terrorists in twitch and youtube is very strong, specially from certain people whose favourite fun is gank paper jump ships at the engineers and CG´s, but our determination is stronger than ever.

Remember if you are reading this and are a terrorist, sooner or later you will be our target.
We all know that the learning curve of Elite is complicated, and it's much worse if a outlaw destroys you just for being stronger than you, that's why the SPEAR project exists, I call all veterans to defend the new players, to be able to guarantee the security of future pilots that will accompany us in our squadron.
Yup, right on AlphaZeux.

No matter how new to Elite you may be, SPEAR is always interested in finding new talent. It is open to qualified Commanders regardless of current skill level, squadron or political affiliations. We will train you.

Qualifications: SPEAR is not about self-glorification. It is about protecting the innocent. We fight the finest and most notorious outlaw pilots; therefore a high level of ability is in your best interest. You must be responsive and open to constructive criticism and have the dedication to improve your piloting.

And of course, it's hella fun. There is absolutely nothing like PvP at the highest levels.

contact me if you are interested....


See you Shinrarta!
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